Just some thoughts in my head

Started by Simpleman, June 27, 2020, 11:23:28 PM

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Just Some Thoughts In My Head

A bit about me...
I am a male and I'm in my 40s (uugg I'm old) to say the least I've been writing an roleplay for MANY years. I can write here in a thread, in pm, or even on kik. I like to think of myself as an open book so don't be afraid to ask me anything... Just know I may ask you a similar question... Its only fair.

What I'm looking for...
I want a partner who enjoys seeing the "story" unfold. I'm looking for someone that can post 3+ times per week if not more.  I want someone who enjoys the story as much as I do and wants to see it to an end.  Gender of the writer isn't important as long as they can pull off the gender they are writing as.

I have a few ideas but I kept them rather vague. I hope to develop them with a partner. If I wanted to develop them into a story on my own I would just write a short story but that's not what this site is for...

     The Giant/Giantess & the Tiny

In this story I am thinking something along the lines of the giant(ess) has magical powers and for whatever the reason is has shrunk the other person.  I am open to playing either character but would love to play as the tiny.  The characters could be in a relationship, siblings, roommates, or strangers the choices are unlimited.  There is room for insertions, torture, teasing, and unbirthing (if you don't know what unbirthing is pornhub has some decent vids). If you are a male then there is urethra insertions. I am also not opposed to the tiny being unable to be killed or perhaps even stretchy. The tiny could also have the ability to respawn.

      The lab

The lab takes place in obviously a lab... A scientist (you or me) creates a creature and hijinx begins. This could go many ways to include the scientist torturing the creature, the creature torturing the scientist, could be a slime creature, could be a furry, could have absorption or other kinks.

     The Body Swap

Name says it all... Ideally this story would be a male and a female, but I am open to suggestions.

    The Wishing Stone

I see this as two people who are close (as in roommates, siblings, friends, ect...) one finds the wishing stone. The Wishing Stone gives whomever is holding it the ability to alter the others appearance and body parts.

This story works best if both players are willing to switch gender roles, and not be afraid to let their creativity go wild.

      the inheritance

  YC the only child and you receive word your Aunt has passed away. Her attorney has contacted you and has informed you that in your aunt's will you are to receive her estate. Of course you are surprised since your mother (who died when you were younger) rarely mentioned her sister (you only met her once). The attorney informs you her estate comes with a mansion and an undisclosed fortune.... The only catch is you must live on the property for one full year, and never spend the night off the property during this one year period. After one year the choice will be yours. You can chose to keep the money and the house or forfeit it all. The only other catch is there is a live-in grounds keeper/handyman (MC) living on the top floor. His contract clearly states during your first year he manages the house and finances.

Twist MC is a demon summoned by your great great grandmother. He gives you untold wealth the price??? He uses his tentacles to feeds off of your pheromones (the kinds released during passion and the kind released during fear).

Will you last the first year or will you lose the it all?


  The story.... Werewolves are real but not in the way most stories or movies portray them. Wolves can change whenever they feel like it but during the day their eyes are to light sensitive most never change. When they change they look more beast like than human growing in size and muscle. Only during the full moon do they actually lose control and become primal, and their desire to kill and mate extremely out of their control. Werewolves are also male females can not be "turned". Your character is close to mine (either married or sibling). I am a wolf and you the hunter. Will your character be forced to kill mine? Will my character try to mate or kill yours? There is a lot of room to work this story out.

Please do not reply to this post just send me a message. I am also available on kik.