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November 23, 2020, 10:16:15 AM

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Author Topic: Sleeping Beauty's descendent and The sea fell in love (F for Dom M characters)  (Read 290 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Rosalyn Harper doesn’t know it, but the tales of the Brother’s Grimm are based in fact… and she is in truth, the descendent of Sleeping Beauty herself. (Too many greats for this granddaughter, we’re going with descendent, lol).

Why would she ever suspect she was descended from legendary royalty when she lives in a cheap one bedroom apartment, works on a semi-successful small ‘ma and pop’ bookstore and just barely manages to pay her rent, bills and etc… not exactly the glamorous life one would expect for a royal blood.

Well… life is about to get more complicated for dear Rosalyn…
A new guy has moved into her building, he’s super cute… but also a little bit on the creepy side… and he seems to be around every damn corner… What is with this guy?

Well folks, this guy is in fact the grandson of Maleficent in human disguise.

Now that a mortal of Aurora’s bloodline has been tracked down… it’s his job to ruin her life and curse her bloodline forever… but how easy is that going to be when the more time he spend around her… the more these… feelings… start to emerge…

What is going on with him? Why can’t he bring himself to harm her? Is this… love?

Honestly, this can go one of two ways… He can decide to remain in the human world with her and gradually age himself to avoid being discovered by humanity for what he really is… or he can snatch the object of his affections away to the dark side of the realm of fairy…

Then again, maybe my partner might even have an idea or two. Let’s talk about this! :D
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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

And the Sea fell in love (F for Dom M sea spirit)
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2020, 05:33:04 PM »
I saw these pictures and they immediately inspired me.

This could either be a short roleplay or longterm, whichever my partner feels best prepared to do. I’m fine with either, so long as my partner is capable of detailed posts of either three good sized paragraphs or more as a regular length. Good description and detail woven into every paragraph is the key surefire way to steal my heart and make me come back to you for more and more story pitches.

MC is out on the ocean on a ship (we can discuss what kind and why)... the ship is blown off course by a storm into waters previously uncharted… waters that are sacred to a sea spirit… and he is very angry that human mortals dare to sully his pristine waters with their filth…

He intensifies the storm with the intention of sinking the ship…

My character, having come up on deck looking for her father, is seen by the eyes of the sea spirit… and for the first time in millenia… his cold frigid heart swells with a foreign warmth… is this… love?

He doesn’t know… he’s never experienced it before… but this feeling… this sensation… it is so powerful… his heart yearns for the unknown mortal female…

So as the ship sinks… he takes her from the icy water… call it compensation for trespassing upon his waters...

MC would wake up in a dim and damp underwater cave… and there in the water… is the strangest and most beautiful male figure she’s ever seen in her life...

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Still looking