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April 16, 2021, 07:05:10 pm

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Author Topic: [F x M] Neini's search thread | 2 new PLOT IDEAS  (Read 316 times)

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[F x M] Neini's search thread | 2 new PLOT IDEAS
« on: June 20, 2020, 03:40:19 pm »
I'm very excited to start roleplaying, but in order to find partners, I think it's essential to let people know more about yourself and what you're interested in. Soo.. let's jump straight into this!

001. Grammar, spelling and other writing preferences.
Most of the time I write in 3rd person, past tense. However, if you are more comfortable with something different, I'm also open to doing 1st person, past tense. I'm okay with occasional grammar and spelling mistakes. I make those as well because my native language isn't English. As long as you have at least a bit of writing experience and we are able to understand each other's replies, I won't be complaining.

002. Length and frequency.
I enjoy writing and definitely like reading. I usually try to write at least 2-3 paragraphs. Depending on the situation and what's going on in a scene, the length can vary; I could write more or less. Give me something to work with and I will do the same.

When it comes to how often I reply, it varies on many different aspects. However, I try to write at least one reply per three days. If I like our roleplay and I'm genuinely very interested in seeing how the story unfolds, I can write you back more frequently. Sometimes we can even do some back and forth roleplaying.

003. Smut and story.
All my roleplays are usually plot driven. I do enjoy writing erotica, but it definitely isn't a top priority to me. I believe that roleplaying the same sex scenes over and over again can quickly become boring, but I love foreplay and teasing. More about that down below.

Smut is good as long as it's not repetitive.

004. Characters, pairings and relationships. ​
I'm able to play multiple side characters, a.k.a. NPCs. I like including them into the story to make the plot feel more alive. Even though I'm able to play female and male muses, my main character almost always tends to be a female. When it comes to pairings and relationships, if the plot is platonic and there won't be any scenes in the bedroom with clothes off, I'm alright with literally everything. However, if it isn't and romance or sexual scenes will make an appearance in the roleplay, I prefer to stick to M/F, F/F and F/NB pairings.

Also, I strongly prefer sticking to OCs and rarely write canon characters. However, if my partner is more fond of them, I don't mind playing against them. Just be aware that I won't be doing the same in most cases, and my main characters are going to be most definitely OCs.

005. Absolute No-Nos.
I don't like overly gross stuff. Any type of bathroom play is a no. I don't enjoy intense horror, vore. Fetishes like foot or anal play (although anal can be discussable) aren't too fun for me either. Rape is something I would be willing to discuss, but you would have to do a lot of convincing and you would need to have a good plot for it.

Also, just a personal preference, if we are roleplaying, I would prefer if our main characters wouldn't be under 18.

006. Kinks.
If we are going to write smut, I think it's useful knowing what each person likes. This way writing is going to be much more fun and not come as forced.

‌I'm going to present my main kinks, which I like including, in a list because I feel like it's going to be easier that way. If you can't find something specific in here, just ask me about it!
(Not all of these need to be included in one roleplay)

Older men and age gaps.
Daddy kink.
Public teasing.
Foreplay and teasing.
Public sex.
Dirty or sweet talk.
Very light bondage.
Maybe a bit of choking.
Orgasm control and/or denial.

007. Genres, themes and anything else I forgot to mention.​
• I love forbidden relationships and the fear of getting caught doing something wrong.
•As far as genres go, I do enjoy a good apocalyptic plot, romance, slice of life, mystery, drama, adventures and maybe a touch of sci-fi.
• Also, I recently decided that it would be fun to do a roleplay with themes like kidnapping/blackmailing/stockholm syndrome. Ideally, in those situation, our characters somehow still would end up having feeling for each other.

• I do enjoy brainstorming, creating and figuring out every detail of the plot. But I also really like just thinking of a basic idea and jumping straight into it.
• When it come to character sheets, if you want to do them, I prefer to stick to basics: Full name, gender, age and faceclaim/description.

• When I'm in a rush, I tend to check new messages and because after that the alert disappears, sometimes I forget to reply. In such case, please let me know if I haven't gotten back to you in awhile. It's most likely I got distracted and forgot that I had to reply.
• Ghost friendly, but it's always nice to receive a message, which lets you know that your partner isn't interested in roleplaying with you anymore.

008. Ideas I would be interested in exploring.
I haven't got any fleshed out plots, but I definitely have a few ideas... If you have a plot of your own, which would want to do with me, you're more than welcome to send it my way. :-) And if not, maybe any of the prompts down below will catch your eye.

I'd like to do a roleplay focusing on characters' relationship. I want something sweet, full of fluff, angst, slow burn and (possibly) all kinds of sex. Ideally I'd like to follow the main couple's relationship from a start. From the first glances, kisses to their first time in bed. This could be a slow burn or a fast paced romance. And despite wanting it to be a light hearted roleplay, where the couple actually loves and respects each other, behind the closed doors they could have a different kind of dynamic. We could start from vanilla sex and move into more rough stuff. Maybe one of them is into bondage, or maybe they enjoy messing around in public.  Whatever your kinks are, I'm sure we will be able to incorporate them in.

I had a simple idea. A college girl volunteers and works in the library. She usually is the only one there, and when she's not sitting behind desk or sorting out the books, she meets up with a stranger (some college guy, maybe even a professor if you'd like to play an older man) and they hook up behind the shelves at the very end of the library. This could be just a quick one-shot smut. However, if you we wanted to make this long term, we could follow their relationship and see how the events unfold.

Maybe they get caught, maybe someone films and blackmails them. This could be even done by the stranger with whom the female hooks up with. She could be very vanilla and he could want to do something more, something rougher and this could be his way of making sure that he gets what he wants. Or maybe the stranger turns out to be one of the professors. Again, lots of possibilities.