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June 22, 2021, 05:32:48 am

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Author Topic: (F for M) Monsters, videogames and other cravings a plenty  (Read 724 times)

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(F for M) Monsters, videogames and other cravings a plenty
« on: July 03, 2020, 10:29:00 pm »
I've been on a bit of a hiatus but I'm back once again and with a few strong cravings I would love to indulge. With the world as it is right now my creative energy towards actual plots is even lower- I am pretty much here for creative smut right now.


Roleplay 'Tone' or what I am looking for beyond the plot:
I enjoy dom/ sub relationships, or more exact master/ pet ones, but of course those relationships can take many flavors. I like both very light and fluffy relationships, very dark and erotically painful torment, and something in between. I can be into playing a brat, an innocent naive sub in need of training, a stubborn ice queen in need of breaking, or some other flair. I do not love humiliation as part of play and that's really the one big thing I am not into, but I love controlling doms, reward/ punishment, and master/pet types of relationships. The shorter a story is, the harder I can go on darker elements, and the longer and more sustainable, usually the more romantically inclined I am. I've had a bit of a painplay and bondage streak lately, so also into that.

 2-5 paragraphs. No one liners please and while secondary language or small slip ups are understandable, I will walk if I have to decipher poor writing.

Posting consistency : right now I'd love a game that we can actually post back and forth for a few hours now and then, really get into it. Daily is great, weekly right now is just being a tease and gonna make me stir crazy.
I'm in the east coast (Gmt - 5) and available to rp from pretty much 6 to midnight to some degree.

-Heavily degrading dirty talk
- Scat, vore, gore etc

The games:

Trained by Teacher. CRAVING

A lot of my stories are supernatural, dubcon and a bit extreme. This one is different.
In this my character is a college student that draws the attention of one of her professors. I can either play a sweet, naive and innocent teachers pet, or a stubborn and headstrong bratty type.
Either way, she draws his attention.. But he had also captured hers. A relationship develops in secret. But he is actually quite a dominant man and experienced in the BDSM world. She is not... But it turns out she is eager to learn. And now she has a teacher.
(will involve bondage, toys, orgasm control and denial, possibly pain play etc)

The Alpha Claims All
Content: Exotic Bondage to Extreme
Scenario: In this RP your character will play the alpha of an anthro or werewolf clan. They can be modern and located in a city, or more primordial and live in the wild. Either way, they have a tradition that when a female experiences her first sexual heat that the alpha is given first rights with her, and gets to have her for the night (or the length of that first heat if we want longer). My female has been a late bloomer. Where other females experience heat in their late teens, she is several years older when it finally happens. But the wait was certainly worth it.

Setting: Either modern city or more feral clan out in the wilds.

Requirements: I would love it to be rough but passionate, bondage maybe but definitely a bit of 'throw her down and take her hard' sort of passion between them. Not abusive, just intense.

Other info: This appearance earns brownie points, but happy with others as well.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Alice in Wonderland, a story about a young girl who explores a strange world where nothing is as it should be. When she is a child it is all bright and colorful, despite its sometimes deadly nature.
I want to explore how wonderland changes to respond when she returns later, as a young woman. A woman who is vibrant and ready to mature, but has come from repressed Victorian London.
You can either play DM to Alice's descent into the depraved. I would love to play scenes of bondage, aphrodisiacs/ various drugs, and sex with multiple or inhuman partners. Like let's get freaky and weird with it. Wonderland is a golf mine for strange eroticism I'd love to explore.
We can also do a pairing with her and the mad hatter, though, if we want a more stable center to the tale.

Life on the Farm-  CRAVING VARIATION A

Variation A: The Cow-Girl

She was a minotaur, or cowgirl. Covered in white fur and black spots, small horns and a whip-like tail, she definitely stood out from the crowd, especially with her large chest and generous curves. She tried to make a living in various places, but never felt right. Eventually, she sees a wanted ad for a farm out in the country, asking for help managing the livestock. She accepts the offer. However, what she does not know is that the farm has hired her because of her race, for minotaur milk is quite rare and exotic. They already have a small stock of other minotaur women, but are looking to grow their operations. After several years running the farm, they know the tricks of the trade, including how to get the best milk from minotaur women, which mainly involves arousing them like mad before milking them.
Looking to do a more non-con or dubcon version of this where she has to coaxed, tricked, drugged and strapped down. See her as a fiesty and unwilling, possibly virgin that eventually comes to love her place at the farm, but not at first.  Or, on the other hand, it can be a romance, where she is sweet and naive and pretty much falls hard for a farmer that knows how to milk her right and make her feel good, bringing her out to the farm to give her a better, loving life with him.

Variant B: Milk? No Way!
In this variant my character plays a young, fiery woman. She might be in her late teens, sent to work on the farm by her parents, or she might be college and stumbled into the job for a summer internship. Either way she isn't really knowledgeable about farming, and she isn't really into hard work. But that's ok, because she isn't actually there to be a farm hand. No, the farm takes unsuspecting girls and turns them into lusty cow maidens. With a little bit of drugs and encouragement, it's never long before the new women on the farm are producing plenty of fresh milk and cream to sell.
Kinks for this one: lactation, breast enlargement, transformation, bondage, aphrodisiacs/ drugs, non/dub con.

Variant C: The Front
 This one is a bit like B, where a woman unsuspecting arrives at the farm expecting to work... But it's actually a porn film studio. And she's about to become one of their new stars. Basically looking for some training of her to her new role, a whole bunch of different scenes and kinks, and possibly aphrodisiacs employed to coax her into it. She could even be a cop come to investigate a drug /sex ring that gets caught.

Variant D : The Breeding Ranch
This one is probably the most out there, where a fantasy or Sci fi ranch exists with the sole purpose of breeding various sentient but animalistic races. Everything from minotaur types to Naga or to exploring all sorts of dubcon and noncon breeding situations for this ranch. My character would be a new arrival, who may either need breaking in and training, or is just the shiny and new offering to knock up.

The Sacrifice
In this rp my character lives in a quiet, quaint medieval little town. Except the harvest has been terrible this past year and things are becoming desperate, or perhaps there is a monster in the forest killing villagers. Something must be done. The citizen elders come together... and decide that one of the young women in town will be sacrificed to the local demon/god. And my character is the one that is chosen.
Basically an rp of the night together, as my character is claimed by yours for the night. Your character can be a monstrous beast, a dark and cunning demon, or some other supernatural and dangerous presence.

the Missing Companion - A classic Eldritch Horror
In this game, my character would be a classic role from Cthulhu horror tropes. A librarian on an island investigating something wrong in the town, an unsuspecting women who receives a worrying letter from a family member who then goes missing- she comes to the small coastal town to investigate, or perhaps she is a detective hired on the case.

We can set this in modern day, or the early 1900s. Either way, I'd like to let it start as an eldritch horror mystery before delving into sexual depravity, with you playing a bit of a gm. Tentacle monsters, possessed humans, mindflayers, or other horrors could all come into play as my character tries to either solve the mystery or just get out alive.... or maybe at some point, she just succumbs and enjoys the ride into madness.

Her Dark Savior  CRAVING
Content: supernatural/ aphrodisiacs, heat/ vampires, bondage to extreme

Scenario: My character is walking home late at night down an empty city street when she is attacked by somebody mugging her. Your character, a vampire, swoops in to save her and upon finding her injured even allows her to drink some of his blood to heal her. Of course this has side effects, increasing her senses and her libido. Taking her home or to a nearby hotel they then spend the night together in sexual passion.

Setting: Supernatural modern city.

Requirements: A dom partner to play the vampire.

The roleplays below can be a one shot or a longer game. They're fairly simplistic outlines so happy to brainstorm together.


1. Her and her friends are out camping in the woods. When she wanders away too far from the others, she is captured by aliens and played with. Old rp for a sample.

2. A small crew, or singular explorer lands their space ship in what looks like ancient runes on a deserted planet. However, what they awaken inside is quite strong, quite fierce, and set on repopulation. 

Lab experiment
1. My character is a bright young scientist or a desperate down on her luck graduate who applies to work at a lab engaged in some advanced biology or chemistry experimentation. However, when she arrives she finds out that things are not as expected and she is now the experiment herself.

2. My character is a young college co-ed exploring an area that is very clearly marked with no trespassing signs. Soon enough, she finds out why when she and her friends are captured by a military lab and subjected to sexual experiments and mind altering drugs.

1. Forsworn Vengance - Noncon/dubcon/ bondage/ violence
In this rp my adventurer has just helped to deal with some forsworn camps in the reach. Returning to Markarth for the night she thinks that she is safe sleeping in the inn. However, she wakes up in the middle of the night to find that she has been taken captive- and the forsworn plan to make her pay for her actions.

2. The Daedric Gift  - magic/ coercion / aphrodiacs
This can go many ways, but long story short we would set up some sort of scene where my adventurer would fall prey to a daedra that would desire to use her for their whims and pleasure. It could be Malog Bolg ensnaring her in a trap and tormenting and teasing her until she submits, using mind control, manipulation and teasing to dominate her, , or Sanguine luring her into an illusion and a glade for a night of debauch revelry, or it could be Diabella that courts her with with unnatural arousal and drives her into a heat for a ritual.

3. What lurks in the deep-  monsters/ dubcon/ dominance-force-primal sex
My adventurer gets cocky and delves too deep into a dungeon, where she encounters a monster beyond her strength. This could be a tentacle creature, a werewolf, minotaur, or other beast that overpowers her and decides that instead of killing her it wants to use her for pleasure.

To Save a Kingdom (Zelda x Ganondorf Rp = beauty and the beast spin)

Time and time again, throughout history, Zelda and Ganondorf have opposed each other. It is destiny that they stand opposite each other in hatred, each wishing to defeat the other.
Except this time... something different happens. When Ganondorf maneuvers to overthrown the crown he does not slaughter the royal family, nor destroy most of hyrule. This time, he simply gains power by forcing a marriage between himself and the princess. Peace will continue to reign- as long as she just accepts his hand in marriage. And so she does, at first with anger and hate... but... maybe that will change over time

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Re: (F for M) Monsters, videogames and other cravings a plenty
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2020, 09:26:03 pm »
Added Down the Rabbit Hole, Life on the Farm, The Sacrifice and The Missing Companion

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Re: (F for M) Monsters, videogames and other cravings a plenty
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2020, 08:53:20 am »
Added a few (Dark Savior), removed a few, looking for 1 or 2 more games.