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March 02, 2021, 07:58:44 pm

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Author Topic: A darker Harry Potter double up request {I am Seeking a Draco Malfoy}  (Read 272 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Okay, so here is the thing, I want to do a sort of alternate universe with a few changes to how things work. I've always thought the beauty of rp and fanfics essentially is to take some creative freedom and go nuts :)

First of all, the MC I have right now would be Harry Potter's twin sister. She was not hit by the killing curse as Harry's body was blocking hers in the crib, acting as a shield of sorts and their mother's counter-curse rebounded the killing curse before it could reach her anyway. She will have always been there by Harry's side, meek and mild at the Dursley's... until going to Hogwarts and truly discovering her inner lioness.

Her name will be Zelda.

Second, Hogwarts will have University years as well. Our character would all be starting their first year of University, year 8.

Here is where we get the other role requests...

I am seeking a partner to play Draco Malfoy for me to pair with Zelda.

I am not too good at playing Harry Potter canons, most of those I'd be good at would be dead in this scenario... however, I can create you a really great OC that you and I can discuss together. I would make sure that you would be absolutely thrilled with this character, I understand what I ask for when requesting a canon for myself. I'd take creating a fabulous OC character very seriously.

Okay, the pitch:

Harry lost. Voldemort won. The 'criminal' Harry Potter is dead. The 'criminal' Hermione Granger is dead. The ‘criminal’ Ron Weasley is dead.

In a twisted and warped act of 'mercy' towards half-bloods after his gruesome genocide of muggle-born witches and wizards... Voldemort has decreed that all half-bloods must marry a pure-blood within a year after turning 18 or they will submit to an arranged match... if they refuse, they face criminal charges and execution without trial. Those past 18 at the time the law went into effect had one year started from the day the decree was issued.

Because Harry kept his sister safe and away from his fight, Voldemort decided to let her live and attend University at Hogwarts, so long as she managed to obey the new laws and etc. What choice does she have? It's resist and die... or survive... honestly, her heart is too broken with the loss of her twin to think about rebelling.

I was thinking perhaps Draco has been in love with Zelda since he first realized what it was to start liking girls... but she was always repulsed by his treatment of her brother and muggle borns, that she always rejected any advances he might have made.

However... now, this is his chance to finally obtain the love of his life... and at the same time, he can offer her the protection of the Malfoy name.

We can sort out plot points for your OC and my OC once we have an idea what kind of ladyl/fella you are looking for.

If my partner is playing a lady in a double up situation, this is the OC I had worked up:
Name: Ye-Jun Pak
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Korean
Blood status: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
Student: University Junior
Wand: Dogwood/White River Monster spine/12’ Flexible
Useful information:
^*^The Pak family is among the most prominent and influential pureblood wizard families of Korea. Ye-Jun is the first born son and heir.
^*^Ye-Jun’s father, Chung-hee, is the chief adviser to the Korean minister of magic and comes from several generations of Korean wizard aristocracy. Ye-Jun’s mother, Jin-Ae, is a celebrated retired opera singer.
^*^Ye-Jun has two younger sisters, neither of which are old enough to attend school yet, Eunji and Jiwoo.
^*^Logically they cannot publicly admit it, but the Pak family detests Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Chung-hee is terrified of what would happen to his family if they rebelled.
^*^Ye-Jun is arrogant and vain on the outside, but there is a gentle and kind person within. He can be quite possessive and is sometimes prone to jealousy when matters of the heart are involved.
Weimin is a musician, singing and guitar. He is well known in Asia and has quite the fanbase as well at Hogwarts.

Hit me up via PM. This would mean a lot to me :D
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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: A darker Harry Potter double up request {I am Seeking a Draco Malfoy}
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2020, 01:02:53 pm »
Looking again. Will take a pureblood OC, but I am really craving Draco something fierce.

Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Re: A darker Harry Potter double up request {I am Seeking a Draco Malfoy}
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2020, 05:23:29 pm »
I have one I like very much going with an OC pureblood, so I am strictly seeking Draco at this time.