Can you turn off smilies?

Started by Sara Nilsson, July 09, 2020, 06:27:27 PM

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Sara Nilsson

Like can I make it so that : D doesn't turn into :D. I use a black background to help my eyes meaning they are invisible. Makes posts that others make really confusing at times.


Under your profile settings, in 'look and layout' there are options for the smilies. There's different sets you can use, I need to double check if you can turn them off there or not.

Edit: there's an option for 'no smies'


I have just made the change for the same reason, and it is glorious. :D

Sara Nilsson

I swear I looked there and I didn't see it.  :( so sorry


S'okay. I swear, half the time the setting I'm looking for hides when I go to look for it.