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May 19, 2022, 11:11:10 am

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Author Topic: Cee's Flight Itinerary (Settings, Scenes, Requests)  (Read 439 times)

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Offline CelestialWingsTopic starter

Cee's Flight Itinerary (Settings, Scenes, Requests)
« on: June 24, 2020, 08:12:38 pm »
Hey and thanks for checking out my requests thread!

Playing With Me

Please be sure to check out my O/O thread but here's the highlights:

Brief O/O Recap
I play female, male, monster, beast, planar being and various other things that sit somewhere between those, and sometimes a small portfolio of them all.  I also play across from any of those, and probably other things too.

I write flexibly according to the needs of the scene and my play partner; sometimes short, sometimes long, but always accurate, detailed and careful, even if not always perfect.  If you're energetic, well meaning and making a real effort then that's good enough for me.

I enjoy a variety of genres, from hard sci-fi and space opera, to high, low and dark fantasy, to urban fantasy and more besides.  While I do play in modern settings, I prefer them to have some quirky or supernatural bent to keep my interest.

I like my play to contain a good amount of kink, with particular favourites in D/s play, bondage, toys, and captivity/confinement oriented scenes.  These aren't obligatory, however.

Most importantly, I'd much prefer to spend more time in out of character / meta discussion and end up with a good scene than rush things and make a mess, especially with a new play partner.

Finally, no spiders, ever.  Thanks.


I'm looking for between 1 or 2, maybe 3 stories to play a role in.  More than that might be overwhelming to start.

For my part, I'd like to play at least one female character and also one male character, with pairing to be discussed according to your interests and the needs to of the story.

As I like D/s play and I do switch, I'm interested in one character being more dominant and one more submissive, though if pressed then I might orient slightly more submissive than not.  Exactly which character takes what power role is entirely up for discussion.

I don't create firm characters in advance of discussing a story with a partner.  I generally prefer to build characters together so that they play well together, even if well turns out to be an antagonistic relationship, possibly especially in that case.

Settings & Scenes Ideas

Unless I make a specific note, I feel pretty flexible about what character I play in any of the settings and scene ideas below.  Also, if you like just a bit of an idea but think you'd be interested in taking it a different direction with me then please do drop me a PM so we can talk it over!

Demons Laugh At Us (Dark Fantasy)

  • To Ride Hell's Chasm, by Janny Wurts
  • The Painted Man (aka The Warded Man), by Peter V Brett

This may be two separate ideas, or some amalgam of them both.  On the one hand, demons can machinate behind the scenes, corrupting minds and souls to gain a foothold for some greater domination.  On the other hand, demons can be a sort of plague or invasion, a constant threat that confines and threatens to overwhelm.  In either case, the demons are a constant concern for our characters.

Is one of us a demon?  If so, are they working for the demonic cause, or against it?  Do they rebel against their nature, and if so how successfully?

Are we escaping from the demons?  Or fighting them?  Can the fight be won, and if so at what cost?

Perhaps we consort with demons?  If so, to what end, and how well or badly will that go?

Or are the demons just a backdrop, a threat in conversation?  "Do what I say, or I'll throw you out where the demons can get you!"

Suggested themes
  • action
  • magic
  • corruption
  • captivity
  • force / threat / non-con

Dark & Light (Urban Fantasy)

High Concept
The universe contains primal forces held in a semblance of balance that we call reality.  Our world exists within wash, the foam of existence that is found around the point of balance.  These forces existed before us, and will do so long after we are gone, but they are not themselves reality, just aspects of it.  Two of these aspects have always been at odds, but found a way of keeping the peace, the balance between them.  We know them by everyday names as light and darkness.  Where one is, the other is not.  A natural law: ageless, invioble, self-evident.

However, even our modern understand mistakes physical laws as describing the greater aspects of reality and, in doing so, we miss the true nature of light and darkness as forces in rivalry, opposition even, for all eternity.  Indeed, we chase a further misconception by investigating the physical and energetic properties of light, giving names to each part according to our perceptions, and in doing so ignoring the properties and qualities and names of the equally important darkness.

In our reverence of light, we built monuments to its existence.  Unwittingly, we sought to drive back the darkness, to bring light to even the darkest, deepest places.  Even night itself was pushed back by our all consuming desire to let there be light.  Our reverence birthed agents, beings that personified different perspectives on light.  Our negligence, and our witless encroachment into the domain of darkness, brought forth their blacker kin.  Idealised, anthropomorphised facets of each primal force began to occupy our world and vie for a dominant position in the balance of reality.  Light, drunk on humanity's idolatry, seeks greater heights, a brighter existence.  Darkness, angered by humanity's ignorance and Light's greed seeks to regain the balance.

Light demands adoration: build me your monuments, serve and we shall bathe you in our radiance.

Darkness demands quiesence: break the lights, return the balance, or we shall bury humanity in a blackness from which there will be no return.

NPC Ideas
Neon, an archon of Light, intoxicated on his own gloriousness.
Parasol, a hunter of Darkness, tiny, delicate, and absolutely bloodthirsty.

This is an older idea that is currently all high concept but lacks a strong play thread.  However, I'd love to develop the idea further with a willing play partner.

Are we human, pulled into this conflict to tip the balance?  If so, was it that Light "guided" us for its own glory, or that Dark "hunted" us to bring about its own ends?  Do we have our own tools in this fight, or are we at the mercy of the primal forces?

Or are we agents of Light, or Dark?  What is our objective?  And is that objective compatible with the rest of our "side"?

Suggested themes
  • mystery
  • supernatural powers
  • action
  • D/s

Barbarian Invasion (High Fantasy)

Their methods may be blunt, undisciplined, but their might is undeniable.  The barbarian horde has arrived and it threatens the fabric of the civilised nations.  But the attack was not unexpected, and the civilised world was not unprepared.  They still hold out, and may yet prevail, if only the horde can be delayed 'til its own fractious structures tear it down from within.  If not, things will never be the same again.

Who are these barbarians?  Are they akin to Vikings, raiding from the sea and then vanishing into the night?  Or Mongols, thundering in on ten thousand horses and turning the air black with arrows?  Or is this a green-coloured horde, of orcs and their kin, each much stronger than the civilised folk they attack but also made stupid by their tendency to rage?

And who are we?  Brave defenders of some bastion under siege?  Survivors of a recent raid?  Worse, captives taken for whatever end?  Or are we the barbarians ourselves?

Or perhaps we are on different sides, one barbarian and one not?  Is then one of us captive, and if so which?  Or are we cooperating, and to what end?

Suggested themes
  • action
  • espionage
  • captivity & bondage
  • force / violence / non-con
  • power difference

More to come, including some sci-fi oriented ideas.  Watch this space, and let me know if there's anything else you'd be interested in collaborating on with me.