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August 19, 2022, 07:14:13 am

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Author Topic: Gilgamesh's Thoughts, Plots, and Other Things (M for F)  (Read 612 times)

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Gilgamesh's Thoughts, Plots, and Other Things (M for F)
« on: June 17, 2020, 09:39:53 pm »
Welcome to this, a thread with mostly vague and nebulous desires mentioned in the hopes that you (dear reader) will provide some of your own cravings so that we may craft some kind of wonderful RP out of it. Also hopefully the formatting doesn't make people run scared. I'm not the best at it...

Let me lay out the utmost basics off the top here: I'm currently working retail full time. It's a decent gig but it means I currently operate mainly late at night EST (like 11pm EST) and try to reply every other night or so if able but no more than a week if I can help it. My replies are usually made to match my partner so whatever you're comfortable with doing I'll do to. My kinks are pretty straightforward insofar as I'm not a big fan of pain (spanking is awesome, going further than some light pain/pleasure is usually not for me), bathroom play, or things like that. Generally speaking, just ask and I'll let you know but I'm broadly willing to try most things if I haven't already.

One thing to note here: I have a fondness for harems, I'll say it up front, but I know and understand that most people do not want to play multiple characters opposite a single main character. 100% get it. I'm saying this because some of the ideas I present below to give a taste for what I'm thinking will be harem based but any and all ideas can be refocused for a single one on one romance/plot instead of a harem. And I'm not opposed to playing multiple characters as the need arises as well. Figure it's worth mentioning this here since I know some people see harem and get wary right away.

Now then, onto the actual cravings. I've got a couple and I'll go ahead and run them out with a general idea of where my head is at on them all. If any of these catch your eye or interest let me know! In no particular order:

Fandoms (Any game spoilers will be spoiler tagged but generally I'll aim to be vague about things in case anyone is still playing through):

Final Fantasy 7 (Remake): Played and love this game. The caring and kind Tifa always looking after Cloud. The sassy Aerith who is doing what's best for the planet and her friends. Jessie with all of her aggressive and teasing nature having a good time. Really in this one I'm looking to play around and see what kind of fun can be had. Everything is shaken up in the FF7 universe now so why not run with it.

--Shinra Grunt x Jessie: Why no, this isn't a non-con plot. Remember the Shinra grunt in Sector 7 who is new to his post and tries to be polite while the veteran grunt is just kind of a dick? Yeah, that guy. I'm thinking it could be an interesting story if he and Jessie actually hit it off and he works to help change her fate unwittingly.
--Cloud x Tifa: This is really just the classic pairing in my opinion and it still makes the most sense to me.
--Cloud x Aerith: I'm more behind this now than I was with the original. They play off each other exceptionally well and I get a massive kick out of it.
--Cloud x Tifa x Aerith: Taking things to an (un)natural solution since Tifa and Aerith become friends what happens if they decide not to compete or figure out who gets Cloud but rather decide to share him?
--OC SOLDIER x Aerith: Aerith is captured and actually kept by Hojo. This version of events has Aerith paired with a SOLDIER guard rather than just sitting in a lab. This can go the non-con route (Hojo decides to breed Aerith with SOLDIERS and MC is the one who will do it) or con route (where the SOLDIER, while off-kilter, does actually protect her from the worst of Hojo's madness).


Persona 5: Loved this game and spent quite some time just ripping through it. Love lots of the characters and the general plot of the whole thing. Note that characters would be aged up some either by playing after the end of the game or aging them up at the start to have them all in college rather than high school.

--Joker x Ann: She was the first girl he met, the first one to get a persona, and she was always on his side as they were Phantom Thieves. It's only natural that feelings would develop.
--Joker x Makoto: The strict President who has a rebellious side. Joker was drawn to her because she was the most sensible one. The one who could keep up with him and his plots. Besides, there was something fun about romancing the woman whose sister was also hunting for them.
--Joker x Futaba: She was shy and wouldn't leave home without some help. Joker provided that help and in helping her overcome her fears they found themselves bound together.
--Joker x Kawakami: Sometimes the best help was jsut someone to talk to. Sure she was cute and sexy in the maid outfit but really Kawakami listened when he spoke and that was, more than anything, sometimes just what he needed.
--Joker x Harem: At the end of the day, Joker has charm aplenty so having him end up romancing all of the ladies of the Phantom Thieves, or some of the ladies outside the Metaverse, just feels as natural as breathing.
Plot Idea (Game Spoilers)
What if instead of Joker refusing Yaldabaoth's deal he took it. But rather than just going to a world where everything is static nd unchanging Joker's rebellious nature allowed him to bend the deal. Joker, with all of his power and memories, is sent back into his previous self. Essentially he's getting a 'New Game+' and a chance to change the world so he can be even more prepared to take down Yaldabaoth without him being any the wiser. Romance can blossom earlier in the story because people remember flashes of what happened in the previous timeline. Shiho might not jump because Kamoshida is taken down much faster than before. Who knows what else could change!


Other Fandoms I Enjoy (Not a complete list just the ones off the top of my head):
Final Fantasy 14
Persona 3
Persona 4
World of Warcraft
Fire Emblem Awakening
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Highschool DxD
Trinity Seven
Fate/stay night UBW, Fate/Extra, Fate/Grand Order
Teen Titans
Young Justice



Cosplayer: What can I say, there's something naturally appealing about those lovely ladies who cosplay as already stunning characters and bring them to life.
-- Fan x Cosplayer: I loved the idea of a fan working something out. Sure, to some degree this probably falls under wish fulfillment but eh, such is life. The idea here being that YC meets MC and they actually have a good conversation and hit it off. How does the relationship work if they're already known? How do things progress? Are things made more difficult by her being famous and him not being?
-- Cosplayer x Cosplayer: Just like the fan idea above I think it could be fun for two cosplayers to hit it off and to incorporate their love of pretending to be other characters into their love life. Likely opening for this would be meeting at a convention.
-- Unknown x Cosplayer/Celebrity: So this dips into the celebrity pool too because I absolutely love the idea of someone tagging along with a friend then happening to win some contest that lets them have lunch/dinner with a famous person. During this dinner the unknown/MC genuinely doesn't know YC and that could irritate them or it could prove incredibly refreshing. Either way I see it being fun as YC perhaps takes it as a challenge to turn MC into their number one fan.

Favorite Cosplayer/Celebrity Face Claims (since it only feels appropriate to name some but feel free to add your own if these ideas interest you):

Jessica Nigri
Meg Turney
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Aubrey Plaza (I have a thing for dry sarcasm wielding ladies apparently or so my taste in celebrities tells me at times)
Elizabeth Olsen
Emma Watson
Anna Kendrick



Okay, this is where I don't have so many ideas as I do characters that I like to play. These characters have a certain architype to them and I'd love to hear who you might want to play opposite them.

The Eager Prince: This guy could be a human, elf, or a kitsune depending on preference but one thing always remains: His confidence. He's what happens when the rogue gets the throne. Born into money he's bored of the life of luxury insofar as he wants to explore and get into all manner of trouble. He has an eye for the commonfolk whom he is often found with in various disguises be they magical or mundane. This is the character who will end up going on a quest because it sounds interesting. He'll fund the party and sneak along for the journey because it amuses him. He's generally talented with magic and some measre of swordsmanship but have no doubts that he tends to rely on his words and his brain to get him out of trouble more than any kind of martial skills.

The Rogue: A scoundrel through and through. This half-elf (or kitsune, human, or son of a trickster god) is in it for the money or the artifacts. Power is overrated since he figures everything can be stolen. Better to keep on the move and keep things rolling. He's got a reputation but he's not the most famous just the way he likes it. Slipping into noble homes, pocketing their treasures, giving some to the poor so they stay on his side, and then moving on to the next target after getting his fill of drinks is his MO. He's the guy who is most likely to tempt and tease YC while keeping them chasing after him. Or they keep finding him in all the strangest places.

The Sorcerer: This human or elf is a magic user of little repute. His skill is mostly practical in that he mostly works in defensive arts and item creation to provide a service while he studies other things out of idle curiosity. He's useful but broadly ignored except by those who want something from him. What is he studying? That's an interesting question that could be answered in the RP discussion. Could be some dark magic or it could be something of particular interest to YC(s). All that's known about him is that he is a humble man in a fine tower who wants for little but seems to be frequently alone.

The Warlord: Not all are born to greatness. This man, be he human or orc or something else entirely, took what he wanted. At first it was just control of his local area. Then he mobilized those into a bigger army to storm the nearby city. That city was the first of many and now he rules over a growing empire as its Emperor. While not the most kindly man he is not a man without reason. He is pragmatic, which is why he has gotten as far as he has, so he will find a use for anything and anyone. Nat all agree with his choices and they are free to speak their mind. He will also tacitly ignore some of those voices who claim him to be a tyrant. He is, after all, only claiming what should be his by right.


Most of these are variations on the characters above. The Eager Prince would be the Ship Captain looking explore new lands. The Rogue would be a space pirate with a moral code. The Sorcerer would be the engineer with a penchant for all manner of technology. The Warlord would likely be mostly the same conquering worlds for his galactic empire or whatnot.

In both Fantasy and Sci-Fi these are just baseline characters and thoughts and I'd be happy to flesh out more of an idea centered around whatever cravings my partners might have.


Now then, I think that about covers everything. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to send a PM. I primarily RP in threads, PMs are fine too, and more rarely on Discord. Hope to hear from you all and I look forward to plotting out some ideas!

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Re: Gilgamesh's Thoughts, Plots, and Other Things (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2021, 10:34:01 am »
Giving this a long delayed bump because I'm looking to pick up a small handful of new RPs. Probably going to edit in a few new ideas after work today too but, honestly, I've put off bumping this for long enough.