[M/Futa for F] Fire and Water makes Steam.

Started by Irilinquent, June 22, 2020, 06:36:04 AM

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In an opinion that I've gathered, from my time on the internet, is wildly controversial, I've watched a few episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and thought it was only okay. I thought mostly that it didn't lend too well to the episodic format and most of the jokes in the few episodes I've seen are really kids-oriented. However, I enjoyed the strong characterization and I loved the concept of the various tribes.

Therefore, this will not be a fandom request. I am not looking for a AtLA story.

What I am looking for is a story similar to one I'm doing currently (that seems to have gone quiet). I'd love to explore the concept of a forbidden romance between two people who come from historically combative or opposite standpoints. Orcs/Elves. Fire/Water. In addition to that, I would love to bring an element of adventure into it as well. I would enjoy a pure, simple romance. Water Princess is betrothed to Fire Prince and they have to learn to get along, etc. But I find pure romance tends to wear itself thin once they've fallen in love, and I think an element of fantasy-adventure will do wonders to lengthen the plot.

Perhaps a Princess of the Fire Tribe is on her way to obtain something important for her people, but meets a lone Prince of the Water tribe. His home has been destroyed and he needs to work with her to obtain something else, but there is still a degree of animosity initially, though they wind up falling in love. Things of that nature!

I'm keeping this initially vague because I don't really want to hem my potential partner into thinking they have to go with this Fire/Water tribe concept or so on, I want anyone who has even a semblance of an idea to feel free to come talk to me about it and we can brainstorm together to make it a reality!

Hope this interests you!