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April 22, 2021, 11:47:12 am

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Author Topic: Zeremon's RP Dossier [Now Investigating!]  (Read 209 times)

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Offline ZeremonTopic starter

Zeremon's RP Dossier [Now Investigating!]
« on: June 21, 2020, 10:22:48 pm »
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Zeremon, and today I’ll be presenting you a case study in the fantastical. Below you’ll find documents pertaining to the various whispers gathered from the dark.
Personal Information
Hey there, so I am looking to do some 1x1 RP's with some
friendly peeps. I am currently looking for the chance to have a
good back and forth and to develop a good story with a
considerate writing partner. Generally speaking I am big fan of
supernatural themes when it comes to role-playing and I am
absolutely of the belief of story > smut.

I am relatively new to the forum role-playing scene with my
only other experience being about ten years ago on a site
called Dragcave. With that said, I have extensive experience
in the world of role-playing in general. I have been a Game
Master for around 13 years at this point where I have
developed an attention for detail and a loose procedural
approach to game development. I've spent time hopping
around discord rp groups and I am constantly looking to
refine my abilities as a writer and role-play partner. At the
moment I have no active online role-plays going due to my
work schedule forcing me to back out of many rapid posting
 rp's and I have a weekly DND group that I've been running
for a little over three years now.

What do I bring to the table?
Flexibility and creativity are my hallmark traits. If you are a
person who enjoys story crafting and building role-plays where
the characters matter and the world matters then I'm your
person. In this I am okay with assuming many roles within an
RP, and I have no issue with inserting or dealing with injects.

What am I looking for in a partner?
I'd like someone who has a flexible approach to role-playing
and who is good at communicating what they are looking for.
A bonus to me would be someone who is willing to engage in
non-rp conversation, though that is not required. I would also
prefer someone whose activity level is a post a day at least,
that said we are all grown here and I have no intention on
hounding anyone over not making post. If you are eventually
looking for a break that is fine, just let me know.

Preferred Communication Channels
  • PM'ing is more than acceptable to communicate with me
  • Once things are established more I would be willing to
    switch over to discord.

Current RP's
Whoa there appears to be nothing here yet, be the first to get
yourself added to this folder!
Interesting Ideas
When I am presenting ideas I greatly dislike discarding any
of them. So what I'll do is I'll also place them here so that
anyone who is interested in the concept might request an
rp with it. Generally this section won't be too unique if you
dig around, these are just seeds and need to be expounded

The Mirror World. There exists a world parallel to our own,
shaped by the actions of our world it is a realm of monsters
and shadow. Everyone being in our world (including most
animals) has a counterpart in the monster world. These
counterparts are immortal being able to (eventually) recover
from all harm done to them so long as their human
counterpart is alive. The only way these monsters can be killed
is by someone killing their human. The twist on this is that if
they manage to find and kill their human they’ll never die.
Within the plot we could make characters and their monster
counterparts. It would be my positions to control the monsters
and have them attempt to hunt down the characters in a truly
horrific moonless night.

To Face Oneself. At the Sam Kessler Foundation for Health and
Biological Research. Experiments are underway as an
innovative form of therapy. Known as the Alt Initiative this
secretive form of pyscho-therapy involves the use of ‘chemical
actors’ to assist a person in coming to terms with themselves.
The truth is that those who are treated are screen extensively
and during treatment the side of themselves that they resent
(what they consider bad) are brought to life. This process is
supposed to end in a therapeutic month of self-reflection, but
something goes wrong…

The Life We Live. People have long referred to you as monsters.
To you that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’ve spent
centuries trying to evade the judging humans of the world.
Now you are just trying to find a semblance of contentment
in a world with CCTV and where the digital has taken over. At
your heart you just want the same right to live out your live
that humans have. (Similar to Being Human)

The Broken Mask. Your life was ordinary, you did the things
that normal people did, you had your beliefs about the world,
and you spent every day toiling in the fields of life pretending
as much as the next person that you knew what truth was. This
was shattered when the paranormal stepped into your life. You
are now aware there is another world and the price for that
knowledge is both your sanity and your agency. Once the mask
was broken your mind opened itself to see that the paranormal
has been around you the whole time, only now you find you
cannot look away.
Interest and Wants
  • I enjoy romantic romps, I am flexible with my characters so
    long as you are.
  • I am a bit of a horror fanatic, I don't mind playing monsters
    or playing victims.
  • Unlikely heroes, I am a huge fan of heroes with flaws. Even
    more so heroes who had no intention of being heroic
    and just fell into the role by accident.
  • Supernatural stuff in general, I am paranormal freak.

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