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April 22, 2021, 06:02:34 pm

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Author Topic: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting  (Read 3762 times)

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #75 on: March 30, 2021, 07:51:20 am »
The fish monster lunges at me, I guess that it is one of its moves in its list of moves. On top of blurping underwater, bubbles and the fish hook. I am not sure how it gets it though, medium kick medium punch half circle back press the start button and slam forehead down onto the buttons maybe, it is a easy move to dodge really. All someone has to do is step to the side or back. If you drop to the side you can just drop and elbow and THUMP!

"Are you trying that attack again on me? Ha ha and eat elbow!"

I do the unexpected, expected things feel so vanilla sometimes. Done it, did it and it would taste good with sprinkles. I drop and spin to the side, taking the fish's legs with me and down it goes, its claws sticking into the wooden deck.  I spin around going up on my hands as it tries to pull its nails out. It tries once and nothing. Tries again and nothing, I would say it is sweating but it is a fish and if they sweat I will no longer  swim in any body of water with fish in it. I hear it grunting as it tries for a third time and before I know it, it is swinging it's now free hands at me.

Alley oop I go over the hands, flipping a little as I do and landing in the exact same place. I would ask the judges what my score is but I am face to fish lips at the moment so I will just say it was close to perfect score, it would have been perfect but the one judge scored me low again, boo....

Not sure what the fish was thinking when it brought a knee up, which would have worked on a monkey boy but I am a monkey girl so the attack was foiled, ha ha. Oh not by the way you thought, I blocked it with my foot.

"You aren't going to bea...." I start to say moments before the fish monster opened its gills and sprayed me with something. I tried to protect myself with frantic hand movements and "Ew gross!" Which didn't do anything . I still got sprayed, blinded and smelled of fish.

"What type of attack is that I yelled, trying to wipe the fish goop off of me, "you basically just spit all over me. I have been goobered." I manage to get one eye cleaned off, "I have seen your type in movies, you get a person's attention and spit.  Didn't your mom teach you not to spit at people. This is gross it is sticking all over." I try to wipe the stuff off and it just stretches and does weird things, "it is like being stuck in a giant booger. You really need to consider the whole idea of this attack again." After fighting with a little piece of it for a moment, I get some collected and try to whip my hand around to get it off, only managing to irritate it and and it attacks me with a snap to the eye.

Quickly I bring my other hand up to cover my eye, "Ow, yeah this is gross. Yeah I am going to say that whole spit attack thing you just did is just a little too disgusting and if you really need to spit get a spittoon okay?" As I stand there rubbing my eye, I manage to get a handiwipe out and start to get myself cleaned off.  I don't bother keeping the handiwipe it has goober over it and it needs to be far away.

"Hold please," I tell the walking fountain of goober and quickly run to the edge of the boat, gently lay the handiwipe down and tell it to stay. Then run back, "Okay where were we?"

I get my answer not verbally, I get it with another lunge. I mean come on, doesn't fish monsters know more than lunge, grab and tear? To keep it on its toes I flip backwards and continue flipping since the lunging persists. Over and over I flip down the length of the boat and back up it, each time I think I can stop, Scalia lunges.

Mid flip I see the rear of the boat coming quickly again and get an idea. I land on my hands and spring upwards carrying me up and Tadah on to the railing. Balanced, thanks to my tail, I spin and stick my tongue out. A tongue out always clouds the thoughts of others, not sure why though. I am thinking it has to do the amount of area of the tongue being exposed introducing enough moisture to form clouds. There is no way I can test this theory due to there are already clouds hanging about but I will call it the 'Tongue cloud theory - the scientific research proving the amount of tongue sticking out influences the cloudiness of people.' Sounds official doesn't it?

I stand there and of course the fish monster lunges right at me and I throw up the 'oh no, I am trapped' look. The fish smiles and reaches for me, claws glinting in the light making them look extra sharp. This is it.... And I jump up moments before fish monster and monkey meet.

The fish monster of course frantically claws at the air as I flip, foot meets butt and VOOM. The fish monster goes skipping across the water and right into a tree with a loud SMACK!

I land, still balanced, and walk down the rail. "Why didn't you join in the fight?" I ask mouse as I hop down next to it. All I get is a grunt as mouse walks away. I look back towards the river, Mouse said there was triplets. Where was the others or was mouse a bad counter? I think for a moment and shrug, taking off after Mouse.

((*proud pose*))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #76 on: April 01, 2021, 09:05:44 am »
Up the embankment we went leaving the boat behind us, there was no way I was going to try and carry it ion my back. I heard that is what they use to do in the ancient times, like in eighties, carrying their boats around with them wherever they went just in case they came upon water. It sounds like a lot of work to me especially with the size the boat is, I am not even sure if I could even budge it.

"I got it. I got it. Let me just take a step forward.... I think I...." CRUNCH! "Ow, Medic!"

Didn't they hear about trailers back then? That is what they are used for, just back it in to the water and out comes the boat. Then when you are done, pull back up on to it and for you go to the next body of water.

I look back for a second and can see the boat sitting there. "Don't give me those," I say shaking my head slowly. "I said don't give me the puppy dog eyes. You know we can't take you wherever we are going. There isn't going to be any water, I think..." I turn to Mouse who is almost at the top of the embankment, "Is there going to be anymore water?"

"What?" Mouse growled as it stepped over a log, "No, no more water. Why do you ask?"

"Oh no reason, " I answer back before turning back to the boat, "See I told you. You can't come with us, there won't be any water. I said stop, please. Don't give me the puppy dog eyes." Looking back up the embankment I can see mouse is almost at the top and then I look back down at the boat. Then back up and then down.

Quickly I start to run down towards the boat, kicking my shoes off and pulling the bottom of my pants up as I dip a toe into the water to see how cold it is. Slowly it edges closer and closer towards the river's surface then lightly taps the water. Instantly a chill runs from the toe up my spin then up my tail. In fact icicles start to form at the end of my tail it is so cold. "What did they put in this, ice cubes? "

I look down at my poor little toe who is sitting there a little blue. Then look at the rest of my toes, "I am sorry girls, but you will be going in. I will get you massaged later I promise, maybe some new polish too." I stand there for a moment and see one of my toes move up and down.

"Thank you, now hold your breath," I said as I started to lower my foot. Any moment I knew my foot would touch water and it would be freezing. Closer and closer, I jerk my foot away when I feel the water embrace trying to embrace my foot. My dad always said it was best to just jump in and get everything done, but I don't think he was picturing this water. I don't think polar bears would swim in it. "Okay...." I said before  taking a couple of deep fast breathes and thrust my foot down into the water. Instantly it feels like my foot is encased in ice and I know how all of those animals frozen in the glacier feel. Like giant ice cubes!

Slowly I swing my other foot around, pinch my inch my nose and thrust it deep into the water. "Dad was lying," I try to say through chattering teeth, "this isn't better." I start it to push one leg forward and it feels like I am in the Arctic, tiny icebergs slamming against my bare legs. I wouldn't be surprised if a penguin pops its head above the water and says "hi" in an Arctic accent.

Slowly, due to the fear of icebergs, I make my way to the front of the boat. Turn around and put my back into it. " and lifffff" I grunt as I try to lift the boat, straining beyond straining. Little blood vessels popping up on my forehead as I try to pick up the boat.

"No good," I say as I readjust my hands on the boats hull and grunt, "Come on......" I try harder and take it to the next level by gritting my teeth. I think I even climbed up on a mini iceberg for leverage.

Breathing hard I go for a third time, third time is the charm isn't it? What is the worse that can happen? My arms fall off? A giant iceberg hits me and I sink? Maybe another of the 'Triplets' will show up and it can help, maybe call a tow truck with a trailer. I hunker down, not into the water,must hunker down and ready myself, "The little train could do it, so can you. Okay three....two and..."

"What in the Camembert are you doing?" Mouse yells out from the top of the embankment.

"I was trying to lift up the boat to bring it along."

Mouse raised a hand up and started to rub the bridge of its nose, "Why? Never mind just get up here and leave the boat."

"But it is giving me...."

"I don't care, get up here so we can get going." Mouse growled.

"Fine," I said, turning around to give the boat a little pat, "Sorry it looks like I can't take you. You be good now okay." With that I sniff and turn around, not looking back at the boat as I put my shoes on and climb the embankment. I know if I did it would be looking back at me with those puppy dog eyes that boats give and I would try to talk Mouse into taking the boat with us and it would growl and pull up out the sword.

That sword looked like it would hurt so I didn't look back, "bye boatie."

((It is not national say bye to a boat day today so please don’t say bye to a boat today or you will get a weird look))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #77 on: April 06, 2021, 07:55:12 am »
When I reach the top of the embankment I can see what is ahead of us and it is an assortment of different things, you name it and it is probably present. I see swamp stash marsh land, some dry land of course, what looks like a fallen Greek temple p, some upward slopping mountain hiking up to what looks like a citadel in the distance. What? Is what between there and way over there? Let me see, I think I see some bumper cars and what looks like an old roller coaster, does that count? I am hopping that we don't have to ride the roller coaster, it looks like it has about a half of a dozen loop da loops and didn't pass any inspections.

"Um Mouse," I start to say and stop. What? Is there a what?! A thunderdome? I don't see any dark clouds in the sky except for way over there. So there could be a thunderdome over there. We will have to where ear protection when we go through that probably and say 'What did you say?' a lot.

BOOM CRASH "What did you say?" KRAKABOOM "Look out for what?" CRASH "Teddy bears? Why would I run from those?" BOOM CRASH BOOM "What is behind me? Let me look." CRASH CRASH "Oh it is a bear with really big claws." BOOM "It looks mad." KRAKABOOM "It's........" BOOM BOOM CRASH AND ANOTHER BOOM..

What did you say? Just kidding, getting some practice in before the thunderdome. What? It isn't that type? A thunderdome is what? You do what in it? Fight to the death while some famous singer looks on. Is is someone I know? Hopefully not some member from a boy band trying to break out on his own and is ridding the auto tune wave. Who? That sounds like someone my mom and dad listen to. Why would she be, oh.... That doesn't sound to pleasant at all. Let me look and nope, no thunderdome of that type. That doesn't sound like a tourist place I would like to visit.

I am not sure how they would even advertise it. Death, destruction and other things,me have it here. Who wants to be happy and smiling all the time, come to the thunderdome to know fear and cry. Run and scream, that sounds fun right? Oh oh, have you ever wondered what your internal organs look like, come to the thunderdome and we can show you. Come for the screams and stay with the ows. I am sure the kids eyes will have to be covered when the commercial plays.

"Where would you like to go kids?"

"To thunderdome yayyyyyyyyy......."

Maybe it would be kid friendly, they have those little juice containers shaped like bears but they would be shaped like battle axes. You have to be at least this tall for some of it, you know for safety reasons. You don't want them to get hurt.  Little ponchos for the kids with a fun character on it so when they ride that one ride that sprays them with 'red liquid' so they stay clean. Then one of those machines that crushes the pennies while leaving a neat design on them that the kids can collect.

"Why are they screaming mommy?"

"Because they are having fun kids."

I don't see any of that, thank monkey so back to the story. What was I saying again? Oh yeah.

"Um mouse, has this always been this way?" I ask sweeping my hand out to motion to all of it. My hand running into something hard and soft in mid sweep. Quickly I look as I draw my hand back so nothing else runs into it and see a little duck laying there stunned.

I kneel down and carefully flip the little duck back over, "There you go little quack, be careful now and watch where you are going, okay? No more running into things or you will need to start wearing a helmet."

"Okay where was I again? Oh yeah. Um mouse, has thus always been this way?" I ask as I sweep my hand out again. Again it meets resistance by something hard but soft. What the? I look down again and see another dazed duck laying there right behind the other one. That is kind of odd, I tell myself as I kneel back down and flip the new duck upright.

"You be careful to little quack," I say as I stand back up. Laughing a little to myself, "Sorry getting my ducks in a row."

Mouse just rolled its eyes, "Yes it has always been like this. Some kids dropped by years ago with some talking dog and got the park closed down. It didn't take long after that for everything to go to Halloumi. What we are looking for is in the citadel way over there."

"So then marsh slash swamp, amusement park, Greek temple then climb the mountain to the citadel with the thunderclouds." I pause for a moment, then laugh "This sounds like a video game. Is there going to be any walking mushrooms that I can jump on?"

"There are no walking mushrooms that you can jump on," Mouse answered bluntly as it gave me the 'Are you serious' look. "This isn't a video game."

"That is such a eight bit answer," I said jokingly as we descended into the marsh. Switching from the imaginary pugilist helmet to an imaginary mosquito hat as I step into the marsh. Can't be too careful you know.

"That doesn't even make sense. Let's get going the faster we get to the citadel the faster i can get ride of your nonsense," mouse growled.

"Hey I am not bad," squish.

((Where do you want to go this summer? Why go to the park with the mouse when you got THUNDERDOME? Where else can you enjoy a ride in the morning and be bashing mutants in the head with soft but hard padded bats while drinking a bubbling not too safe makeshift cup of mystery liquid that smells of something and watching videos of guinea pigs staring at stairs. THUNDERDOME!!  Coming this summer the “It’s a small small small world ride”. You thought the singing in small small was bad just wait. ))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #78 on: April 08, 2021, 08:09:10 am »
Squish. Squish. Squish. Mouse and I head off into the marsh slash swamp. Thankfully my imaginary mosquito net hat is holding the mosquitos at bay and preventing them from biting me in the face. Which is good, I don't want to hear anyone scream if we run into them. Pointing at my face and asking what happened to me. What is wrong with it, I would ask and mouse would shrug as I pulled out a mirror to look. A glance later and another scream will be heard, coming from me this time. "How? Why? I know I am sweet but did every mosquitos have to bite me on the face?"

Squish. Squish. Squish. It is actually quite beautiful out in the marsh other than the mosquitos, SMACK. The marsh grass waving back and forth in the breeze, little specks of color here and there from flowers . SMACK. Birds flying about overhead not doing their job in keeping the mosquito population down. Hey I think I just heard the call of the whimpering yellow belly something or another. It's plumage is yellow on its belly. I wonder if I can call it in. I bring a hand up to my mouth and try to imitate the sound that I just heard, it is a distinct sound and not easily missed.

My grandpa said it sounded like a needle was being pulled across a record as it played, shrill and soul ripping. Well that is what grandpa said it sounded like. I remember seeing grandpa's record collection when I was young. I would point and ask what they are, he would tell me and I would ask why he didn't buy the cd instead. Explaining to him how the sound was better and stuff, he would just laugh and pat me on the head saying that records are classic, which means old and then asked about going to get a ice cream.

It was always vanilla with sprinkles by the way, grandpa always got butter pecan. He told me that to keep it our little secret so grandma wouldn't find out and if she asked to tell her we went and got broccoli. He would laugh when I stuck my tongue out when he mentioned broccoli, mom had me eating enough of it, then told me that grandma thought he was getting a little soft in the belly and needed to eat better. I couldn't tell really, I thought all grandpas were like that so they could be hugged easier. That and what was better than ice cream?

Mouse cringed and quickly turned, giving me a look that froze me I place when it heard  me call out, "What in the brunost was that?"

I stood there, hand still to mouth "I was trying to call out to the whimpering yellow belly something or another, that I just heard." Mouse refined the look it was giving me, taking it to the next level as it growled. I let my hand fall to my side, "okay I won't do it again."

"Good," Mouse growled as it turned back around and started to walk away. Off in the distance I thought I saw something yellow bellied flying towards me then turn and head away. "Shoot," I mumbled to myself, "I would have been cool to see a whimpering yellow belly something or another up close. Grandpa always told me they were the Swiss Army knife of the bird world, whatever that means." I take a breath and quickly catch up to Mouse.

Squish. Squish. Squish.

"So do we have to worry about anything other than the mosquitos," I start to ask, pausing just long enough to slap another one, "You know so I know what to look for. I saw a movie once and this marsh grass is tall enough for raptors to hide in like they did in the movie. We wouldn't know they are closing in on us until the last moment. They jump, there would be a startled expression and nothing is left but marsh grass."

"No... There isn't any dinosaurs here," mouse answered without stopping.

"Ok good to know, " nodding as I look around. Maybe they do and Mouse just doesn't know it, best to keep scanning. I look back to my tail and nod once and it returns my nod almost like it knows what I thinking. Immediately it swings around and starts to scan the area. No way will anything sneak up on us now. Just to be on the safe side I go down the list to the next likely predator, "How about pugs?"

This question got Mouse to stop and turn around, "Really? Pugs? You are afraid that pugs are stalking us. They have short legs and are not that big. This isn't the proper environment for them. That and if a pack was somehow stalking us, we would hear their breathing. They do wheeze."

"Well maybe they are stealth pugs, a secret pack of them learned in the arts of the ninja. You won't know they are there until their tongues touch you."

"That is the stupi..." Mouse starts to say until my hand goes yo to point at a patch of moving grass,"There goes one now!"

Mouse swirls around and SCHWING out cones the sword ready to do some slicing and dicing. From where I was standing I could see Mouse looking around, "Where?"

"It was right over there. I think we are surrounded. Remember they are bad in hand to hand combat because it looks like they have been punched in the face a lot." Slowly I reach into my bag for my staff of whapping as Mouse takes a step closer to where I saw the pug.

I could see the grass gently moving as Mouse got closer and closer, growling "Who ever is there come out or taste my blade."

That sends a clear message, no what ifs or anything. Either you come out or you will come out saying ow and possibly leaking all over. Which someone might have to clean up after, don't want to leave a mess you know.

The bush quivers again as I pull out my staff and with a little flick of the wrist, make it extend. The only surprise today is going to be by the pug jumping out to surprise us. "I got... Oh hey I think I tripped. You can put those away. Simple misunderstanding."

Any moment now....

The bush quivers again and out erupts [insert dramatic pause. You need to build suspense and everything. I could wait to the next paragraph or tell you that I one story, then cone back to what is about to jump out. Make you sweat, wondering what it could be. How armed is the ninja pug. Does it just have little daggers or something like a  proton laser death saber with fully charged batteries? I guess you will just have to wait. Want a banana milkshake my treat? What? You rather want to find out what erupted from the bush. Find..... You don't know what you are missing.] out erupts [Are you sure you don't want one? Fine, just checking.] Out erupts a butterfly!

Mouse screamed or was it a growl. It was something as it swung the blade before slipping it back away, "I can't believe you got me all worked up over a butterfly. How did you, never mind let us get going."

As stomped away as I apologized, "Well it looked pugish."

The camera sweeps around catching something here and there. For a brief moment a badge or something is seen. Details can be made out and so can the words not he badge. The scariest words known to man, words that say death and destruction while wheezing.

'Pugilion Stealth force of doom! Plana faciem interitus'

I think that last part is Latin, not sure what it means though but since I didn't see the ninja pugs, the camera did, I just followed Mouse. Oblivious to how close we came to a licking.

((Ninja pugs. If they don’t lick you with their little tongues they will breathe heavy in your ears. Ick...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #79 on: April 13, 2021, 08:07:32 am »
Squish. Squish. Squish.

It would be nice to have a tour guide or someone that could point things out as we walk through the marsh.

Over there is the orange glow sunflower,mint gets its name from the being orange. Over there is cotton candy smelling, hey I wouldn't lick it. It is poisonous, you will start to lose all feeling in your arms and legs then you will fall to the ground. Body sounding SQUISH. I told you. Now way over there that is a flying pig, it is uses its tail during lift off for acceleration.

See little things like that, stuff that I would just go 'Oh it is a pretty flower' and 'hey a flying pig?' Not knowing what I am looking at. Should I not lick the flower that looks like a lollipop that will make my tongue go numb and speak funny. What about those fuzzy looking things over there that are cute, should I not pick them up and give them a hug? Yes they have red glowing eyes and enlarged canines but phpht. Those could be for looks.

They could give us some history of the marsh. Like if it is natural or man-made. Maybe it was created by accident by a running drinking fountain that is now lost somewhere in the depths of the marsh. Maybe there was some battle that happened here since it seems battles are attracted to marshes for some reason, maybe it is the smell. I take a deep breathe and cough, maybe not. Maybe an ancient civilization of lemmings lived here, they did something stupid and sunk into the marsh, never to be seen or heard from again except on those one nights when some hear them calling to each other, asking where they are at. Important things like that, it would help with the tourism definitely. No more 'you go wherever and just make things up' attitude. That and a gift ship might be a good idea to, one with t-shirts since everyone loves t-shirts. Like 'my mom and dad went to the marsh and all I got this t-shirt and a weird rash.'

I could ask Mouse, it probably knows everything around here maybe. But I am thinking it would just growl or swing its sword at me if I asked anything. Which isn't good for learning. Oh that is a growl, I thought you said that over there is a grow. Why are you giving me that look for? Why are you pulling your sword out for? Are you going to use it to point things out? I am only asking because I want to learn, not to annoy you honest.

Squish. Squish. Squish. It would be nice. When I showed people the photos later I would have to make things up. Yeah in this photo is a something or another plant, it is known for blah...blah and blah. *proud pose with hands to hips* Whoever I am showing it to gives me a look, "Yeah I have that flower in my backyard. It is called a [insert correct name of plant]." I would laugh and point at something else in the photo, "I meant that one.""

We continue to walk and squish. Mosquitos swirling about making it hard to see sometimes. If I had some bug spray I would spray them gently, although some are big enough for me to club them with.

I spot a log, a rest stop, how convenient. "Hey mouse can we take a break, there is a log over there," I say pointing to the log. Mouse looks and laughs, "That isn't a log."

"What?" I look, I know what a log looks like. Tree fallen down and everything. Simple to identify, nothing tricky or anything. "I am pretty sure that is a log."

"Is it?" Mouse laughed again, look at it again and see if it blinks.

I start to laugh, almost doubling over but not since I didn't want to stick my head in the marsh, "logs don't blink, everyone knows that." I stop and stare at the log as mouse continues to walk away. I am just doing this to make Mouse happy, I tell myself and nothing more. Everyone knows logs don't blink. "Yeah, It isn't blin...." I start to  say as I start to take  my eyes off the log and it winks.

I freeze, "um......"

"It is an alligator and not a log. You better start moving because it looks hungry."

My eyes never leave the log that isn't really a log as I  nod as start to sneak after mouse. No way is the not a log going to get me..

((Words there were words!!))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #80 on: April 15, 2021, 08:12:10 am »
Squish. Squish. Squish.

I thank monkey that I didn't put my galoshes on when we first started across the marsh. If I did it would have given us away really quick with the galosh sound singing out everytime  I took a step. The squishing could be explained as the marsh settling or a frog jumping and if someone asked, "Hey is someone out there?" I would have just answered "Just a frog, I am trying to get to the other side of the marsh. Sorry to disturb." "Hey no problem, just checking. People like sneaking around and I wanted to make sure you weren't one of those."

Nothing natural goes galosh except for maybe a hippo or a Guinea pig jumping yup and down. Neither live in a marsh I think. A hippo would step and sink, the only thing you would see of it is its ears wiggling. Now with Guinea pigs, I don't think those exist in the outdoors or if they do, they only live in Guinea. Where they are the top of the food chain, anywhere else and they are just little oinking bean shaped balls of fur. I think God made them right before making platypi, getting ready to mix a duck and a mammal together by shaking and stirring a pig and a fat hamster.

Pet stores do not appreciate customers picking Guinea pigs up and squeezing them to make them oink. Especially  if said customer lines them up so when squeezed she can do 'Mary had a little lamb' with them. They definitely don't like that. Definitely. Not that I would ever do that, it was some other girl with red hair. I would have gotten it to but I think that one Guinea pig moved and threw off the whole thing.  Oh hey, just playing it was someone else honest. Oh hey what is that over there? It looks like it is part of the story you better go to the next paragraph to make sure.

Anyways only hippos or Guinea pigs would make the galosh sound and the marsh wasn't a good area for either. No way would we be able to make it across the swamp without being questioned and patted down. Neither of those were on the to do list. Let me check, get across the marsh without being bitten by every mosquito in the world and need to pick up some milk at the store. Yeah no questioning or patting so no galoshes. That and I hear the galosh sound attracts ducks and crossing a marsh with a duck on my head, while cute and everything it is kind of strange and I would constantly worry about eggs rolling down my neck. That and hunters, one quack call later, duck responds and BLAM, monkey gets an ow.

Finally one last thing before the squishing continues. Marsh plus galoshes equals step galosh, "wait a moment so I can pull it out", step galosh, "wait a moment so I can pull it out. Hey this might take a while, just saying."

Now back to squishing.

Squish. Squish. Squish.

Marsh grass turns into marsh reeds. Marsh mosquitos turn into not really marsh mosquitos. How can I tell you ask? If you look right there on the mosquito, you will be able to tell the difference. No not there, there. Now do you see it? Okay good. More marsh stuff changes to less marsh stuff as we continue and I let Mouse know, "Hey I think we are leaving the marsh."

"You think," is all I get back as a response from Mouse.

Squishing turns to not squishing and we continue along a fence until we reach a ticket booth, hanging above it us a sign welcoming you to Marsh world, have fun celebrating marsh and please keep your mouth close. You know mosquitos and all. Oh and watch out for Leeches. "This sounds fun," I say slapping a bill or two down at the little area where you are suppose to do that with ticket booths.


((Try a pair of galoshes on and see what sound they make. It is not natural!))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #81 on: April 20, 2021, 08:24:28 am »
Nothing happens at first, that is how ticket booths work. Money down, you say "Tickets please" and you get tickets. Simple rules of ticket booths, if you say or do anything else you will just get looked at or taken away by security guards. Don't ask about that last one, it happened once and only once. I just can't go to mouse ear's parks for a couple years that is all. Not like they have that cotton candy I really like or anything.

For a moment I stand there and think, did I do something wrong? Did I buck the system and offend the inhabitants of the booth, who are now planning a revolt? I run through everything I did; pull money out, place it down with the proper amount of force and said 'Tickets'. Everything looks right, but did I forgot something.

I pick the money up and shove it into my pocket and take a steps back, I could feel Mouse starring at me with a 'What in the world is she doing' look on its face. I give Mouse a smile and stick my index finger up, hopefully telling it I got this and not pull out your sword and turn this booth to kindling. Sometimes those are easily mistaken and things happen.

Let's try this again, I pull out my money and put it down and with a smile, "Tickets please." Quickly I turn around and give Mouse the thumbs up and it just shook its head. Phpht. When I turn back around there should be tickets laying there, going by the sign on the booth I paid enough and everything. But all I see is dust and wood, no tickets for as far as the eye could see. Which is over there.

Okay I did everything right, just to make sure I run through what I did in my mind. Check money in pocket and pull out, followed by place near where tickets are purchased and then say 'Tickets please.' I did all of that and even smiled, a cute one by the way. No light twinkles or anything, I didn't want to blind the ticket booth operator by accident.

Maybe... I put my hands up on the counter and look inside. There is no grrrr as I push myself up. Just push and up. The inside of the booth is desolate; there is a chair, dust, more dust, a ton of spider webs and a small paper back book that was  facing down and opened. Just by the lack of dusting and general elimination of webs I would say that someone was on a bathroom break. I let myself down and reached for the book, I don't mind reading some good words. Let me see....

He held hear in his strong arms. Their pulses racing as their lips came closer and closer. The sweet smell of flowers filled the air as they embraced. Slowly lowering to the....

Oh my monkey, what type of book is this? I mean look at what they do here. Then here and then she does some type of weird pretzel thing with her body.

Quickly I flip the book over to look at the cover, all I see is muscle and bare shoulders. "It is one of those types," I say under my breath as I put the book back where I found it. I remember catching my mom reading one once. Her cheeks were all red and everything. When I asked her if she was okay, mom covered the book up and coughed once or twice before saying she was okay and that I should go out and play. Of course I was concerned so I went to dad and told him what I saw and what mom did, he just rolled his eyes and mentioned something about mom being into that again before telling me not to worry and to go outside and play. Into what, I asked myself as chased after a butterfly who was giving me the slip. Thought I had it a couple times but nope. For some reason I stayed at my aunt's house that weekend, never did find out what mom was into again but I did get cake.

"Hello," I yell into the booth hoping to get someone's attention and all I heard back was echoes back. Which isn't good for ticket sales. "I am here to buy tickets for the park." Maybe that will get someone's attention. I stand there, twiddling my fingers on the counter, any moment now the door will open and out will find a smiling face. No door opening. No smiling face and still no tickets.

I turn back towards Mouse, "Must be on a break" and Mouse brings a hand up to the bridge of its nose and shakes it head. Turning back to the both I look around for a bell, whistle, button anything to get someone's attention and see nothing. Not even a buzzer! There always has to be a buzzer. Maybe under the counter, quickly I flip up and look. Nothing but a wad of gum. Which I doubt will do anything if I touched it and no I wasn't going to. Who knows where it has been, ick.

Jumping back down, I look at Mouse and shrug, "Thinking they are closed today." Mouse had a response and it was a growl then STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP and more STOMP. Then swipe and ow!

"Hey what are you doing, we need to buy tickets," I say over my shoulder after Mouse grabs a hold of my tail and starts to drag me towards the turnstiles.

"You don't have to buy tickets, this place has been closed for years."

"Then if it is closed, we shou....." I start to say as I get whipped around and kicked.

"Get going!!!" Mouse yelled as it applied force to my butt with its foot which sent me sailing over the turnstile and not into it. Which is good because that would of hurt.

((What is up with feet and my butt?))

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Over the turnstile I flew, past the sign that said 'Ticket please' and into the amusement park. Luckily nothing was damaged as I hit face first and skidded for what felt like a half a mile. I laid there for a moment spitting out various ground items; pebbles, twigs and what I think is a small animal. Amazed on how strong mouse was, without any effort it had kicked me.... I flip around and look back to see how far I traveled, rubbing my jaw as I do to make sure it was still attached properly. Didn't want a jaw like a snake at all. Sitting there enjoying a banana milkshake and pop, bottom of chin goes swinging down and I lose all straw control. It goes flying around as my tongue searches for it, ignoring all straw searching protocols and eventually I find the straw up my nose.

Yeah I traveled pretty far from there to here, any further and I might have had to consider wearing a fez, vest and fake wings strapped to my back. Maybe even forced to work under a witch with green skin that has to find other ways of cleaning herself because her and water don't get along. Then I guess I would have to learn some new dance moves, because everyone knows minions dance around after their employer is successful at something. I think it is the minion Union book or something. Your employer opens up a jar of peanut butter do this dance. Your employer flips a coin and catches it, do that dance.

I can hear Mouse grumbling as it approaches me and I don't push myself up,I am just up, "you know there is a sign back there asking for tickets." Mouse didn't even bother looking up at me as it walks by, "the park is closed...."

"So I guess that means we don't have to wear disguises or anything so we aren't captured."'

This stopped Mouse in its tracks, "I know I shouldn't ask but..."

Of course I didn't wait for Mouse to continue past the but, "Well maybe in a amusement park uniform and required khaki pants which might be hard to find in your size." Of course mouse growled, "Or maybe in a costume, I have always wanted to try one on and walk about. No one knowing who I am other than Dippy dinosaur or whoever I am dressed up as. Of course treating people nice, posing for pictures and not scaring any kids. Which you might have a problem with. Being so close to the marsh I am I sure it would be a beaver or oh an alligator who is member of a country time band. Maybe carry around a giant oversized harmonica and fake blow into it and everything." I said nodding.

Mouse closed its eyes, "Of course and the answer is no."


"To when we might find a uniform or costume and you ask me if it is okay to put it on." Mouse answered back.

My shoulders dropped, "But we are in an amusement park..."

"Which has been closed for years. If we find anything it will be flea ridden or a home to something. So no."

A light bulb went off over my head, an amusement park style one that flashes on and off. Mouse kept things open and now I was going to pounce, 'But if I get it cleaned and everything it will be okay." Got Mouse on that one.

Mouse just shook its head as it turned away, "Fine if you do all of that you can wear it. But I think you will change your mind once you see the fleas."

"Well my dog had fleas and all we had to do is dip it In a flea bath so no problem."

I heard Mouse laughing as it walked away, "Oh I think if you have a run in with one of  the  fleas. You will be the one taking a bath." I responded with a laugh as I joined mouse, "Phpft, I doubt that, they are really small. The only things they do is jump and bite. I think I can defend myself." Mouse just laughed as we walked along the main street of the amusement park.

Looking around I can tell you that this is no Disney world, definitely not that unless the mouse, not the one next to me, decided to let itself go. There was dust and dirt and dust on top dirt. Then there was grass where it shouldn't be like up there and hanging upside down over there. If it wasn't rotting it was rusting. There was definitely some safety issues happening. Like over there, there and definitely over there. Definitely over there, the park is definitely 'BYOB' and maybe even 'BYOT'.

We pass by a foun... What? What did the acronyms mean? Oh the first meant bring your own bandaids and the second was bring your own tourniquet. I would recommend BYOB too, usually the refreshment cost is a little expensive.

'You are charging how much for a little glass of pop? That is just as much as my car! I won't be able to send my kids to school if I buy one. I am thirsty though and little Timmy is well.... Okay give me one. Phpft...... Glug. Glug. Ah......'

Okay back to the moment, we are passing a fountain which by the look of it says it might run red because of the amount of rust on it. We stop for a moment and I run my finger along the rim of fountain then write 'Monkey was here' in the dust. Which I immediately regretted when I saw my red fingertip. I take a step to the side and write  something else, 'Surgeon general warning - writing in dust will make your finger turn red. May make you sneeze too. Also if you are with someone called Mouse, it is looking at you right now shaking its head.'

I turn, handiwipe in hand, "So which way should we go?"

Mouse look up, "I think we need to split up."

"What? Why? Is it the costume thing, because if it is I can explain."

"No it isn't that, it is something else. We are being watched."

Immediately I start to look around, I thought I had that creepy feeling of being watched. The one where all of the hairs on your body stands up. The only reason mine wasn't was because of sheer will power and I didn't want to look stupid. Have you seen what a tail looks like with all of the fur standing up. "BOOF!" I say motioning an explosion with my hands. Like that!

Mouse motioned with a hand, "You go that way, I will go down that way and we will meet up at the end of the block. Yell if you run into something and need help."

"Will do, especially if it has bat wings," I say shivering a little as I take off that way.

((I do not condone the jumping or in this case being thrown over turnstiles. Because if things go wrong there will be pain and ow.))