A strict mentor (FxF)

Started by Lady Jenn, June 29, 2020, 03:13:42 AM

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Lady Jenn

This isn't going to be very detailed because...well, so far I only have the start of an idea, but we can figure that out as we go along.

It would be a story where I play a young woman whose life is going off the rails and comes across an older woman who decides I need discipline in my life. Although there would be spanking involved I want there to be more to the plot than just punishment, like I said though that can be figured out before we start.

I'm not sure what else to say, feel free to ask me below or in PMs, I don't mind who I play with although a female partner would be preferable.

Lady Jenn

I actually have had further thoughts: Maybe I'm a new employee at a job and you're my supervisor (makes more sense than someone at the same employment level) who decides to take on a different role the more she discovers what kind of person I am. Sorry for the aimless description, I'm either way too detailed or not enough seemingly