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May 11, 2021, 06:59:04 pm

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Author Topic: wastin away w u // PARTNER SEARCH  (Read 403 times)

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Offline fudgecakezTopic starter

wastin away w u // PARTNER SEARCH
« on: July 05, 2020, 02:37:38 pm »
╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
          about me + ))─────────────────────╯

i go by fudge but feel free to give me any nicknames you wish 🥰
i'm non-binary (and asexual) and use they/them pronouns
yes, i'm new to this site but i've been rp-ing on and off since i was 12, and i'm 20 now and studying medicine
it's a habit of mine 😅 i use twitter lingo and text talk/abbreviations very frequently but i can promise it's exclusive to ooc only
i'm asian, english isn't my first language however i can promise i am literate and decently fluent.
my ic posts are formatted + punctuated properly but please pardon the occasional error !
i'm a multipara rp-er who's capable of writing anywhere between 200 to 2k+ words depending on the nature of the plot and what kind of scene we're playing atm.
my replies naturally err towards the lengthier, more-novella type but i'm toning that down right now because the fam and i are currently in the middle of shifting towns and i don't have the time to sit down to write consistent 1k+ word replies
depending on how many rps i've going on atm + how much free time i have + what the writing requirement is, i can reply everyday, once every couple days or even once a week
i can rp via discord, email or the onsite forums.
i'm a huge fan of ooc chatter and it's extremely important for me to actually get invested in the rp. i love sending in song recs + headcanons + aesthetics + gushing over ocs in general.
discord is my preferred mode of ooc, i'll reply to u much quicker on there. though i suppose if you have other ideas/preferences, we can sort that out too.
i should also mention that i do suffer from clinical depression + gad so please don't be alarmed or think i ghosted if i don't get back to you in 2 secs 💔
as a nb poc who's a part of the lgbtq+ fam, i pride myself in playing a diverse cast of ocs whether it be in terms of race, sexuality or gender identity.
i love playing multiple characters and introducing side characters/npcs as the story progresses.
if you're looking for someone to play a futanari character for you, i can't be that person sorry ):
(i use the terms "m" and "f" loosely bc i play as and against trans and non-binary characters as well !)
i heavily prefer lgbtq+ pairings over cisgender mxf however !!! it greatly depends on the plot/prompt we're doing as well so don't be afraid to pitch in your ideas !
currently though i've been craving more mxm !!!
i don't do straight up d/s relationships. mcs tend to lean towards the more dominant role in the bedroom but fall on the switch spectrum i.e. they'll rough yc up and love being roughed up some in return. so if you tend to write to write more innocent, pillow princess-y characters, i'm afraid i'm not the right writing partner for you ):
i don't have very many hard limits but the one i feel the need to mention here is non-con/rape. i refuse to explicitly rp or even imply such dynamics bw ocs. mcs can be rough and forceful but they require eager consent and participation from their partner(s.)
feel free to check out my o/o thread for more detail about the things i do and do not rp 🥰
i typically play plot-heavy rps with a focus on character introspection + development but even on the occasion that we're partaking in a more slice of life-y rp, the smut will always take the back seat.
plot > smut always. i do not play smut-centric prompts and won't build further on/try to "introduce" plot in nsfw ones.
for my rps, it's always smut being introduced into a plot every now and then
love it ! and won't ever turn down the possibility of it happening :> slowburn enemies to lovers is my absolute fave !
that being said i play platonic pairings as well so do lmk which one you're feeling more !

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
           requisite + ))──────────────────────╯

your gender absolutely does not matter to me and if you don't wish to disclose it, that's fine w me as well !
i'd appreciate you told me your preferred pronouns tho so i don't accidentally make you uncomfortable bc that's literally the last thing i wanna do 🥺
keyboard smashing ooc is 💯 + english not being your native language is a-okay too !
ofc, i'd prefer my partners being somewhat fluent + literate so there's easy communication bw us 😅
please don't feel obligated to mirror post length bc then i'll start doing the same and we'll be stuck in this stupid cycle.
i don't tolerate one-liners sorry ! a minimum of 300 words or a sturdy paragraph is good for me :>
just...y'know write as much as you're comfortable with, i'll be keeping my word count bw 300~700 as well
minimum one reply per week is good enough for me !
more is a treat but def not a requirement ❣️
super super important !!! we need to be friendly + vibe ooc for this to work out bw us.
i love plotting + world building and would love your contributions + ideas as well, let's both put in the effort !
please be able to play more than one gender + race + sexuality + character !
yc being a switch leaning dom would be ideal but sub leaning switch also works
please be able to play more than one gender + race + sexuality !
yc being a switch leaning dom would be ideal but sub leaning switch also works
please understand that the plot will always take precedence over the smut
and most likely it will only be introduced after there's been some development in ocs' relationship + they're genuinely attracted to eo (even if they're in denial)

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
          word bank + ))────────────────────╯

spoilt rich kids — opposite powers (e.g. fire/ice) — crime — murder — narcotics — unwilling soulmates — drugs — family drama — assassins — royalty — arranged marriage — enemies to lovers — abuse (but it has to go both ways) — violence — spies — childhood best friends turned enemies — betrayal — femme fatale x stoic, “emotionless” dude — war — aesthetic differences — heartache and heartbreak — business rivals — corruption — forbidden/secret love — dark academia — closeted (but not oblivious) — cyberpunk — addictions — occult — black magic — powers — celebs — salem witch trials — vampires — runaways — fights — govt agents — mafia — badass (sapphic) princesses — gangs — hopeless pining — gothic — boarding school — hidden agendas — trauma — unhealthy households — toxic relationships (from both parties involved) — the dark side of hollywood — double lives — deception — corrupt lawyers/law officials/govt workers — unhealthy coping mechanisms — hipster art kids — realistic depressed characters — greek/roman mythology — mediums/psychics — suits and guns — cocaine — narcissistic assholes — devil’s advocate — nasty exes — futuristic, neon cities — platonic-romance (bc platonic dates + kissing + cuddling should be normalised) —  sci-fi — nightlife — heart wrenching angst — space — gone rogue — ghost hunting — intoxicating sparks — opposites attract — retro vibe — ghosts — contract killer — jealousy — mind games — time travel (past/present meets present/future kinda deal) — unhealthy/dysfunctional relationships — witches — upper class — sorcery — (govt) treachery — punk rockers — ill intentions — slow-burn — uncovering dark secrets — supernatural — domestic household/family with chilling secrets — violent daydreams — wrongly accused — hurt/comfort — bad for each other but addicted nonetheless — pretentious professors — cross dressing — lies — loss of trust — abominations — revenge — unlikely camaraderie — arson — misunderstandings — already heartbroken and hurting eo even more — shenanigans — dangerous govt secrets — temptations — (international) politics — skinheads — backstabbing — thieves — love triangles — married for business/political benefits — hanahaki disease — twisted/dark fairy tails — best in their respective fields — demons — shards of beer bottles smashed on bars — college — fake/pretend relationship — violent/intense (sexual) tension — homicide — school cults — sin city — dystopia — apocalyptic settings —  ghouls — underground fighter/gladiator — historical — hate to love — untrustworthy advisors/second-in-commands — royals who can’t stand eo — lesbian disney princesses — unhealthy established relationship (from both sides) — fucked up utopia — rebellions — black humour — high school seniors — hauntings — rough sex as a coping mechanism — internalised homophobia — homosexual arranged arrange in 18/1900s — humanoid characters — protective/possessiveness — desperate kisses — first aid — near death experiences — heavy combat boots — ride or dies only until smth serious happens — anger management issues — commitment & trust issues — corporate rivals — horror

(platonic) gay x lesbian — bad x even worse — hollywood’s bad boy and sometimes sweetheart x their ex’s current gf — muse y’s current lover x muse y’s last ex —  “mature” x rascal — rough underground fighter x fancy prim assassin/rich dude — brother x sister's cheating ex — antagonist x protagonist’s love interest — “evil” okay-ish guy x “good” evil guy — mean goth girl x cool hipster guy — rich dude’s heir x a “bad influence” — muse y’s fiancé(e) x muse y’s step-sibling feat. a lot of rich family drama — alpha x alpha (omegaverse au) — romeo x juliet — aloof x cute asf (platonic) siblings w abusive parents coping w life — best friends hopelessly in love w eo — unwilling partners in crime — sex workers who’ve Had EnoughTM — rivals partnered up bc something’s off and they, ironically, only trust eo

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
         song prompts + ))─────────────────╯

runnin outta time to hold u close, runnin outta time to be ur man 
: 4u
i can't control a girl like you 
+ in all designer to remind u, u can't buy her just her clothes 
swear to God i'm a sinner in a church burning up for u 
+ give me ur forever or at least just a while 
go ahead make girl make daddy proud spendin his money 
+ how do u cope w it ? 
if u had my love n i gave u all my trust would u comfort me ? 
+ n if somehow u know ur love would be untrue would u lie to me ? 
so forget that new girl that u love so bad/think u found 
i like the sad eyes bad guys mouth full of white lies 
well they'd be like "shit is crazy right ?" "that aint ur baby no more"
+ now u gon play me like a violin hittin these notes 
go ahead n light that cigarette i hope ur lungs can take the heartache 
show me ur broken parts and all ur flaws 
+ but u know i'll break ur heart
in my dark times i'll be going back to the street
+ promising everything i do not mean 
love will be always be a lesson, let's get out of its way
+ i'm a prisoner to my addiction/decisions 
take off all ur clothes
+ they say only the good die young that just aint right cos we're having too much fun tonight 
you're the only one who makes [...] every time we [..] 
is it easier to stay is it easier to go i dont wanna know
+ but ik that im never ever gonna change n u know youre always gonna stay same/you dont want it any other way
+ it's so hard to blame u cos ur so damn beautiful 
late night devil put ur hands on me 
take all of me 
we fuck then we fight then u call me a psycho
+ waking up to my mistakes again 
i like when u get mad 
+ u said she's scared of me ? maybe it's cos i'm wearing ur cologne 
it burns like gin n i like it 
+ put ur lips on my skin n u might ignite it 
i could but wouldn't stay 
+ never coming around 
don't u call him baby 
+ don't u call him what u used call me 
you got my devotion but man i can hate u sometimes
+ we'll get the drinks in so i'll get to thinkin of her 
+ you sunshine, u temptress 
remember how it tasted lookin into ur eyes 
give me some morphine 
ik that ur dad wants to fight me highkey, cocaine stains on my nikes 
+ ik that ur brother wants to fight me highkey gucci knuckles so i hit him lightly 
casanova fucked me over left me dyin for ur love 
make me feel like last time make it taste like love 

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
          original prompts + ))────────────────╯

coming soon !

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
         fandoms + ))─────────────────────╯

[ mostly with ocs ]

harry potter
tokyo ghoul
attack on titan
until dawn
avatar: the last airbender
hunger games
maze runner
alita: battle angel
disney fairy tales
disney: descendants
killing stalking

╭───────────────────────⌲  . .  ୨୧
          le fini + ))────────────────────────╯

hey there if you made it to the end ksdhsks.
see anything that caught ur eye ? think we'd make good writing partners ?
drop a reply on this thread or go ahead and shoot me a pm n i'll get back to u asap !
stay safe n hopefully i'll be seeing u soon 🥰
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