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January 26, 2021, 03:53:30 AM

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Author Topic: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting  (Read 2417 times)

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #50 on: December 15, 2020, 08:13:51 AM »
Down I go into the crosslegged position, my tail whipping out a bag of popcorn ready to hear the story of ghost frog rock. Where it got the popcorn I am not sure p, it was just there. Maybe later I will ask it where it got the popcorn at, hopefully it isn't a messy eater either or a loud one. I would hate to keep asking Anne to keep repeating what she is saying because I can't hear her over the loud crunching.

CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. What did you just say? CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. I didn't catch that part. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. What? CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. It did what to what? CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH. Can you repeat that whole part again? CRUNCH. CRUNCH. CRUNCH.

Anne sat down and started to rock back and forth slowly. "Okay where do I start, it isn't that long of a story to be honest, but it is a story. Probably best at the beginning. Okay, Okay....." For a moment Anne played with her fingers, I guess trying to get everything in order, "Sorry just trying to get everything in order so I don't miss anything. Oh and no I didn't read your mind. Give me one more moment."

I nodded, a little something, not freaked out or anything. I mean Anne is stronger than me I think, excited and can read my mind.

"Like I said, I can't read your mind. Okay I got it..." Anne nodded and took a deep breath.

"This is the story of ghost frog rock, the rock over there. Some say the frog only appears to specific people and who those specific people are, only it knows. There is no list of people and countless people have looked for it, the list, even divined for it. Only to find pools of water and gold, but no list. Which would be nice to find since then I would find out if I am on the list and the frog is just going in order. Some say seeing the ghost frog is an omen, but of what, no one knows since those that have seen it, never tell anyone what happens to them afterwards. Some say it is a sign to, but again no one knows what it is a sign of, since no one is talking about it afterwards. But seeing the ghost frog is definitely something."

Anne pauses for a moment, taking a breath before continuing.

"Okay the story goes is that long ago there was a feud between a family of frogs and another family of toads. Over what no one remembers anymore,  some say it was over the rights of flies and small insects, not rights in like they can vote and everything more like.... These are ours to eat and you get those way over there. Yeah they look sickly and will probably taste bad but those are yours, bon appetite or something. Anyways their was a feud between them, one family saying they had the rights while the other said it had the rights. Both had the papers saying that they had the rights, even stamped with a power of attorney and everything.

Anyways there was a lot of feuding, words were said back and forth, a lot of explosions and Kung fu fighting frog and toad style. It was very dramatic and I heard the movie rights are being shopped around. In the middle of all of it there was one frog who believed the two families could work together, sharing the rights to the flies and small insects, living happily ever after.

He had a smooth tongue and soon the toads and frogs laid down their arms and legs and well arms. Agreeing to work together, all was well for a while then something happened. No one knows what though, just the explosions and Kung fu fighting started again.

The lone frog climbed up on the rock, cleared its throat which made everyone stop punching, kicking, head butting and exploding. He spoke of honorable things. Not of dropping elbows on anyone or sticking dynamite in outhouses. He spoke of peace and sharing of flies and small insects. A collective sigh ran through the crowd there, some even dropped the dynamite they were holding, realizing it was still light they picked it up and pulled the fuse just in time.

The frog had done it somehow, brought peace to the feuding families. Peace, joy and flies & other small insects for as far as the eye could see. Suddenly there was a pop and the frog croaked on the spot. No one saw who popped the frog, the bringer of peace, all they saw was a small shape flying away.

Some say the last words of the frog was of friendship and peace then ribbit. The frog you saw was that frog, no one remembers its name anymore. All they know it appears to some and not to others."

Anne took another breath after finishing the story, my tail sitting there slack jawed for a moment after listening to it. Dropping popcorn onto my shoulder.

"That is amazing," I said nodding, looking back at the rock as I wipe the popcorn off of me.

"Yes it is and you got to see the ghost frog, that means something. Hopefully good I hope."

"Me too," I answered nodding a little,"me too..." Sitting there I swear I see a frog sitting there on top of the rock giving me a ghostly thumbs up.

((The oddest timing for this post...))

Offline CatherineTopic starter

Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #51 on: December 17, 2020, 10:05:18 AM »
I sat there for a moment thinking about the story Anne just told me. It could be just a story that has been passed down through the years or one that is told to kids to teach them a lesson. What the lesson is, is beyond me. Don't get into a feud with frogs or toads since they know karate and somehow can get a hold of dynamite, I wonder if they had to get licensed or something. Maybe it is, watch out for little flying things with sniper rifles, which is kind of dark come to think of it. Kids would never go outside or leave their bed if it was that. They would just be hiding under their blankets all of the time.  Pretty sure no one wants that.

But I can't just blow off the story saying it is a work of fiction that someone made up on a rootbeer float bender. Pushing it too far with that extra scoop of ice cream, they were told only to do so many scoops but no they had to do one more, pushing them over the edge. I saw the ghost frog and it gave me a thumbs up, hallucinations can't do that since they don't have thumbs, so it must have been a real ghost. Although its lack of 'Boo', any type of chain rattling and lack of slime, puts that into question. Ghosts usually do or have one of those things. Unless it isn't that type of ghost.,

I turn back to Anne after the ghost frog gives me a wink, "Thank you for telling me the story Anne." Which Anne replied with a quick nod, "No problem, like I said not everyone can and since you could it means something. Maybe someday I will ." Quickly she brought both hands up and crossed her fingers in front of her face, "That would be great."

I laughed, "It is just a frog Anne, well a special frog but still a frog."

"No..." Anne answered, dropping her hands down into her lap as she shook her head, "it is a ghost frog and not everyone sees it."

"Okay, I guess you are right. That does make it special," I said with a little nod. "I do have a question for you. What is up with the roots? I got tripped by some and poked in a place that shouldn't be poked."

"Well.... Okay...." Anne started to say, averting her eyes as she did, "I sort of get bored and start to play."

"Bored? Don't you have anyone to hang out with or do things with?"

Slowly Anne shook her head, "No, they all went to a concert. Something about the demon is back or something. Saying something about heavy metal and rock. I don't like either of those, more of a country girl really. All of the screaming and loud stuff makes my head hurt, so I stayed here. They will be back tomorrow I think."

"That sucks, yeah some do think they are singing but really are just screaming. No tune just loud and more loud. I guess some think that the louder they are, the better they sound. That and I have been tempted to walk up on stage sometimes and point to the instrument, 'You know that is guitar right?"  Anne giggled when she heard me say this. "You know I have been to one of Dee's concerts, actually know her personally. She has a really good voice, plays a pretty mean tune and her concerts are great. A lot of lighters up in the air and everything. In fact...." Quickly I reached for my bag and started to root through it, "I know it is in here somewhere. She signed it before kicking me through a hole in reality."

"She did what? That doesn't sound nice," Anne said, looking to see what I was doing.

"Yeah she applied pressure to my butt with her foot," I stop looking for a moment and look up, "You know what? I just realized a lot of people are doing that to me nowadays. Hmmm?" I turn back to what I was doing, finding everything but what I was looking for at for. Okay lucky rabbits foot, pop cap from that one place, bar of soap that smells like flowers I got from person in the Amazon, the Shark's tooth I got from that one boat that was bitten in half, a balloon and wait a second. Here it is!"

With a SNAP I pull out a t-shirt, I didn't snap it, it just snapped of its own accord. I started to pull it out and SNAP! I put it back away and pull it out again and SNAP! Okay kind of strange, I tell myself as I unfold the t-shirt. A smoky grey shirt that looks like well smoke is rolling over it, the sleeves and collar in a darker gray. I nod once before flipping it around to show Anne, showing her the front of the shirt. A left handed bass guitar printed on it with a devil's tail coming out of the guitar's butt. To either side is a set of devil's wings and printed in a dark red, almost blood red, is 'Spinebreaker's' printed in some type of old English type of font. Below the guitar was some lettering that resembled runes. Not ruins, since the shirt was not that big to have ruins but runes. Ancient writing before there was cursive, so really old. I can't remember what Dee said it meant when I asked her, it meant something though.

"You know what, take this..." I say tossing the t-shirt to Anne, "is there a way you can get to the concert?" Anne nodded, "then go and have some fun with your friends. If a Gilly asks, tell them Monkey sent you."

Anne looked down at the shirt for a moment, "But it is going to be loud and everything."

I nod, "It will be loud, but not so loud that you can't hear anything ever again."


"No buts, you miss your friends. Go be with them and have some fun. Slip the shirt on and go." I say standing up.

"Okay.... I do miss them," Anne said as slipped the shirt on and stood up, "Thank you."  Before I could do anything, Anne gave me a hug, took a step back while bringing a hand up to pinch her nose before falling backwards.

All I could do is stand there and watch as Anne slowly sunk into the ground, like she was sinking into water. But wasn't water since well it was dirt. As the last of Anne slowly disappeared I called out to her, "Say 'Hi' for me,"

"Will do Monkey." Is what I heard in reply coming from the ground under me., then silence other than the cricket that was singing and the birds that was doing something, not sure what though.

((Thumbs up with a tear))

Offline CatherineTopic starter

Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #52 on: January 05, 2021, 08:41:40 AM »
I stand there in the clearing for a moment, listening to the crickets and birds, trying to figure out where to next. I knew where I had to go, to find Mouse, but I sort of wandered off of that. Looking around, every grass blade looked the same and other that the rock, there was no landmarks. I should have thought of that before trying to find out what was the cause of the roots.

String or bread crumbs, I am not sure about the string really. If I had a ball of it, I could have done that but there was a couple things to consider about it. First being a tripping hazard, especially if it hangs about neck height. If a deer or something like that comes running along, Urk! The poor thing would get stopped and flipped onto its back by the string, which I would feel a little but when the string gets pulled a little. Now if a whole herd ran into the string, there would be a lot of urks, even one coming from me when I get yanked back and dragged behind the deer. That and I would have to worry about cats, if I carried a ball of string.

The bread crumbs, that is obvious. Birds! Leave a breadcrumb and a bird would fly down and gobble it up. More bread and more gobbling. I might still have a path, but it would be a path of fat little birds, rolling about on the ground. Too round to fly since round can't fly. Their little wings flapping in the air to no avail and all I could do was nudge them with my foot. Maybe set them up on a fitness plan where they end up running up a bunch of stairs, all the while I play the song 'Pupil of the stripped cat.' Poor little birds.

I remember I had to go that way, just have to figure out which way is the right that way and not the wrong that way. Too many times have I taken the wrong that way and gotten into interesting situations, maybe I will share some later. That one time with the armed guards on a base that wasn't really there, wink, was interesting. The only thing that worked was the 'What is that?' and point to somewhere away from me. The guards looked and POOF I was gone. Okay I do have to admit there was a 'that' to point to, a big silver disc thing. I must have stumbled onto a secret testing area for giant metallic frisbee or something. I look towards ghost frog rock to see if I could get any help there and the ghost frog just shrugged its shoulders. No help there, I guess, maybe mouse showed up after it croaked. So it doesn't know where she is really, which is good if it just isn't giving directions out just to give them out. 'Yeah I think she is that way' and hours later I find myself in the middle of the desert, face to face with an armadillo which if you stretch it, it could be a mouse but not really.

I feel like I was going that way, I tell myself, turning to left. It looks like a good direction and definitely better than that other direction, turning to look in the other that direction with all the spider webs and the grass that looked odd. Odd as in the colors looked drained, so the grass green was void green which isn't a good green. I don't recommend painting anything in it unless you want the chills. Speaking of chills I swore I could feel a cool wind blowing from that direction even  though there was no wind. Shivering when I felt the cool wind no wind blowing then thinking  about what spider butt the webs came out of and how hard it would be to get it out of my hair.

"Yeah," I said turning around, "definitely not in that direction. So I guess that leaves only one thing, that direction." I give the ghost frog a quick wave as I start to walk away, in that direction.

((Now back to the story...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #53 on: January 07, 2021, 08:14:57 AM »
There is nothing like a taking a walk on a beautiful spring maybe summer day. Running your feet through the grass and just relaxing. Yeah the grass is taller than I am now and it is sort of hard to run my feet through it. Really doubt it would be relaxing to kick a blade of grass until I run my foot through it. I KICK want KICK to KICK relax KICK now. Little bugs and critters falling all around me as I kick the grass blade. Sorry KICK my bad KICK hurts less if you roll with the fall KICK try to fall on something soft next time  KICK I told you to hold on didn't I?

I continue to walk that way, getting that whole fairy tale slash amusement park feeling the farther I go. In fact after a while i start to ready myself for when someone dressed up in a costume jumps out waving their arms in the air. Not the 'Booga Booga' hand waving, more 'Hiya, it is really hot in this costume but I am paid to be happy' wave. So no fainting. Now if something non costumed jumps out I can't promise what will happen. Might be a 'HIYAH', 'Hi yah' or 'Oh........' [insert sound of body hitting the ground].

"Grass," I keep repeating, pointing at the blades as I pass one after another. Yeah i know not too exciting so far, with this whole walking and being cautious thing. I don't have scissors so I should have chosen running but the whole getting lost and never being found ever again got to me. I know it happens and even in the strangest locations too, just don't want it to happen to me. Sometimes it is fun but at the moment I think I am lost enough and becoming even more so doesn't feel right.

So walking, one foot in front of the other. Pressing fast forward on remote to get past this section. I am sure you don't want to read about hours of walking either. So click and hey I remember that and that too. It feels like I was the one doing all of the walking. It is definitely is more fun watching it. Let me check.  click hmm.... I don't remember this part, what with the sword fighting, must have went too far. Click. Ah I think this is it.


((Yeah I think you would get bored if there was a post that says walk and walk and walk. Oh and more walk. So I saved you from a lot of walking. What is she doing now? Walking.... ugh))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #54 on: January 12, 2021, 09:27:29 AM »
I can hear the sound of metal hitting wood as I climbed a small hill. Quickly I dropped to all fours the closer I got to the top, there was no way I was going to just pop up after hearing that sound. Things can occur when you surprise things wth metal or sometimes just metal things. A 'hey there' can have you tasting metal in a blink of an eye and if you do that around a statue. Yeah well pigeons, do I need to say anymore? 'Hey there' followed by tons of splats and 'stop that, aim for something else!' Moments later there is a you shaped pile of ick standing there. Not fun, not fun at all. It takes hours in the shower to get that all off, yeah you might be clean and everything but you will have raisin fingers and toes in the end.

My tail peeks over, giving me the thumbs up before I peek over to see what was happening.  Nothing much really, just a mouse swinging a sword as big as itself at some pieces of wood that is all, nothing odd there. Maybe it will know where Mouse is, I mean there is no way a mouse would be called 'Mouse' maybe Mickey or something like that, but not 'Mouse.'

That is like calling a dog, 'dog' or something like that. The dog knows it is a dog and 'dog' isn't original. It is cute for like the first day or two but after that, a proper name needs to be given or it might be heckled by others of its kind, 'Really? That is your name? Really? Guys you need to hear this, tell them your name."

Laying there, I watch as the mouse swings the sword around. I am not sure how it is holding it up since if you laid the sword down next to it they would be roughly the same size. Probably close to the same weight too. But it was swinging it with ease, two and one handed. It was an impressive sight to watch from a safe distance away. Many branches lost their lives that day and the the burlap like manikin had to hurt a little when the sword sliced into it like it did. Even from where I was sitting,,I sort of felt it, rolling over to put my hands on my stomach and mouth 'Ow!'

I was going to get up and introduce myself when the mouse paused for a moment. Wiping its head with a towel before reaching for a large box that sat off to the side. Mouse started to open it and when I saw the fruit inside, I clamped my hands over my mouth. Everyone knows when fruit is paired with a sharp weapon that the everything is going to the next level. It doesn't matter the fruit either, you name it and it will take, whatever is being used sharp weapon wise, to the next level. Except for Kiwis, those don't take anything to the next level. They look relatively harmless and you feel a little bad for them when chopped in half. Watermelons always add to the wow factor with the larger weapons, while not so much for smaller ones or arrows. While the smaller fruits are good for arrows and smaller weapons.

 'Be impressed, I shot the watermelon with an arrow.'

'Yeah not too impressed since it so large. Oh you do know it is against the law to shoot a watermelon with arrows right?'

'What? Since when?'

'Since now, freeze! I am putting you under arrest for the shooting of a fruit that is really large and then gloating about it. Anyone could hit it and it took you how many tries? Let me count...... One...two...three...five...eight... Almost twelve tries to hit it. Pitiful.... I am going to have to write a citation for that too. This one is for, can't hit the broadside of a watermelon. Tsk tsk.'

The mouse lays out various kinds of fruit, from bananas to pineapples then a watermelon or two and even a durian. I hope no one finds out that a king is about to become part of a tasty fruit salad.,I watch as she steps into the middle, takes a deep breath and goes ginsu. The blade goes whirling about like some whirling blade. Slicing air and leaving it in two pieces on the ground and everything. I just sat there in awake as fruit went flying up into the air, peeled even and landed neatly mixed in a bowl off to the side. Fruit should reconsider their thoughts if they think they can take this mouse out. 

What will be the next trick, I ask myself as the mouse carefully puts the blade on the table and the stretches for a moment. Maybe slicing paper after it has been thrown up into the air? I always wondered how it was made and that would be cool to watch.

The mouse walked off for a moment, leaving the sword behind on the table, then a low rumble could be heard. Net rest piqued I poked my head up a little further and watch as this log came rolling in. It was big, not big but huge and when it stopped in the middle of the clearing I was wondering many things like how did it learn to roll itself around and dud it know what happened in the clearing. Oh oh and was it here for the sword? Most of my questions were answered when I saw a small set of hands grip the side of the log moments before the mouse appeared.

If only I had a banana milkshake and popcorn, I told myself getting ready for what was about to happen. This might be really good. I watched eagerly as the mouse walked over and got the sword and walked back to the log and prepared.,

It is rude just sitting here watching but I wait to clear my throat until after the mouse swings the blade, chopping at a sort of unsuspecting log, didn't want to screw up the swing and have the mouse accidentally stick its blade in a rock or something. Since that is probably how all the swords in the stones started. An interrupted swing and into a nearby stone, forever locked until the rightful owner or someone with a jackhammer comes by.

WHOOSH goes the sword and in a moment a neatly stack of evenly cut fire wood is sitting there. Instantly I stand and start to clap, "Encore. Encore. Encore."

((Mice with swords. Oh this is going to be fun.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #55 on: January 14, 2021, 08:46:25 AM »
Quickly the clapping got awkward with the mouse just standing there with a sword in its hand, staring at me. My clapping got slower and slower and slower until eventually my hands barely moved as I stood there, glisten slowly running my neck. "Um... Hello
sorry to disturb you and everything. But...."

That is when the words froze in my throat, I know about the warnings at the zoo and everything. Never stare directly into the Eyes, but I accidentally locked eyes with the mouse. It was an accident honest, I didn't mean too. I was looking and BAM eye contact. Instantly my blood froze and I just stood there, cold and almost choking on the words stuck in my throat. Hoping some would dislodge so the Heimlich wouldn't need to be done, because the mouse was the only one around and having the Heimlich thingie done to me by a sword didn't sound to pleasant.

What I saw in the mouse's eyes was not describable which is good since now I wouldn't have to find the words to describe it. Let me see if I can find something close, hmm..... You know when you are licking ice cream and it falls off onto the ground and you shake the ice cream in the air saying something about the people who invented round ice cream will soon rue the day or something.  Yeah not that.  Although round ice cream is tricky sometimes, when it starts to roll. Dodging your spoon or tongue with ease and it is really hot out and the ice cream would hit the spot. Okay maybe sort of like that but not really.

Anyways the mouse had that look in its eyes that froze me to the spot, not even my tail was moving I think. The only thing working at the moment was my thoughts and those were in one thing, please don't use the sword on me. My eyes shot down to the sword and back up to the mouse's eyes. One of those was more dangerous than the other, yow talking about shooting daggers. I think the only thing that was saving me was bad aim.

I could see the sword come up a little and I started preparing to be my own twin. Clothes might be a little hard to find but I should be able to get half off of everything. Then I heard the growl and when I looked up, the mouse stared to squint a little before it started to talk. Hey, it is not like I am going to say 'no you can't talk' to someone who has a sword and has a raspy voice  I heard the mouse ask, ""Who are you?"

You see being stared at the way the mouse was staring at me like was well... Causing a problem. You see I was concentrating on the sword and all the things that could be done on me with it, like being drawn and quartered and nothing else. I don't mind being drawn, I think I can sit long enough while someone does and if they catch my good side. The quartered part in the other hand was what bothered me. I didn't like that part. So I just stood there trying to think who I was. I know I am me but who am I again? "Uh..... I am.....uh......well...... I think I am......uh...." I answered trying to find an answer. Don't laugh, you try to remember who you are with a sword sitting in front of you, that at any moment could lash out at you and cut you into two or even more pieces.

"Speak up...." The mouse growled as it relaxed and tightened its grip over and over on the sword's handle." It chuckled for a moment, "Cat got your tongue? If so I will get it back for you."

"I.....uh......" I answered before taking a step back as the mouse swung its sword in the air in front of it before stomping its way over to me. With its free hand, the mouse reached up, took me by the collar and pulled me down so we were face to face. I would say it's breath was pleasant but it was far from being that, imagine two month old Limburger cheese mixed with some other stinky cheese and still even more stinky cheese and you would get what I was smelling at the moment. "Tell me your name girl or I will give you one."

If I could I would have out a clothespin on my nose, then a gas mask and one of those bio suits to get away from the smell that was smelling, I did manage to lean away just a little and find a fresh pocket of air.

*take a deep breath of air. It smells so not cheesy.*

"No need for name calling, I am Nichole Anne Marie Smith, my friends call me 'Monkey'," my tail slowly pulling itself up, now wearing a small gas mask, to show itself.

"Good," the mouse said as it let me go, immediately I shot up out of the cheese cloud and politely took a breath. Excuse me, turn and gasp. My parents always told me never to gasp for fresh air in front of someone smelly, that their feelings might be hurt.

The mouse turned and started to walk away, "Next question, why are you here?"

With no eye to eye contact and able to breath no cheesed air, I found myself able to think and yay answer, "I sort of released something and a monk told me that a person called Mouse could help me find it."

Immediately I was under the mouse's gaze again as it whirled around, "What did you release and what monk?"

I stood there, my words fleeing me again, under the mouse's gaze. "Um....I sort of..."

"Spit it out!" The mouse yelled, little bits of stuff flying out all over adds for to the yell.

"Umm... It was called Audokornet and the monk was a lurking one." I answer unconsciously brushing bits off of me.

"Why in the blue cheese did you do that for?"

I looked down, "I thought the vase was a cookie jar and everything."

More bits flew at me as the mouse yelled even more, "It isn't the cookie jar, those look completely different!"

"Yeah I know that now....."

"Cheese bits, I am too old to go chasing that thing around again," I heard the mouse say as it kept squeezing and releasing its grip on the sword a little. Too old, I asked myself and looked up, "hey you got some gray hair."

Yeah that wasn't the smartest thing to say to be honest. When the mouse looked up at me and growled I apologized quickly, "I am taking it that you are Mouse."

"Yeah and tell me about this monk, who told you to find me."

"Well he is sort of like this and this and sort of like this and so on," I paused for a moment to think, making sure I got everything, "oh yeah he has a shiny bald head. I think he might polish it for some monk ritual or something."

"Him..." The mouse started to say before spitting something yellow out. "I adventured with him when I was younger, then we had a falling out," The mouse looked down for a moment, rubbing the side of one of its legs, "Kind of surprised that he remembers me."

"He didn't hesitate, he said you would know how to find Audokornet."

"Yeah I do, I tracked it the last time it got out." Mouse said with a nod of its head, squinting a little as it looked away to some unknown place. Well in that direction over there but I doubt there, I am thinking further away pass the grass blade. It is okay that  it isn't though.

"So?" I asked a little excited.

Mouse turned back and looked at me, "It isn't that easy. We will need to go get something that will help. I hide it away after putting Audokornet away the last time."

"Why did you hide it for?"

"Because I didn't want anyone to find it that easy and then be able to locate Audokornet."

I nodded and started to say "Good ..." Then stopped when mouse continued to talk, "I didn't think anyone would just release it either."

My head dropped, "I said sorry, my judgement was clouded by thoughts of cookies."

"Yeah, yeah," Mouse said spitting, "we need to go back to my place first then we can go get the item."


((“We need to go back to my place” is so..... until next time.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #56 on: January 19, 2021, 08:21:16 AM »
I didn't know what to expect when the mouse slung the sword across its back in a sheath that was well worn. Any moment now I thought it would be crushed by the weight of the sword, one little arm sticking out pawing at the air and a squished voice saying 'Help me....'  But no up went the sword across the mouse's back like it was nothing and off the mouse went with a swipe of a hand and "Come along my place isn't far."

"Okay," I said  quickly following behind Mouse. Who while no taller than my hips felt much bigger. The way it carried itself bristled with confidence and strength of course the sword strapped to its back helped with that. Definitely helped with that, mouse had to be strong to swing  that around like it did. I probably could pick it up but I would be straining the whole time, definitely wouldn't be as intimidating.

'Wait a second [insert straining sound] let me just [insert more straining sound] pick this up [even more straining sound] and then I will swing at you. [really straining sound] Fear me, maybe.....'

"So your name is Mouse?" I ask following behind well Mouse.

"Yes...." Mouse answered without looking back.

"So no one calls you anything else?"

Mouse rested a foot on a root and looked at me for a moment, "Not if they know better. There was something once that tried once though."

I stopped, "What happen?"

Mouse laughed and continued down the pathway, "Like I said it was once," mouse spits something yellow off the path, "It learned not to after that well soon after that. You know some giants are stupid right?"

"Uh sure," I answer as I started to follow behind Mouse again. "So just call you mouse?"

"Yes or A Mouse if you want to be formal.  Anything else and you are Cazu Marzu."

I didn't ask what Cazu Marzu was, the way Mouse said it and everything didn't make it sound pleasant. No way did I want to be it.

*Monkey note - Cazu Marzu is a sheep cheese , bah bah, made in Sardinia with flying maggots in it. Ick! The name means "rotten cheese" or as it is known as "maggot cheese". While I am sure it is ummm..... tasty, I think I will be passing on it. Ick!*

We followed the path, like you are suppose to do with all paths, as it wound its way through the grass blades and over a creek then through a marsh of grass, small grass not the large ones, which was kind of odd. There was a heron there who kept shooting me a look the whole time and whenever I asked 'What?' It would just look away with an attitude. I considered going over to it but Mouse told me to leave it alone.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes..." Mouse growled as it made its way up an embankment.

"Fine...." I answered, shooting the bird the power sign of 'I am watching you.' Two fingers at myself and then point at the heron which just turned away again. Grr.....

"Get moving!" The mouse roared and guess what I did, get moving. Quickly scrambling up the embankment, looking back at the heron and started to ask Mouse a question, "Are we...."

"Don't ask and yes we are..." Mouse answered and I turned, sort of expecting to see a giant shoe. Hey why not, got the tall grass blades, giant shoes wouldn't be too hard to believe. Someone would have to mow the grass right? But what I saw was a small stone building, well the face of it at least since the rest of it was stuffed into a giant log with a chimney poke out the top. In front three was a small stump with an axe buried in it and a stack of firewood sitting next to it.

Everything looked natural and not out of place, with moss growing over things. Definitely Mouse lived off the land, I told myself as I looked around for any type of wiring for electricity and spotting a little building tucked away in the back with a little moon cut into the door.

"Very homey," I said with a nod and Mouse's only reply was, "Yeah, yeah. The map is inside then we can go." 

((Nod nod. No throw pillows but maybe next time))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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The closer I got to the front of Mouse's house the more moss I could see. Maybe the house was made of it well other than the log, I wondered for a moment before seeing a piece of it fall off to the ground with a thump. "Very," I started to say and stopped when I swore I saw the piece of the moss that just dropped to the ground breathe, "um nice."

"It keeps me warm in the winter and cool in the summer," the mouse answered without turning back, "it keeps me dry too." Spitting yet again off to one side. I didn't bother looking this time, I knew it would be yellow and that is all I needed to know or wanted to really. "It isn't anything fancy and that is what makes it perfect. Especially if..."

If what? All of the interior designers in the world realize that people don't like putting small pillows all over the place. In the bathroom really? Why is there a pillow in the kitchen? Don't tell me so muffins have a comfortable place to sit. What? Aliens finally land on earth and they take our housing supplies. We come for your half penny nails. What? The in style for decorating finally becomes extreme rustic. Who needs paint when you can lick a piece of moss and stick it anywhere. What?!??

With one hand Mouse pulled the axe out of the stump and them swung it back down. CHUNK! Burying it even deeper into the stump, "something happened."

What is Mouse talking about? What is the something? It would be good to know what this something might be, you know as a warning. If you do this you will be living with moss. Not as a 'oh I should of told you' thing, those things are never good. Oh I should have told you that poking the bear with a stick would have gotten that reaction. You think?!?

I thought maybe lifting the axe would give me an answer. I know grasping for straws there but look, moss there and there and all the moss. If I could figure out what the something was I could stay moss free. If Mouse could pick it up so could I, I told myself as I reached for the axe and gave it a gentle pull. Which meet resistance, resistance of the 'I am not moving' kind. Okay maybe I just need to get a better grip. I grabbed the axe handle, not the head, the axe handle and pulled  harder  with no success. I considered swinging both feet up, put them on either side of the axe and growl. That always works, putting a little elbow grease and growl into it, minus the grease on the elbows since that would stain my shirt.

Keeping one hand on the axe I spin around and I am about to start lifting my feet when Mouse calls out, "Stop goofing around and get in here." I look back over my shoulder and see the mouse standing there in the doorway looking at me. I give her a smile and drop the foot I had lifted and let go of the axe. "You can keep your secrets for now axe. I will be back maybe and then you will tell me what the something is," I whisper to the axe before heading towards Mouse and the doorway.

What secrets are inside, I ask myself as the mouse disappears into the darkness  inside and I follow behind. My tail on alert for anything hidden like ninjas, they always hide in shadows and pop out as soon as you drop your guard. They won't get me though, come out come out wherever you are little ninjas.

((Little ninjas sounds like a children’s song like baby shark. Oh oh someone write it and then we can sing it and dance.))