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Started by Nessy, March 11, 2009, 12:04:20 AM

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A Rising Kingdom

For many centuries, the dark lands were but a dangerous zone only the most adventurous, foolish, or sometimes noble would enter. The dark forest where the ground was too grey and the sky a constant shade of red was not a barren land so much as a land in chaos under the influence of shadows. It had been a wild, untamed land that housed ancient ruins, dark secrets, magical nodes of power that none could control, none dare try to master at all while in the gloom of the races of evil, a place that used to be a part of their own, peaceful, ancient realm that was lost to a forgotten war eons ago. Then, the rumors began to arise. Of someone who was neither foul in appearance nor wild in nature, one that might not even kill on sight. He was pale skinned, with white hair, piercing eyes that mirrored a starry sky and seemed almost akin to an elf, except for his sinister heart of course. A leader born amongst monsters, eager for strength and power, unsatisfied with the unkempt, barely harnessed lands of his supposed birth.  Some said he was born from a captured elf maiden and a dark creature, others claimed his origins to be linked to nobility, the son of an ancestral princess, lured and bred to a dark demon and ultimately abandoned, a secret locked away so tight no one living could verify the possibility. No matter the tale, the affect was the same, a prevailing warrior who managed to tame the most primal of monsters, and groom from them three powerful leaders that turned an unbridled land of chaos into a true army. Only, no one would realize how strong this unnamed realm had become until it was too late.

At first, heroes and scouts were sent into the region to investigate such rumors, never to be heard from again, presumed dead of course. It was not an unusual occurrence. After all, there were goblins in the mountain,  living shadows in the dark wood, perhaps slumbering dragons in the depth of the earth. Some began to question when their most seasoned, tried and true adventurers did not return. Not even the foreigners eager for generous bounties succeeded, and when a few returned, they spoke very little of what they saw, spoke of werewolves and wielders of magic but no  mention of the one they so eagerly wished to hear about.  And then it was quiet, for decades. No raids on the forests, or caravans that traveled on the outskirts of the unprotected plains, not even a kidnapping for years. Not a peep.

While the folk of the fertile plains and rich forests let their guard down, his plans were unfolding.  He had not slain most the heroes, the adventurers, or the scouts outright, at least not those who encountered him. His minions were another matter. Instead, he took the physically strong and bred them with his werewolves, eager to produce from one such union a cunning, calmer and controllable leader for the pack. He succeeded. Not only was Gormarr, the alpha werewolf leader born, but a handful of elite werewolves were also now his to command, swift, strong, and lethal creatures capable of taking orders, eager to do their masters biddings.
Many of the others were enslaved, subjected to experimental breeding, arcane magic and ultimately used to help create the bulk of his army, the highest of these off-spring and creations becoming his priests to worship a dark god of whom he called father.

He looked out over the slow moving army, days behind the werewolves and his dark magic-users, his hand slowly moving over the hilts of his double swords. He was eager for action, but patient, oh so patient after all this time. He would have his vengeance, rip-away the innocence of his foes, harness their potential, and claim the beautiful races and land as his own. What he could not tame, he would destroy. A slow smile formed.

Gormarr and his elite were in the shadows of the peaceful forests now, headed towards the slumbering civilization, the pack of dire wolves, wolves about the size of a small horse, not far behind. And the arcane unit was now entering the magical glade they once so feared to enter. Such magical barriers, defensive runes would prove no match to the gift their dark god’s graces offered them. His enemies had lost already. It was only time to prove this fact to them.


What I am looking for:

One player to play opposite of my characters, and someone who is willing to contribute and develop the story with me (this means I am not looking for anyone hoping for a GM to run a game for them). However, this is my idea so I am more willing to carry the bulk of the plot idea to begin with.

Note:  By playing opposite, this can mean you play all the “good” characters, or it could mean we switch later down the road. It is up to you, I am willing to play most the “villains” if that is your preference.

This story contains monsters, and this means you would need to be comfortable with sexual acts between things that are not human, and be comfortable with non-consensual and impregnation elements that follow.
Bisexual: Yes, I would prefer it that some characters be bisexual in nature (or at least be forced into those certain acts and actually enjoy it in the end) and that the player who will join me be more than happy to play female and males

Descriptive posts and sensuality: I am not looking for action driven posts where it is a series of short sentences that link actions together. I enjoy reading character’s thoughts, what they feel, and their backgrounds.  You certainly do not need to post a novel each time you post and I don’t count paragraphs… just a happy medium. I am also looking to strength my own writing, so I am not even going to try to pretend I am perfect in this area.

Threesomes/Gang-Bangs/Humilation – As we are talking about one kingdom essentially being taken over by another in a erotic setting, I am implying the emergence or already existence of slaves and these elements are likely to arise
Dark Romance – There could be some dark romance arising out of certain encounters but this is not a love story. Having said that, two main characters that should be involved, the king and queen of the elves, are probably in love with each other so if that pair is split between us, then there would be. I just don’t want every rape victim to expecting to be special to his/her rapist although power plays could work in some situations

So to Be Clearer


    F/F – M/M – M/F
    First time
Possible but not required

    Ethnicity – it would be great if all the characters in the game weren’t white (talking about humans or maybe a made up race here), but again, not required
    Tentacles – only if we both like the idea and it works well for the story, I am not an expert in this field at all so this would be a broaden my risen sort of thing
    Foreign Objects –
    Incest – It could come up but it doesn’t have to

Note on characters

I plan to have a few primary characters that reappear frequently and are used to move the story forward. I expect for you to have the same; I just didn’t mention them because I am not interested in dictating characters to you.  I think the royal family would be great opportunity. All the other characters would be like NPCs, disposables although I don’t mean to imply they will be killed or that they may not reoccur only suggest how I see the story unfolding.

Please PM if you have questions or like the idea. Do look at my On/Offs and please don't tell me you are interested and then tell me why one of my "musts" doesn't work for you. It's a must. However if there are certain scenarios associated with a particular "on" that come to mind that you like and some you don't like and you are worried about something that specific, we can talk about it.

I open as to where the RP starts, just after the elven army falls, during its fall, sometime after... only thing that needs to happen is that it will fall.[/list]
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Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.


I should also note that this is a just the background to the story, if there needs to be a tweak or some changes, I am open to ideas too. I just wanted to be clear what I am looking for but that doesn't mean everything is set in stone, storywise.
Ons and Offs    Short Term Ideas,
Misc. Long Term Ideas

If you send me a PM and I don't respond, chances are I just missed it. Send it again!

Some heroes don't wear capes. Some just #holdthedoor.