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November 29, 2020, 05:22:23 PM

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Author Topic: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting  (Read 1892 times)

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #25 on: September 10, 2020, 08:02:00 AM »
I could smell the smoke in the air before turning around and I was surprised to see a little fire burning there. "Um is that wise," I asked as my tail motioned towards the fire.

"Why wouldn't it be?" The monk answered with a question as he hovered lower and lower closer to the branch.

"Well it is fire and we are up in a tree. Those two usually don't play nicely together you know."

"Yes I am aware that those two usually don't work together," the monk answered as he blew into the smoke, little smoke rings popping out the other side and start to float away. Before they got too far away the monk took a deep breath and exhaled. The smoke shifted for a moment, dancing in the monk's breath. For a moment, I thought the smoke would dissipate, tired of dancing about but up it stood. It's wispy tendrils reaching for the open sky. Suddenly out of the smoke shot something, like an arrow it sliced through the air towards the rings.

One...two.....It went through the rings and when it reached the third, they all exploded
 In a shower of smokey glitter in a sort of loud POP!

"How did you?" I asked watching the glitter slowly disappear as it danced towards the ground. The monk laughed, "anything is possible if you ask nicely."

"So you asked the smoke to shoot itself and explode in glitter?"

"In a way yes," the monk answered with a nod, blowing again into the smoke. A little smoke colored dove, what other color would it be, appearing before taking off. With each beat of its wing it slowly disappeared until there was no hints of it ever being there.

I motioned with a hand towards the fire, "So that is how you are doing a fire up in a tree without it burning down to the ground,"

The monk laughed, "No, wood is a fuel for fire so no matter how nice I asked, they would never get along. So I am using a little grill to separate the two."

"What?" I asked looking down, "what was all of that asking stuff about"

"I thought I would share it with you. Sometimes even though you ask for something, you might not get what you want but you will get what you need." The monk paused for a moment and I could tell he was thinking as he floated there. "I thought that sounded familiar, that was some of the lyrics from a tumbling boulders song."

"Who?" I asked, a little more than lost.

"No not them, the tumbling boulders. Maybe before your time. Anyways like I said. Even if I asked I would never get what I asked for, fire and wood getting along together. But I did get what I needed, a small grill so that fire and wood could exist closer together." The monk motioned with a hand and a little nod of his head to an empty spot next to the fire. "Please sit."

I look around, still a little lost at what just happened, looking for anything pod like before I sit down, especially since I will be sitting cross legged. Once the legs cross anything jumping out at me will have the advantage. Be it a drop bear, the black sheep of the koala bear family, to a pod. Yeah I know, pods don't usually jump out but whatever that is in a pod can and that is usually covered in slime too. Nothing podish looking as far as I can tell, not even in the shadows which is good unless they have learned to hide.

Slowly I sit down in front of the fire, crossing my legs as I do. My tail taking up a defensive position behind me. Taking a deep breath before asking, " Okay so how do I find Audokornet?"'

((*cough cough* the wind shifted and all of the smoke is *cough cough* okay until next time))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #26 on: September 15, 2020, 08:33:33 AM »
The monk just hovered for a moment, no words spoken and I am pretty sure he didn't blink either. Okay... I told myself, this is sort of weird. I look around with just my eyes to see if I could see anything odd. I mean the no words things is understandable, he has to think before he speaks but the no blinking thing was creepy. Even though my tail won't admit to it, it was shivering due to the creepiness factor.

Maybe I missed a pod, I told myself as I look around. Is that one there, no that is a pine cone. How about that over there, no that is another pine cone. How about... Nope another pine cone. Okay there is a lot of pine cones lying about, kind of odd since I don't remember seeing them down below. Maybe those are mentally controlling the monk somehow, three controllers in a way. There is only one way to test for that.

I clear my throat, "Pines suck!" Okay I admit it was not the best or most clever thing but it should work. Pines are soft, so either the pine cones will start to cry or they will tell the monk to attack me.  If they do that, I will know when I hear the monk say "Yes my pine masters....." What is about to happen?

Nothing happened though, no crying pine cones or fists of the lurking monk. Just peace and quiet broken up by the cry of the eagle flying above.

Maybe his batteries died, I told myself as I focused on the monk. Or he has a cord I need to pull for him to speak or one of those winding things.  I consider for a moment to look but yeah no. What would I say if the monk asks? 

"Excuse me, what are you doing?"

" stopped talking and blinking so I was seeing if you have a cord to pull or something to turn or maybe your batteries were dead. I guess not, everything looks good." Followed by a gentle pat on the back, "let me just clean you off..."

"Thank you."

See a little embarrassing so I guess I am going to sit and sit. But not sit for as long as I thought, which was good, sitting on wood was making my butt a little sore.

I acted surprise when the monk gasped and blinked, "What is wrong?"

"Nothing," the monk replied, "I was away looking for your answer."

"Away?" I asked, raising a brow, "we have been sitting here the whole time."

"Yes we have, but I ventured onto the astral plane to look for an answer."

"Okay.... So what did you find out?" I asked, shifting my legs a little to keep them from falling asleep.

Slowly the monk hovered around the fire, pass me and pointed out through the trees. I knew he was pointing since I butt spun around. I would tell you how it is done but it takes practice and if done incorrectly it might cost you a cheek.,

"At the edge of the woods is the grasslands, there you will find Mouse. It will be able to help you find what you are searching for."

"How will I know if I find Mouse," I asked as I stood up.

The monk laughed, "Oh you will know."

"Okay? I guess I should be leaving and thank you for everything you have done."' I told the monk with a smile as I turned to face him.

"You are welcome monkey," the monk answered back as I waved and then stepped off the branch.

((Witty comment here but witty short this morning.))

Online CatherineTopic starter

Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #27 on: September 17, 2020, 08:23:15 AM »
The monk just hovered for a moment, no words spoken and I am pretty sure he didn't blink either. Okay... I told myself, this is sort of weird. I look around with just my eyes to see if I could see anything odd. I mean the no words things is understandable, he has to think before he speaks but the no blinking thing was creepy. Even though my tail won't admit to it, it was shivering due to the creepiness factor.

Maybe I missed a pod, I told myself as I look around. Is that one there, no that is a pine cone. How about that over there, no that is another pine cone. How about... Nope another pine cone. Okay there is a lot of pine cones lying about, kind of odd since I don't remember seeing them down below. Maybe those are mentally controlling the monk somehow, three controllers in a way. There is only one way to test for that.

I clear my throat, "Pines suck!" Okay I admit it was not the best or most clever thing but it should work. Pines are soft, so either the pine cones will start to cry or they will tell the monk to attack me.  If they do that, I will know when I hear the monk say "Yes my pine masters....." What is about to happen?

Nothing happened though, no crying pine cones or fists of the lurking monk. Just peace and quiet broken up by the cry of the eagle flying above.

Maybe his batteries died, I told myself as I focused on the monk. Or he has a cord I need to pull for him to speak or one of those winding things.  I consider for a moment to look but yeah no. What would I say if the monk asks? 

"Excuse me, what are you doing?"

" stopped talking and blinking so I was seeing if you have a cord to pull or something to turn or maybe your batteries were dead. I guess not, everything looks good." Followed by a gentle pat on the back, "let me just clean you off..."

"Thank you."

See a little embarrassing so I guess I am going to sit and sit. But not sit for as long as I thought, which was good, sitting on wood was making my butt a little sore.

I acted surprise when the monk gasped and blinked, "What is wrong?"

"Nothing," the monk replied, "I was away looking for your answer."

"Away?" I asked, raising a brow, "we have been sitting here the whole time."

"Yes we have, but I ventured onto the astral plane to look for an answer."

"Okay.... So what did you find out?" I asked, shifting my legs a little to keep them from falling asleep.

Slowly the monk hovered around the fire, pass me and pointed out through the trees. I knew he was pointing since I butt spun around. I would tell you how it is done but it takes practice and if done incorrectly it might cost you a cheek.,

"At the edge of the woods is the grasslands, there you will find Mouse. It will be able to help you find what you are searching for."

"How will I know if I find Mouse," I asked as I stood up.

The monk laughed, "Oh you will know."

"Okay? I guess I should be leaving and thank you for everything you have done."' I told the monk with a smile as I turned to face him.
"You are welcome monkey," the monk answered back as I waved and then stepped off the branch.

((I forgot how far i was up eeeeeeeeeeeeee)))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #28 on: September 22, 2020, 08:10:42 AM »
The first thing that came to mind as I drop off the branch was that I was getting out of here before foot meet bottom, which strangely happens a lot to me. I don't know if there is some strange magnetic like force between my bottom and feet that increases when I should or have to leave or something. All I know is there has been an increase of foot to butt collisions lately, I can even prove it with a chart.

 *step in front of huge chart that has a whole lot of lines and numbers making it look official. "Now if you look at this line here, you will see a dramatic spike in butt taps with feet. While we do realize there will be some but look how fast the line shoots up and off the chart." Point with pointer here and there and a little over there. Tap. Tap. Tap. "Save a butt and kick a ball."*

The second thing that came to mind was ahhhh..........  This is really far up and I should have thought about this a little more.....

There was a third thing but that is obvious and you might have already thought about it. That is, it is easier to go down a tree or anything tree like than it is to climb it. Definitely easier if you let gravity wrap its hand around you and just fall.........

Branches shoot pass me as I descend at an ever increasing rate. Quickly I take my imaginary lumber jack hat off and put on imaginary parachutist hat and goggles. Safety first even if it is imaginary. I say bye to the squirrels as I pass them and even that thing with the teeth and blood, reminding it to should go see a professional you know for this *point at mouth*.

For a moment I consider doing some swinging from branch to branch to break up the falling. Maybe grab this branch that is coming up and swing around it and ally oop with a little flip before reaching for another branch. Probably could go around the whole tree slowly descending as I do.

The only thing I would have to worry about doing that is coming upon any unknown, maybe sleeping, denizens of the woods on the branches. It would stop a spin if you grab a  branch, start to flip around find yourself face to butt with a porcupine. Ally  ooSMACK  OW!!!!! Not good, I hear that happened to Tarzan at the beginning and that is why he started to use vines. Of course you can run into troubles with those too, the ole not a vine but really a snake thing and of course low flying birds. If you are a professional you will take those into consideration and there will be less chances of those happening.

*ninja tip - if you are reaching for a vine and it looks like it just ate something, consider reaching for another vine unless you want to meet the hiss and bite end of the vine. *

Out of nowhere a branch starts coming towards me with excessive speed. In the back of my mind alarms start to go off and not the good ones either. Just the bad ones yelling at me of imminent splatting if actions aren't taken immediately. Warnings are warnings and should be listened to, especially when they are accompanied with alarms, so I do what any monkey girl that happens to be a ninja do. Freak out? Nope. Pull on the air brakes? Not sure where those are at but that doesn't sound pleasant. What else then you ask, I will tell you.

I talk to my tail as I flip around, getting things set up as I stick my arms out just enough. The moment my hands touch wood my tail jerks backwards as hard as it can, pulling me away just enough so I am not perfectly aligned with the middle of the branch. Which is important since if I was still perfectly aligned with it, I wouldn't pass the branch like my tail and myself planned.

As I flew past the branch I grabbed a hold of it and alley oop. Thanks to the momentum of the fall I spun back around the branch, spinning around it over and over and even changing directions before letting go and dismounting when I was pointing upwards. Up I flew,  streaking pass a couple of small branches, swiping a nut from one squirrel to give to another,  "here you go, you look hungry," before flipping back around and starting my descent.

Little know rule of the cute and adorable is we can't go splat. Let me see if I can find it.

*ah here it is, clear throat. Rule number seventy eight of the rules for the cute and adorable. Splats no matter who you ask, even if it is shaped like a puppy or something, are not cute. So it isn't allowed. Things will happen and not good things so don't push it. See a rule, one I don't want to break either. I like my spine.*

At the last possible second, barely an inch away from certain spins insertion into the ground. I take a small step forwards and onto the ground, throwing out my hands as I do, "Tadah!"

I look to the judges, anxious to see what my scores was. It was a pretty good descent if I say so and giving the nut to the squirrel might help. Okay the judges are judging and we got a nine, eight, nine, seven and..... Fingers goes to mouth and I nervously start to chew on my nails. This last judge is always the hard one, I hope I.... Oh look he is..... What a one? Boo hiss. Was he even watching the whole thing? Boo hiss.

My tail taps the ground with its tip reminding what I should be doing, I nod telling it thank you as I do the power sign 'I am watching you' to the one judge as I walk off towards the grasslands and to meet the mysterious Mouse, should I stop somewhere and get cheese?

((As the first day of fall is here all witty comments or comments thinking they are witty have been saved today.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #29 on: September 24, 2020, 09:13:48 AM »
I pause for a moment as I start to head off towards the grasslands, turn around and wave up towards the monk who was now hovering on the side of the branch looking down at me, "See you around."

The monk waved and answered back. I still haven't figured out how he is doing the whole hovering thing. Maybe I will ask him the next time we meet, I have a feeling we might someday. Hopefully in an ice cream parlor over a banana milkshake, fingers crossed. Definitely crossing my fingers for the banana milkshake. Just the thought alone is... Yum, banana gold. Have I told you it is good? I haven't? Care to try some, shoot it is all in my head sorry. It is good though, really good.

*mental slurp*

I start to hum as i turn back around, just the thought of having a banana shake brightening my day. Not brightening it so much that I break in to song and dance with birds flying down to join me and stuff, it will take more than one banana milkshake to get this monkey girl to do that. Enough about that, it is time for the grasslands. If you must know, here is a list of items that when done I might break out into song and dance, I especially like number six. It is hard to find but it is on the list.

Please don't show anyone, especially bad guys, the list since it would be bad if in the middle of the a confrontation they do the point thing. I look and guess what is there, all of the items on the list, forcing me into s song and dance routine.

'I got you meanie mc meanieston. Your plan for world domination through post-a-notes is coming to an end. What are you pointing at? You even found number six, let me do a couple stretches and la la la.'

For a moment I duck as a spiked balled tail swings for my head, which cracks into a tree right next to me. "You almost had me," I laugh, spinning around and wagging a finger to the ball tailed cat up in the tree, then hopping backwards over a root. It would have been a little embarrassing if my foot caught the root and I ended up on my butt with a BANG! "Maybe we will play later and then I will scratch you between your ears. Got to see a Mouse now though so.... Bye for now," I say with a friendly wave before spinning back around to face where I am going. The cat happily meowing back at me as I walk away, thoughts of playing and being scratched between the ears making it happy and content.

((Happy Kitty. Pretty kitty. Purr. Purr. Oh my Monkey you scratched up the couch!))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #30 on: September 29, 2020, 08:00:45 AM »
I continue to walk in the direction the monk pointed me in, nothing weird happening or anything. No timber tigers hunting me or toll booths wanting money from me to continue on the path that i was on. Which would be easy to bypass, just step off of the path. What could the toll booth do? 'Hey get back on the path. I mean it. Get back on the path so I can charge you. Hey don't go over there. Stop. Don't even think about  walking around me and getting back on. I am warning you, don't do that because I really can't do anything since you found my only weakness.'

Slowly the brown bark of the trees starts to give  away to trees that were green and smooth. Nothing odd really, there are trees like that; the yellow paloverde tree and some  others to name a few. The only thing odd was how flat the trees were, not round like the regular tree. More flat an aerodynamic, almost like someone flattened them all. Looking up, none of them had any leaves or even branches to speak up, just green up to a point and that was all.

It felt familiar somehow as I continued walking through the okay weird trees. They felt familiar somehow but how? I would have definitely remember seeing trees like this before, I would think, unless I had too many banana milkshakes or was unconscious and being carried by gnomes or something.

Looking around I kept asking myself what could have caused this and not being able to find an answer.  Maybe a ton of glow in the dark watches were buried here and the radiation from them caused the trees to mutate. I have heard stories and everything but nothing is glowing either. Which is a sure sign of radiation, oh and also third arms or six eyes or some other stuff. None of which I am seeing at the moment and if I was seeing it I would definitely mention it. After pointing and possibly saying "oh my monkey! Look at [insert possible mutation and location]!" What else could it be, it could be really windy here and after generations of have non aerodynamic ones being pulled out of the ground, the trees evolved to be thin and leafless. Which impossible...

Or.... I stop and turn around, ít could be that I am in another dimension. But everything looks okay, no signs of a dimensional gate though and I wasn't kicked either so I am guessing no on that too. But what then?

I keep walking amongst the weird looking trees, noticing some of them have their tops chopped off.  The one thing I do notice is the lack of grass in the grasslands, there is a lot of dirt and the thin tall green trees but that is it. Pausing for a moment, I take a deep breath and can smell grass, but where is it?

Slowly I turn around trying to find the grass that I can smell and the familiar feeling is still there. But why? Is my feeling just playing with me? I take a step closer to one of the trees and run my hand up it a little and can feel the texture in it running up and down. Curious I lean closer to it and take a whiff, grass. Unless I have discovered the trees that are used for making car fresheners, i have....

I lean my head backwards and look up and finally put two and two together, "No way..."

((And my math teacher said I couldn’t do math and look what I am doing and quite successfully too.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #31 on: October 01, 2020, 08:05:41 AM »
It couldn't be but it is, I mean how the? I lean close to the green flat tree and lick it. Just a little lick, like a dab more than a lick. It wasn't like it was ice cream or anything, so no full tongue yum lick. More of a tongue poke, quickly out and back in. Tip of the tongue barely touching thing, just to taste. As soon as my tongue touches the flat green tree it confirms the 'No way...'
"Grass," I say as I take a step backwards. No wonder everything felt so familiar but couldn't put my finger on why. I have never seen grass from this angle before. But how? Was this Audokornet's doing? It had to be. Grass just doesn't get this tall. I remember dad always complaining about the grass being tall but this.... This made what dad mowed look tiny.

Unless.... It isn't tall and somehow I shrunk down. I didn't feel anything funny as I walked here. No mentholated feelings. No chills down the spine. No tingling. No tickling. No "I feel sort of funny' moments either. Looking back where I came from everything looks good and looking down at the dirt it looks like dirt. Nothing special there, unless you are into dirt. It isn't big dirt either, like you would think it would be if I was really small, it is regular size. The thing off here is the grass.

I look up and see the sunlight dancing through the super humongous grass blades, a gentle breeze making them sway back and forth. It makes it why this place is called the 'grasslands' I mean look at it. Yeah whoever named it could have went the Greenland/Iceland way of naming it, naming it something different. Weed land? Your mower will cry land? The green dunes of doom, that last one would have kept people away. But hey it is simple and easily remembered, not like you forget where you are at.

'Hey where am in?'

'Um,' point and point and point.

'Oops, well.... Sorry wasn't paying attention to the.... Obvious signs, retconning my question to something else.'

I see movement up towards the top of one of the grass blades and I move to see if I can see what it is. Which doesn't help too much. Whatever it is, it is way up there and keeps moving. All I can see is a circular shapes sometimes that is red  and black, which sounds like a joke or riddle.

'What is red and black and circular sometimes?'

'I don't know, what?'

'I don't know, but it is way up there.'

'What? That doesn't make sense. Are you sure you are saying it right? Maybe you are saying the wrong punchline.'

'No I lean, it is right there,' and point.

'Oh... Why didn't you say that? I thought it was a riddle or something and couldn't figure out the answer,'


I continue to watch the red and black thing as it slowly moved around the grass. Curiosity rolling over me when I see the circular thing split and open up with more black somethings. I wish it was closer so I could see it better.

Without warning it moved around, which isn't bad. Jumped, which still isn't that bad unless it has a knife or something  then it is bad. I heard someone talking moments before whatever ít is started to streak right towards me like some erased red and black volleyball. Which I never liked playing in physical  education, I always froze when the ball was spiked at me. Which it was and I did.

I heard the warnings and saw the flashing lights, but all I could do was stand there as
whatever it is streaked towards me like a meteorite with a  motive. The glisten started to drip off me as I got flashbacks from gym, it was like boot camp and I really can't imagine how using barbwire sometimes was permitted, my left eye starts to twitch as the circular thing got larger and larger.

I don't know what happened first, the black out or the impact. One of those came before the other when the red and black thing hit sending me flying backwards into darkness and unconscious.


((What is up with people or things trying to hit me. So I have a face that says “hit me” nope!))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #32 on: October 06, 2020, 08:36:38 AM »
I wake up saying, "Ow........" Yeah I could have said other things but 'Ow' is good and it us easy to pronounce when you just took something to the face. My jaw was still attached just a little looser now and I still had all of my teeth too, I think. Let me check with a quick tongue check. Bottom row is all there and just need to... Yeah all top teeth are there too. For a moment I was worried, teeth usually go flying when something big hits you there. Look at boxers, fist to face and the front row gets sprayed with teeth. That is why they wear protection now, so nobody can yell, 'Hey it is a bicuspid!'

Carefully, with one hand, I rub my jaw as I start to push myself off the ground with the other. I hear something behind me and spin around to see what it is. Maybe it is a volleyball team looking for their ball after one of them spiked it and it went wild. It could be a dodgeball player too, if it is, then... I can feel my eye start to twitch and I just pick a direction. It went that way, really far, shot like an arrow. One second here and the next it was over there then over there before disappearing. You should head that way.

There something was, red and black, it's legs going frantically in the air trying to flip itself back over? I sat there for a moment trying to figure out what it was and it really helped when I leaned my head to the side to look at it more right side up. Hmm, in a way it looked like a ladybug, a really big ladybug but a ladybug. It was complaining about something as it tried to rock its body. Out its legs shot out one side and quickly the other way, back and forth.

I just sat there entertained, covering my ears every so often when the ladybug would almost get itself righted but roll back the other way to try again, expletives flying that were very unladylike. It would have been great if I had some popcorn to nom on. If someone walked by I would have elbowed them and asked them to join me, 'Hey you, you got to watch this. It is the best thing since sliced bread, which I could never figure out , it is just bread sliced up. You will laugh. You will cry. You will do many more things. Be amazed even.'

"Come on you can do it," I started to quietly cheer, not wanting to disturb the ladybug. "Oh that was a close one." I even started to chew on my fingernails, not knowing how it was going to end.

The ladybug rolled up on its side and quickly started to thrash its leg in the air, trying to stop the back and forth madness. From where I sat, which wasn't that far, I could see the sweat on the ladybugs face as it tried  to flip onto its stomach. I could hear the strain in its voice as it tried everything, "Come on you [beep] [beep] [beep]!"

After a while I started to feel bad for the little ladybug, stood up and with both hands grabbed it and put it on its stomach, "There you go."

"What the? Who the?" The ladybug said as it tried to get its bearings, its shell opening and closing excitably as it quickly turning to look at me, "Who are you and why did you help me?" Then did something unladylike again and spit.

"Um.... You do know that is not ladylike."

((Until next time I will need to keep wiping my face from the spit.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
« Reply #33 on: October 08, 2020, 09:09:46 AM »
The ladybug just stood there waiting, some of its legs twiddling the ground, as I stood back up. Patting it on its head a little, trying to calm it, which got another spit strangely. Maybe whenever its head is touched it spits, I tell myself, like one of those soap dispensers, press down and out comes some soap. My hand freezes in mid air as I consider testing my theory out, just a push and I would know. Just a little push that is all. My hand twitches for a moment and I quickly pull it away, I doubt the ladybug would want me to test out my theory.

'Hey what are you doing?'

'Testing out a theory of mine that you are like a soap dispenser.'

'A what? Do I look like a soap dispenser?'

'No, but all good theories need to be tested or they are just false facts. Do you want the word to spread that if someone taps or presses your head down, you spit. If it isn't true.'

'Why no. Get your hand away from my head and even if it is true I don't want that to be known.'

"You know that," I started to say but was interrupted by the ladybug, "I asked what your name was and why you helped me."

I gave the ladybug a little smile, "My name is Nichole Anne Marie Smith, my friends call me 'Monkey' for obvious reasons." My tail sweeps around as I continue to speak, "I helped you because it looked like you needed help.

"So you thought I needed it huh? You didn't bother asking did you, you just assumed that I was having problems."

"Well yeah, it looked like you were having problems with all of the back and forth motion," I answered, doing a little back and forth motion with one of my hands, "that and all the stuff you were saying also. Those things aren't usually said if someone is having fun."

"What? Now you are judging me?" The ladybug said in a huff as it turned away. Obviously mad or perturbed or just in a general I am in foul mood mood.

Shaking my head I answered, "No I am not judging you. I don't even know you and even if I did with everything I saw and heard I thought you were mad or something."

"Sure. Sure. That is what they all say," the ladybug replied,spitting yet again. In my head I could imagine a little storm cloud floating above the ladybug's head. Lightening  flashing every so often moments after a crack of thunder well ummm cracks. Thankfully that was all in my head or the ladybug would be in trouble, especially if the tornado I saw was real.

"It isn't nice for a girl to spit."

Quickly the ladybug spun around, "Who said I was a girl!?!"

"Um..." I started to say, trying to find the correct words so I wouldn't slip my foot further into my mouth. "I thought since you were a ladybug you were a girl."

The ladybug stamped some of its feet, "I am not a girl! My name is William, I am a boy! "

I took a step back to give the ladybug some room, "I am sorry William. I didn't mean... Is that why you are mad?"

William swiped a foot in the air, "Phpt, that doesn't bother me. It is hard to tell boys and girls apart in a lot of different insects. Unless you know what not to look for."

"I guess that makes it awkward at parties huh?" I ask with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood.

William tilted his head to the side as he looked up at me, "What? Why?"

"Um.. The whole it is hard to tell the boys from the girls thing," I answered, feeling the foot pressing against the back of my mouth.

"No... I know what to look for."

"Okay that is good then why are you mad?" I asked as I dropped down onto the ground, legs crossed to put me more at a closer level to William.

"If you must know, I am trying to fly.  The rest of my class can and I can't, I am getting a little tired of being picked on by a bunch of girls." William answered.

"Maybe you are a late bloomer, that is all."

"Late bloomer, hah" William laughed, "there are late bloomers and then there is me. The others have been flying for months now and all I can do is fall."

"Like I said late bloomer."

"That was the late bloomers too. If I don't fly soon they will hold me back and I will have to repeat the classes with the larvae. That will be embarrassing." William said  stamping his feet, "I will be made fun of even more! Oh look at William the little cannonball," William said in a mocking tone, "I don't even know what a cannonball is!"

"A cannonball is sort of a...." I start to say, "you know it doesn't matter."

"It doesn't?" William asked, I would say arching an eyebrow but I am not sure if ladybugs have those..

I slowly shake my head, "Nope it doesn't, because between the two of us we will get you flying."

"But you don't even have wings."

"That didn't stop me before." I replied.

"From flying?"

"Nope, those monkeys that wore those little hats and vests have, but I haven't." I answered.

"What? Who? You aren't making any sense," William said giving me a confused look.

"It doesn't matter. What I am trying to say that not being able to do something hasn't stopped me before and it won't start now." I answered with a nod before turning around and looking up, "Let me think about it for a moment."


((Now if the ladybug belches  and scratches itself I will be walking away. Just saying...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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I didn't really get up and turn to look at the giant grass I was just around. Maybe it was the butt cheek spin move known to the cute and adorable. Where we don't have to get up to rotate around, by use of some strange muscles we just slowly rotate. This is a really good move to do if you are in a cute pose so it isn't ruined. Or it could be the camera slowly rotated behind me and so did William. Either one or you just looked away and I got up and sat back down before you turned back around.

But there I sat it the thinking pose, thinking and doing calculations in my head. Running through every scenario possible and some that just wouldn't fly. A jet pack would get William to fly but he might not be able to control it too well. I really doubt he would want to press a button and whoosh away. That and the constant refueling. What if the fuel tank had a leak and a lightening bug was nearby. BOOM! I can't let that happen, yes the fire would be good for s'mores and roasting marshmallows but the whole William running around screaming isn't good. A small helicopter? He would have to get his pilot's license and that would take a while. He could carry more stuff but again the fuel. A drone, those are flying all over now so how hard could it be to get one? Of course someone else would be controlling it so William would only be along for the ride. None of those would work. Think monkey girl think.

How about a catapult or large crossbow? He would be flying for a little bit of distance and always in a straight line. Nothing fancy and if something got in the way it would hurt. Would William be willing to pull those around, "Hey William," I start to say, "never mind."

Maybe I could Wright Brother a pair of wings up, I know how to ride a bike so how hard could it be? I would just need some twine, cardboard, wood, two wheels, a propellor and some other assorted items. I am not sure where I am so it might be hard to find all of that, I do need to try it out later though. It would be fun to try.,

Magic? Not sure how easy it would be to find pixie dust, just need to find a little really. Then I would constantly be worrying if William did the whole second star to the right thing and disappear. Wings? I really doubt those that have them would willingly share them without a fight. So those are both out.


I do the whole da Vinci thing and start to do some calculations and drawings in my head. Crumpling up the imaginary paper as I run through equations that just work out and the one that did, came out to be flour. I don't even know where that came from, I was using numbers and not letters.


"You know practice might help?" I say still,looking at the tree and William answered with a "I know, I practice everyday."

"That is good." I replied, hoping for another answer.


I feel my hand sneaking into my bag moments before wrapping around a book. With a THUMP the Boy Scout manual is out in front if me and I start to flip through it. Flip. Flip. Flip. How to exist on only traffic cones. Yeah that is gross. Flip. Flip. Flip. Pine cones the other white meat. They stay crunchy in milk too. I am not going to say anything for that. Flip. Flip. Okay I am. Reverse flip. Reverse flip. Okay who would even think about eating a pine cone? Hey these look tasty. I got this tasty sandwich right here or those pine cones. Ice cream vibes are tasty so pine cones should too. Yeah crunch crunch crunch. Flip. Flip. Flip. Fire, it burns real good. Duh. Flip. Flip. So you want to fly - Steps to take so you can soar like an eagle and not crash like um....something crashing. Interesting....

I quickly read through the pages, takes notes and making diagrams, before closing the manual and slipping it back into my bag. "Okay I think I have a plan," I tell William as I turn to face him.

"That is good," William answered, "what is it?"

Slowly I get up, brushing my legs off as I do. "Okay what I am going to do is climb up and throw you off."

William quickly shot backwards, bumping into a grass blade as he did, "How is that suppose to teach me how to fly?"

"It is the whole fear response thing really. You will be afraid so will fly as simple as that," I answered trying to remain serious.

"No I don't like that idea," William said shaking his head, trying to back up even more.

"It says it in the manual William, so it is... It is..." Unable to continue I start giggling, "I was just pulling your tail William. "

"It wasn't funny," William replied, "not funny at all."

"Sorry...." I replied, crouching down a little, "There is a list of things we can try together that might get you flying. Care to give them a try?"

"Is any of them, me being thrown off the top of something tall?"

"Nope, wait a second.... " I paused to think for a moment, "Nope there isn't."

"Then yes, I want to give it a try," William nodded, "but if I get thrown..."

"You won't get thrown trust me, at least I hope not."

"What did you just say?" William asked as I picked him up.

"Oh don't worry."

((So time to do some teaching, now class I don’t want apples placed on my desk. Banana milkshakes will be good.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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"Okay I think I have three ideas, nothing radical like I said. So no throwing you off from any tall buildings or anything. I had to nix one since I don't really see any phone booths around here or anywhere anymore, it seemed like it worked on tv and the whole red cape thing would go great with you."

William turned around in my hands and looked up at me, "How would a red cape help me to fly?"

"Don't know to be honest," I said with a shrug, "all I remember is the guy wouldn't fly without running into a phone booth, which would be kind of awkward if someone was already in it.

'Mam, I need to  use the booth.'

'That is nice, but I am talking to my sister.'

'But Mam, the city is in danger.'

'Hold on a second Susan there is a guy here. Yes he is cute. Then the authorities will take care of it.'

'You don't understand, it looks like it is a job for ....'

'Yes it is a job for the authorities. Now please I am talking to my sister. What did you say again Susan? No I didn't give him my number, he looks a little creepy. He kept reaching for his shirt like he was going to rip it open and show his chest to me.'

"Maybe the red cape makes the person more streamlined or something," I tell William as I stop and turn around, "unfortunately I don't know where to find any red capes around here or we would give that a try. But this should be good." I hoisted William up over my head, "Now stick your wings out and I will run. What will happen is you will feel how it feels to have the wind beneath your wings, which sounds like it could be the lyrics to a song. After that you be use to that feeling and everything, you will know how it feels so when you try to fly you can make all of the little adjustments."

"Okay, śtick your wings out William," I said moments before I started to count down from three. I could hear the sound of something shifting and then something else shifting followed by more shifting before William said he was ready,

"And one!" I says with a nod, taking off across the clearing, running between grass blades so William could feel his it was to maneuver around things. Of course I was doing  all the proper sound effects as I ran along to give William the full experience. 

I could hear William laughing as we went along, so I banked him a little as I turned and ran back across the clearing, jumping over some roots every so often yelling, "Turbulence!" I am not sure how many times I ran back and forth and after a while I lost count after I think a bazillion, I could feel my tail dragging which isn't a good feeling and wow I was breathing hard.

If a monster jumped out at the moment I would just give it a look, take a couple steps and just fall down. Face down in the dirt I would just mumble something, mouth closed of course since I didn't want to taste dirt,  about being tired and to be gentle when it is chewing me. Might even ask if it has a pillow just in case, some monsters come prepared for different things. Yeah some carry chainsaws, which is a quick way to get through a door if it is accidentally locked by a fleeing victim. But others might carry pillows, I wouldn't mind a pillow monster,'No stop it, you are so soft and comfortable.'

"Coming in for a landing," I told William as I started to slow down, my legs getting heavier and heavier quickly, "Make sure all trays are in their upright position and make sure the landing gear is down."

"Got it," I heard William say, his feet brushing against my arms and the top of my head as he prepared.

Slowly I began to lower William down in front of me, secretly hoping there wouldn't be any phpts since the butt to face distance was very close. Not too close but close enough. Lower and lower William went and just to be safe I let go of him, i watched as he started to glide on his own as I stumbled.

One moment I was up and the next I was down. Maybe it was an unwritten rule of the cute and adorable that prevented me from rolling into a ball, taking William out and continue to roll uncontrollably until we meet something unstoppable, which would stop us. But yeah I was down; arms, legs and tail heavy as heavy.

I felt something nudge my head, "That is fun, What is next?'

"Give me a moment to catch my breath," I told William with my mouth closed, "I think it ran somewhere."


((Did everyone get the big guy reference, man of steel pppffft. Can leap over a tall building. I can walk around it and I don’t have to worry about nose bleeds or pigeons to the face.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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Nothing like running a marathon or a half marathon or something like that to get you all tired out, I tell myself as I lay there. I try to move my tail and I can feel it starting to pick itself off the ground, arching up just a little before flopping back down exhausted. If I listen and imagine, I can hear it breathing hard.  This isn't good.

"It is going to take me a little bit longer," I tell William as I lay there and I can hear him respond with an "Okay."

If I close my eyes I will probably fall asleep and maybe drool, something I didn't want to do. Well without a really good reason, like a really good banana milkshake with whip cream and a cherry. Then it would be an "Oh wow....." I would realize that I was drooling, do a fast wipe, look around making sure no one saw me or took photos and then plan to get my hands on the banana milkshake.

*imaginary slurp*

Mmmm.... Yum! Have I told you that banana milkshakes are good? What? I have? Okay, like banana gold and the cherry takes it to the next level. Have to be careful  about the stem though on the cherry. If it is still there, you might poke your eye when you go to taste the milkshake. Then the whole tease and taunt thing starts, you see the gold but every time you go in to sample it, you get poked and grrr and then you try it again and grrr...  It happened to me once, it wasn't pretty. Not pretty what so ever, both eyes were poked and I was crying.

Where was I? Oh yeah, laying on the ground and everything.  I think my hair was even tired and it just sits there with a really good view unless I am standing in a group of tall people or lost in the darkness.  Not that I could do anything about it at the moment, but I needed to know "William?"

"Yeah?" He answered from somewhere out of view.

"How is my hair?"

I could hear the pitter patter of little feet for a moment before William answered, "Sort of flat. "

I laughed, "That is what I thought. Thanks for looking William." All I got was a "welcome" in return. Can't lay here forever, I told myself as I well laid there. Maybe I need to start smaller and concentrate on just wiggling a finger. I feel something moving, was it my finger or something else? I try to wiggle my finger again just to make sure there isn't anything else wiggling in my hand.

All systems a go. We have wiggle!

Whew, now I just have to get everything else moving. This might take some time so you can go do something else if you like, I will be here when you get back. Hey while you are gone could you get me something small to nom on please. Thank you.

Okay time to start wiggling. Let's try two fingers now. Okay and unless something crawled or slithered into my hand I got two wiggling, eight more to go. Next is three which could be..... Oh my monkey I am even getting bored, let's fast forward. [click the fast forward button] It looks a lot more fun when it was speed up. Hey I don't remember doing that. Oops you weren't suppose to see that and hey look. Okay I think we are getting near the end, let me just....  [click the fast forward button]

Oh hey you are back. Did you remember to bring me back something small to nom? Cool thanks. Let's get back to the moment.

"When are we doing the next thing," William asked nudging me over and over before climbing up onto my stomach then hopping up and down, "When?"

"Right now...." I answered as I fought back an urp, "please William get off my stomach."

With one last hop, William jumped off of me and landed. Quickly turning around to look at me as I sat up.

"The next thing we are going to  do is..."

((A nail bitting ending with three periods... oh look another!))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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"Is? Is?" William asked a little excited as I stood up. Motioning for him to follow me over to one of the grass blades. "It is called the flying squirrel," I answered when we got close to the blade.

"Well that doesn't sound to um..... High flying it sounds more run and hope." William responded looking a little disappointed.

"What are you talking about, sometimes you have to walk before you run sort of thing."

William looked up and gave me a questioning look, "I know how to walk and run, I want to fly."

"I know and I think this will help," I answered, turning to face the grass blade. "Now climb up to about there," pointing to a point about hip height.

"Okay... But I want to fly." William replied as he walked up to the grass blade and started to climb. In moments he was up to my hips, "Now.," I told him, "you are going to jump backwards and stick your wings out. Try to go as far as possible before hitting the ground. In fact...." I paused and took a couple steps back, "get all the way out to me."

William looked over his shoulder at me,"That is just jumping."

"Maybe it is, but even a man with a red cape was jumping before he flew," I said as I took another couple more steps back, "now jump." I watched as William wiggled before jumping backwards and fell to the ground with a THUMP.

Quickly I ran over to him, "Are you okay?"

William nodded, "Yeah, I didn't have that far to fall this time."

"Well that is good. Go do it again." William nodded and climbed back up the grass blade. This time I counted for him, "Three.... Two...... and one! Now jump." William jumped backwards, feet pawing at the air before falling to the ground again with a THUMP!

"Are you okay?" I called out and William answered back with a "Yeah." "Good, now give it one more try."

William hopped up and climbed back up the stalk. At least he was staying positive, sone would have quit by now. "One....two and three," I said, standing back to watch William try again and hit the ground. Quickly I ran over to him and sat down, "I think I know what your problem is."

William looked up at me, "What is it?"

I gave him a little smile, "What does everything that flies have in common?" I watched as William thought for a moment, "wings?"

"That is correct and what do you keep forgetting to stick out?"

William thought again before answering, "my wings?"

I nodded, "yeah, so basically when you jump off of something you are like a ball and you do what all balls do, fall to the ground. Why aren't you sticking your wings out?"

I laugh a little when William tells me he keeps forgetting about them, "Well they are an important part of flying."

"I know..." William replied, blushing a little bit which I didn't know ladybugs could do.

"So you need to remember to stick your wings out get you jump."

"Yeah I know, but I forget," William replied.

"Well then I will help you remember then, go and climb up." William nodded and climbed up the grass blade, "Ready, steady and wings out!"

William wiggled fir a moment and suddenly the shells on his back slide around and whoosh out came a set of black insect wings. "Jump!" Which William did and didn't immediately fall.

I could see the look in William's eyes when he landed, "Now keep working your way up and get this part down then we will work on taking off and landing." William nodded and quickly ran over to the grass blade and started to climb as I rested up against another blade of grass. Up he went, I would yell wings and he would jump over and over. I sat there and watched him getting higher and higher after every jump. After a while I stopped reminding William to stick his wings out but I sometimes I could catch him telling himself, 'wings' before jumping.

When William finally reached the top I cheered as he jump and gently glided down towards the ground, landing nearby. "Having fun?"William shook his head with a smile bigger than his head. "Ready to flap those wings of yours?"

Of course William shook his head and I laughed, "thought so."

((Okay running back and forth is hard.....))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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I feel William's eyes following me as I circle him, "hmmm......" A lone finger tapping my lips in a deep thinking pose. "Since your muscles have been used to flap your wings they might be all stiff or something. Could you stick your wings out for me William?"

William didn't say anything, he just nodded and I watched as his shell opened up and out slipped a set of wings. I stood there for a moment watching as the light danced across them, showing off every little detail. Carefully I traced the edge of one of the wings back to where it connected with the body. With just my fingertips I could feel how stiff the muscles were. I would say rock hard but I am not rocks are as hard as this. I mean wow, there is hard and then there is hard and what I am feeling is that.

I look down to check, making sure my hand hasn't just slipped off and I was actually rubbing a rock. It happens you know, you start petting something cute & adorable, not me, the next moment you are running for your life from something that isn't as cute with big horns and an attitude with an eye for charging red blankets. Long story short, 'Oh hi I was just me just pull my hand away. Is your eyes always bloodshot? You know the whole gritting and grinding of teeth doesn't say 'I am happy'. You know what I will give you some room, like I will go way over there and we can back to a hands free friendship. In one...two and poof.'

I try to push one of the muscles and all I do is to push William down. "What are you doing back there?"

"Sorry about that, it looks like since you have never used them. The muscles you use for flapping are all tight. We will have to see if we can loosen them up somehow ," I think for a moment, I can rub a back but what I am seeing now is another species.  But I need to give it a try, muscles are muscles no matter what.

I press on one and suddenly one of William's legs shoots out straight and stays there. Interesting... I press another and out shoots another and William starts to lean, "Stop doing that I am going to....." BANG! Down goes William and I scurry to pick him back up. When I  let him go, William falls again.

"William you need to stand," I tell him when I get him back up.

"I am trying but I can't," he answers moments before he starts to lean again. Quickly I catch him and with one hand stick a couple sticks under him to keep him up. "Sorry William it looks like I tweaked something. I will figure something out."

"Give me a moment," I say pulling out the Boy Scout manual, if I pressed anymore muscles I might do something bad like something,and that something could be bad. Pages start doing what pages do best and flip. FLIP. FLIP. Ponds, lakes little brothers - Let's talk about puddles. Nope. FLIP. FLIP. FLIP. Skunks, just say no. No to what? Are there people going around and.... No no no I don't need to know. FLIP. Coccinellidae shiatsu. Is there a merit badge for massaging a Coccinellidae? It would be awful specialized if there.... Hey there is, it is what is called an 'underground badge'. Ones that aren't normally earned or given out. Not advertised but can be earned somehow. I wonder if there others, maybe during some free time of over a banana milkshake I can take a look.

Quickly I read through everything and study the diagrams, taking note on where muscles are and where to push snd where not to push to prevent anything unexpected from happening. Like if someone presses at this one spot and then traces a circle something will happen. I won't sat where and what, since I don't want people to go around and be rubbing a Coccinellidae the wrong way and setting one off like a red and black polka dotted tiny bull in a glass store or something like that.

"Okay William, I think I got it." I said as I put the book down, my eyes never leaving it as I put my fingers on William's back. Tracing the outlines of muscles with my fingers trying to match the diagram I was looking at. "Okay I think I found where I need to start," I tell William as I start to gently push in, it felt like well..... Pressing a finger into bean bag without the bean bag sound. I continued to work on one muscle after another and I could see some effects immediately when William's legs slow dropped back to the ground. I considered doing the whole elbow thing, not the climb up and drop an elbow not William thing like a wrestler but the deep muscle massage thing. But that gets to be a little personal and I am not sure if I am ready to be that 'friendly' yet. I am not a first name basis with a muscle type of girl.

No "Hey Nichole"

"Hey [insert random muscle name that would sound good in this example here]"

"How are you doing today?"

"Pretty good and how about you, [insert the same random muscle name that would sound good in this example here]?"

"A little tense, thanks for asking. Could you maybe give me a massage?"

"Hey, this is getting a little strange so I think I will step over there."

See, being on a first name basis with a muscle can get strange and well a little strange is good, a little more strange is fund but a lot more strange is a step over there type of thing.

So I keep working on muscles, feeling them soften under my hands. What? Try hot rocks too? Yeah the keyword there is `hit' and I don't want to burn my hands, so I will stay with kneading muscles.

After a while muscles go from hard as a rock to putty, so I stop, I don't want them to get any softer. "William are you ready to try flying now?"


((Shhhhh... Let the little not lady ladybug sleep))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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I let William sleep in peace, I know what a massage can do to a person. Relaxing you, until you fall asleep, except those ones given by the one woman who my mom sent to me once. Relaxing is the last thing that comes to mind with that massage, she was all sweet and nice at first then everything changed once I began to trust her and laid  down. It was nice at first, she calmly talked to me and then.... then began to man handle me. Jerking me all over the table and bending me in ways I shouldn't be bent. I tried to run, but she was faster. Slamming me back down onto the table, she didn't even stop when I started to cry. She kept bending me like I pretzel, I kept telling her that I am a girl and not a pretzel but she didn't listen. Just take foot A and put it in impossible spot Ow, then take hand B and press it against somewhere it shouldn't be pressing. Either I succumbed to the stuff she was burning to 'relax' clients and I fell asleep or I simply blacked out from everything, when I woke up I found myself in my bed. How I got there I don't know and I didn't ask anyone either, I just wanted to forget what happened. I didn't like being pretzeled. 

It was nice and relaxing, what with the birds singing and William breathing peacefully",. Laying there on my back I sat there and watched the sun dancing through the tops of the grass blades, imagining William soaring up there. Then I remembered what the lurking monk said, find the mouse to find a way to find Audokornet. A lot of finds there  huh?

Slowly I turn my head when I hear William begin to wake up, "Have a good nap?" William yawned a little before replying with a sleep filled, "uh huh."

"Good," I said stretching my arms as I sat up, "Let's see if massage helped. Stretch a little and everything and then we will check."

"Okay," William said as he slowly began to stretch, one leg after another starting from back on one side then the leg in front of it and finally the front leg on that side. Then the front leg on the other side, the leg behind it and finally the back leg. When it looked like William was done stretching, I told him to stick his wings out and he nodded, in moments his shell was open and his wings were sliding out.

"Okay now take it slow on the next part, lift your wings."

William nodded and nothing. Wait a second... Nope nothing. Maybe it is something more than stiff muscles preventing William from using his wings fully. Wait, I thought I saw something. Nope just my eyes playing tricks on me. So what could it be? Hmm..... Performance anxiety? Not asking him to perform anything so that can't be it. Afraid of heights? He is on the ground though. As I tried to come up with something, I saw it, William's wings slowly beginning to move. I did tell him to take it slow, he has slow down pat. If it wasn't for the movement I would think they were not moving.

"You got it William, how does it feel?"

"It feels sort of odd," William answered, "but okay."

"It is probably because you have never used your wings like this, try to speed up a little."

"Okay, " William replied moments before his wings started to beat a little faster.

I nodded a little, "keep doing that for a while. To work any kinks out and everything." William nodded and and even though I could tell he was excited, he kept the same pace going for minutes on in.

"I think you are warmed up enough, lets see what happens if you beat them as fast as possible. If anything feels off or bad stop. Okay?"

There was no 'okay' there was an instant kicking up of dirt, which I got to taste since I forgot to close my mouth. If you were wondering, dirt doesn't taste like chicken. It tastes like dirt. Blah. But it was worth it to see William's wings working and it looked like he was lifting himself off the ground a little too.

"It looks like you are getting a handle on it. It looks like you are ready for the next step William. Are you ready? "

"Definitely," William answered through heavy breathing, his wings folding back up after landing.

"Then let's take it to the next step."

((The next step? What is the next step find out next time which is next week in next month. Wow a lot of nexts there.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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"It is like the previous step, but this time instead of gliding you are going to fly. So climb up to about here and  jump." I told William, pointing to a grass blade at about shoulder height, "I will walk over there and you fly to me. Once you can do that then you can work on going higher. Sound good?"

"Yes," William answered with a nod and made his way over to the grass blade, quickly climbing up to where I pointed. I didn't have to remind him this time, to stick out his wings, this time he had them peeking out as he climbed the blade.

I took a couple steps back, then a couple more and then two more, "Okay ready and go!"  William wiggled for a moment and jumped backwards and hovered there for a moment, his wings beating a mile a minute. Then slowly he descended to the ground.

"You almost had it this time. No falling, which is good. Give it another try. Maybe try beating your wings before jumping, see if you can pull yourself away and sort of lean."

"I will give it a try," William responded, quickly climbing back up the grass blade. I could hear him taking a deep breath as his wings slipped out and slowly started to shift back and forth.

"Little faster," I told William and he answered quickly by increasing the speed of his wings. From where I stood, I could feel the gentle breeze being kicked up from the beating of William's wings. Slowly he pulled away from the tree and hovered there for a moment, then slowly turned yo face me. I could see the smile on his face as I owned by arms, "Let's see if you can make it to me."

He nodded, which caused him to flip over and over until he finally righted himself.

"Are you okay?" I added and William didn't respond with a nod, he slowly leaned forward and I watched as he got closer and closer until he landed in my hands, "I will take that as a yes." Before I could ask,  William hopped out of my hands, ran to the tree and back up.

Without pause he started to beat his wings, this time without flipping over and over and he flew to me again. He kept doing this over and over, hopping out of my hands and in moments be back in them. After a while I told him to try going higher and up the grass blade he went, jumping and flying. Each time spending a little longer up in the air. He even started doing turns, spinning in the air above me.

After a while William stood at the top of the grass blade, looking down at me. "Are you sure this?" I asked, knowing the answer already. No matter what William was going to be jumping off the top of the grass, he was determined.

I was concerned as I watched William go to the edge and pop his wings out, then slowly start to beat them. With a little hop he was off, his legs squirming in the air for a moment before leaning a little forward, then he was off. Soaring like an eag...a ladybug. Around the grass blades that were nearby, circling them as he slowly descended. Even from the ground I could hear him laughing, happy that he was flying finally and not falling.

William was up there for forever and a day, before  landing and that was okay, he deserved it. He landed in front of me and before I could ask how it was William popped his wings back out and took off again. Kicking up a little breeze as he flew towards me, at the last second folding his wings back up under his shell to give me a gentle hug, "Thank you."

"You are welcome, William. I am glad I could help."

((Okay a little tired now. Until next time...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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After a while of hugging, I would say the proper amount of time and not the 'It has gone a little too long and is now getting sort of creepy', William popped his wings out and flitted backwards, "I should practice more before I head back to the others. They are going to be surprised when I show them that I can fly. No way they are going to hold me back to the next class either."

"No they won't," I say shaking my head, "and that sounds like a good idea William. I should probably be heading off to. I need to find someone to help me find something,"

"Who do you have to find, I know everyone around here and might be able to help," William asked bobbing up and down a little, almost like he was nodding his whole body except for his head.

"I was told that I needed to find someone or something named 'Mouse' that whoever or whatever 'Mouse' is will be able to help me find something." I answered.

"Oh I know about Mouse, her place is down by the river. I have ran into her a couple times," William said nodding more as he started to slowly soon, "Hmmm.... Let me see, how to get there from here." Before I could say or do anything William snapped his fingers, all of them in a row. SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP. "All you have to do is head that way," William said pointing well that way. "If she isn't at her place, she will be nearby training unless she has gone on one of her walks. If she has you will be waiting."

Interest piqued I had to ask, "Training for what?"

"Don't know really, she tells stories but I can never tell if she makes them up or not. There was one about a big white whale once but I don't have the faintest idea what a whale is and why it was white. There was another but all I remember is 'My precious' being said over and over. But since you have to talk to her, you can ask."

"True," i say nodding, "One last question, you mentioned her walks. Do you know how long they are maybe?"

William bobbed up and down for a moment before answering, "One time she left when the first snowflakes started to fall and nobody saw her until the dandelions started to bloom."

"Months then, wow."

"Yeah, she has been gone longer too. Nobody knows where she goes. She just goes. A couple of people, I heard, tried to follow her once. She went around a bend  in a path, when they caught up Mouse was gone. Sometime later she appeared out of nowhere, a little beat up with a big bag slung over her shoulders. No one knows what she had in the bag and no one cared because she had more stories to tell."

"Sounds like a interesting person," I said with a nod. Looking up to the sky to see where the sun is to see if I can guess the time. It is over so I am guessing it is some time during the day, "I guess I should go see her now before it gets too late."

"Okay," William nodded, "I should practice more too."

"It was nice meeting you William. Good luck with your flying, remember chin up. If not you might crash."

William laughed, "I will remember that, I hope you find what you are looking for."

"I hope so to'" I said with a smile, "if I am ever back this way, I will stop by and see how good you got at flying."

"Then I should get practicing now then so I am really good."

I pause for a moment as I start to head off in that direction, "See you later William."

"See you later Nichole."

"Call my Monkey if you want, we are friends now." Giving William a friendly wink.

"Okay, see you later Monkey. Good luck."

"You to William."

((Wink and a hug and until next week...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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I can hear William practicing as I head in the direction he pointed, you know that way. I know with all of the grass blades looking the same it gets confusing. For a moment, i thought I was heading the wrong way, then I remembered it was that way and not this way so before I got too lost I turned back around and went that way.

Not sure how far I have walked, I turn around for a moment and see if I can judge, it looks like about  this far away which is good. It means there isn't anything weird happening and it always seems like there is a little weird in woods. You know bears with houses and that witch with the gingerbread house, I still can't figure out she kept the birds away or it from getting soggy when it rained.

You would think seeing it sitting there would raise red flags, a house that is eatable and gets soggy in water or milk and it is standing? Of course the witch could bake a new one everyday but that is a lot to do unless gingerbread houses come prefabricated from somewhere and she gets one delivered everyday. Which sort of makes sense.

I take a deep breath in and exhale, then continue to go that way, enjoying nature as I go along. Let's see how does the saying go again? Leaves of three leave it be. Leaves of four look out for boars. Leaves of five and you might be looking at a hand. Leaves of six and well, it meant something but I can't remember. Usually by the time they reached what six leaves meant I was chasing butterflies. Hey they are pretty so not my fault.

Grass blade after after grass blade I pass, they all sort of look the same. Tall and thin, oh and don't forget green, like grass. Stopping for a second I consider licking one of the blades, not that I am into licking random things. Why what is that? LICK. Tastes like a wall. What is that? LICK. A fish bowl with a fish in it, goldfish I think. Let me check. LICK. Yes a goldfish and its name is Carl. Oh that looks interesting. LICK. Okay that is nasty, don't need to know that that is yuck. It tasted it is.

I lean in closer, after wiping a small area of the blade clean. Best to practice cleanliness when licking things, you don't know where it has been and what has touched it. Slowly my tongue comes out as I edge closer and closer, don't need to rush it. Rushing things can get you into trouble sometimes, like that time I ran with the Bulls.

Yeah I realized as I ran and ran fast, passing everyone else, that it wasn't running with a ball. I got a little excited when I heard balls and jumped right in, not asking to make sure I heard right. Not asking what type of ball I would be running with or anything. I just stood there with other people with red hats and scarves wrapped around their waists until I heard a gun shot. That is when everyone started to run, so I followed thinking it was a race and the balls were at the end. Then I heard the clomping of hooves behind me, I turned and saw horns and bull coming towards me and eep. One moment there and the next moment I was in front of everyone else, leaving a little me shaped cloud where I was. No way was the Bulls going to get me, no way, that and there was balls at the end.

*Monkey note, there was no balls at the end. None whatsoever. I Humphed before leaving.*

My tongue edged closer and closer. How will it taste, I asked myself. How? Any moment now.... Yuck! I don't pull away in disgust, wiping my tongue to get the taste of the grass off of it but I am definitely not going to be licking grass anymore. It like granola or ick kale. "Yeah you are grass," I say with a nod as I step back, "other than that you are a mystery and will remain so."

I pat the grass blade once, out of respect and turn around only to see something looking at me. That explains the feeling I was getting for the last couple minutes, I thought it could have been something on the grass or an allergic reaction, but nope there was something  staring at me. A caterpillar caught in mid chew staring at me. I just laughed and pointed back at the leaf, "Yeah I licked it." The caterpillar didn't take its eyes off as it took another bite of the leaf and chewed.


"Listen I just wanted to see if I could identify the species of grass that is all."


"It isn't like I go around licking things.


"Okay I went through a spell once, I admit that."


"No I am not into grassing."


"I am not just telling myself that either. I am not a grasser."


"What? You can't smell it on my breath or clothes, the reason you smell it is because we are surrounded by it and you are chewing some."


"Listen it was a one time thing and no more."


"It was."


"It was. Listen..." I say stepping up to the caterpillar and with both both hands pull it off with a POP. Carefully I turn it around and lightly press my forehead into the caterpillar, don't ask me why though. In the back of my mind I could picture it trying to chew my forehead. "I would argue with you more about grass. But that was a one time licking and I need to see Mouse. Here.." I turn and gently stick the caterpillar to the other blade of grass, thankfully not having to lick it for it to stick, "enjoy."

Before the caterpillar could chew something in reply, I am off and not going to lick anymore blades of grass, I promise.

((Off that way. No that way. Okay some way.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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And we are walking, and we are walking.... Now over there you will see some grass blades and over there too. Now to your right you will see grass blades and to you left you will see grass blades and that one thing. We should keep walking and please don't make eye contact with it, we are trying to keep the number of tourists to the grasslands grabbed by things and possibly never seen again to zero. Sir I said don't make eye contact with it, okay I guess we are trying to keep the number of tourists grabbed by things and possibly never seen again to one.  Okay to two now, I told everyone to not to make eye contact with it and you insist. That is why the sign for the grasslands is digital, we can click a button and update when a tourist doesn't listen. So please let's continue before I have to click the button a couple more times.

I continue my tour of the grasslands, not making eye contact with that one thing. Being dragged off, kicking and screaming doesn't sound to fun and not being seen again doesn't sound pleasant. I like to be seen, well not when I just woke up of course. Heed the growling then, it might be a cute and adorable growl but it is a growl still. Also no photos please, no matter how much photo retouching is done to them, they will never look like anything beyond  'she just woke up and is scary looking'. There will be hissing if I see a smart phone pointing at me, just saying.

I continue to walk that way playing 'I spy' with my tail. "I spy with my little eye something that starts with 'G'" my tail whips around and points to a blade of grass, I laugh, "I can't fool you can I? Now let me find something harder." I look around trying to find something and nearly fall over a tree root, which is kind of odd since there isn't any trees around here as far as I can tell. "I spy with my little eye something that...."

*dramatic pause to make it seem more dramatic. To keep you on your toes, asking 'What just happened to Monkey?', 'Why did she just period out for?' and maybe even "Did a squirrel get to her, they have been known to be nuts." *

BANG! Followed by an "ow!" Quickly I find myself eating dirt and I was trying to give it up. I decided after everything that has been happening to me that I was getting a little dirty in some parts, not soft though and went on some new age called the 'liberum lutum' diet. I had to do a whole cleansing thing at the beginning with an inflatable raft floating in a pool on a sunny day. It was very rel... Hard, I meant hard. It was really hot that day too. The sun was really bright and I had to wear sunglasses and I got burned a little, it was really hard.


Quickly I flipped around and saw the source of my tripping, a root! Which I swear wasn't there before, there isn't any trees around here so there is no need for tree roots. Unless they are bush roots but I don't see any bushes either. But they are definitely roots, I know them when I see them and no I don't have to lick one to make sure it is a root. It is coming from the ground in a root like way and it looks like a root, so a root. But how? I almost fell over the one and that isn't there anymore and now there is one... Now there isn't any! I just saw one it was right there and my foot can attest to it.

The camera pulls back to show the grasslands, the tall blades waving back and forth in the breeze. It is so peaceful and quiet, the rustling of the grass is so relaxing. Rustle  rustle rustle. Out of the quiet comes a loud "EEP!" The camera zooms in to see the source of the "Eep!" and hey it is cute and adorable.

I stand there rubbing my butt, not liking the current situation. Grumbling under my breath as I look down at the root that just made me eep. "No, bad root," I said pointing down at the root, "that wasn't nice poking me in the butt." Slowly it stated to do something very not root-like by sinking back into the ground.

"Okay, this is weird...." I said looking around, "very weird indeed...." Slowly I switch my imaginary felt fedora adventurers hat to an imaginary detective deerstalker hat and pull out an imaginary magnify glass.

I know strange and this is strange. Roots don't pop up and then sink back down. There is something mysterious here and I need to find out what it is before, i pause mid  thought to assume a dramatic detective pose which is eye looking through magnifying glass up towards the sky. Not pointing at the sun though since I don't want to get my eye burned.

... I get tripped again. Duh duh duh. Mystery is afoot, until it trips over a root.

((Time to call the mystery machine...))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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I start looking for clues. There is always clues when there is a mystery, something had to make someone go 'huh?' or 'what the?' Usually it is a lone glove laying about or a rubber mask even something glowing that shouldn't be glowing. I scan everything around me, looking under leaves which is easy since there is no leaves and asking any witnesses if they saw anything, which is even easier since there is no witnesses. Other than that thing that looked like a goober on the side of a grass blade.

Approaching it, the goober just to be clear since I haven't found the it I was looking for, I gave it a friendly smile. I could play it one of two ways, good cop or bad cop. Both would get results in a way. If I went bad cop I would have to throw a blanket over it to block out any light and put a lone light under it to shine directly onto the goober to make it sweat. Then yell at it telling me what it saw as I pounded my hands into something to add to the moment, "Grrrrr.... Hiss..... Tell me what you saw or I will have to get rough. Grr....." Then the good cop way. Go up and give it a friendly pat on its back, maybe share some cookies with it and make sure it is comfortable, "You look a little hot, let me go get a fan. Hey, do you want to see photos of my family? Okay this is my brother...." Maybe offer to give it a massage even, it does look a little tense for a goober.

I step up to it, "Excuse me, I hate to bother you since it looks like you are in the middle of something but I have a mystery to solve and I must ask any witnesses if they saw anything."'I pause for a moment waiting for an okay or just a friendly nod saying that I am not bothering it and that it saw something. The goober just stuck there being all goober.

Okay.... I stand there for a while, edging into the this is sort of creepy time length so I do what any detective would do and flip out my imaginary notepad to take notes.

'Witness - goober, just hanging around. Obviously ignoring the no loitering laws for the area. Don't want to touch it with a finger or a foot since it is a goober, might release some goober stuff on me and I don't want that. Physical description - looks like a goober. Hair color - no hair it is a goober. Skin color - no skin it is a goober, but it looks like it is a ick green, strengthening the decision not to touch it with any part of myself.'

I flip the imaginary notepad closed and put it away, "One last question,  do you know anything about the root thing."  Again I wait and get no response, maybe the goober is asleep or it was offed due to being a witness. I have seen enough detective shows with my dad to know that witnesses are usually offed even if they really didn't see anything, it must be on the check list of villains.

'Leave evidence behind, off anyone you  might consider was a witness no matter how slim of a chance they were actually a witness and laugh manically thinking you got away with whatever you just did.'

I could touch it and see if it still has a heartbeat but ick no, goober juice. Place a mirror its mouth or nose to see if it is breathing, where is its mouth or nose? There is only one thing left I can do...

Moments later the stick spins around my hand, it should work. It has the proper weight distribution for what needs to be done. If it wasn't, things could go bad fast. Carefully I lift the stock and poke the goober. POKE POKE. "Hey are you asleep or offed?"'

There is no response from the goober to being asleep or being offed. Which makes solving this mystery harder, a lot harder in fact. You see when witnesses doesn't talk, that means someone had gotten to them and shut them up. That isn't good, that means someone doesn't care about witnesses' rights.

I poke the goober again with the stick, "Don't worry about your family, I will save them too. Whoever shut you up won't get away with it I promise." As I go to poke the goober again to comfort it giggling films the air, I stop mid almost poke and look around to see f I can tell where it is coming from. That way I think and I bring a hand up to my ear to see if I can confirm, yeah definitely that way.

Quickly I turn towards the goober and start to pat it, stopping in mid pat before hand touches goober, "Thank you for your assistance. I think I just got a lead." Without hesitation I take off running in the direction of the giggling, tripping over another root. OOF! I am up in a flash though, dusting myself off before continuing to follow the audible trail back to its source and hopefully to solve the mystery of 'What is up with the roots that keep tripping me and made me eep after poking me' duh duh duh.

((Hey Sorry WHHOP I sort of got OOF yeah Ow. Okay until next week or these roots get the better of me.))

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Re: Tails of Monkey - Hey Adventure is still waiting
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The giggling is easy to track, not as easy as footprints in the mud or a clearly marked trail saying 'This way to whatever is making the roots trip or poke you', but it is still easy to track. Not like there is any animal that could make themselves sound like they are giggling either, maybe a mocking bird but that is a stretch.

The giggling gets louder and louder and I go all ninja, hiding in any shadows that I can find or behind anything that I hide behind. I don't need the giggler to know that I am getting close or closer. I am not going to jump out and yell 'Boo!' or anything since all I can see after that is a root uppercut and being knocked out like that is a little embarrassing.

'You were knocked out by what?'

'A root...'

'Really? A root? Really?'

'Yes...' Head down in shame.

'You got knocked out by something that doesn't move?'

'It moved, it came up from the ground and wham."

'Sure it did...'

'It did!'

'Uh, huh. I believe you,' wink.

'What was the wink for?'

'You know...' wink.

'No I don't know and I am telling the truth, the root erupted out of the ground and hit me. Sending me flying.'

'Uh huh,' wink,'that is what people say that trip and fall.'

'I didn't trip or fall, the root did what I said.'

'Okay so you got hit by a root?'

'Yes! That is what I am telling you.'

'Okay, okay.... Hey everyone she got knocked out by an inanimate object.' Roaring laughter ensues.

See humiliating and unless I got a couple selfies proving it, nobody would believe me. They would still laugh because of the look on my face and because I would have been caught off guard, I would have bitten my tongue, which would hurt and I would talk funny for a little while. So no jumping out and saying 'Boo!'

I run from the grass blade to grass blade, making sure whatever it is won't see me.  I hide behind a snail when the space between blades is too far. Of course I had to find the snail, run back and place it in a good position, tell it stay there for a moment please then go back to the grass blade and hide. Then jump to the snail, hide and then jump to the other grass blade. Before I take off, I of course thanked the snail for helping me.

Oops I forgot, just in case you wanted to know, I put the imaginary magnifying glass away. It isn't safe to run while looking through one, especially if you are ninja running. You have one eye open and looking through a little area, everything looks closer than it actually is which doesn't help if you a trying to dodge things. "Ha ha you missed!" Ninja star WHAP! Ow!

Dodge. Dodge. Hide. Sneak. Trip over a root, which I didn't mean to do. Dodge. Sneak. Hide. Jump over root, ha ha you missed. Dodge. Sneak. Hide.

The giggling gets louder and louder which is a sure sign of me getting closer to whatever is giggling so I turn up the ninja to the next level becoming like a shadow. 'Do not be scared, it is only I a shadow. Yes I don't look like anything nearby but I am only a shadow with a Peter Pan complex, someday I will be sewn back to what casts me.' I look around before running, with stealth, between grass blades. Nothing fancy just zip and make sure not to stub my toe on anything.

I sprint to a large rock and catch my breath, listening to the giggling coming from the other side. This is it,  I tell myself as I prepare to peek around or over. Inhale and exhale and ribbit. My eyes shoot wide open, ribbit? Was that me? Inhale and exhale and ribbit. Did I catch something? Inhale and exhale and ribbit. Oh my monkey I caught some frog thing, definitely need to go see the doctor about this. Ribbit. I don't want to turn into a frog, I am a girl with a tail. Green clammy skin will be hard to take care of, my hands will look like raisins since I will have to sit in the water all the time to stay moist and and I will have to start eating flies. I don't want to do that, it will suck. Please monkey, don't let me change into a frog girl, no matter how ribbiting it is. I giggle to myself with that last part, ribbiting.

I don't inhale or exhale but I hear a ribbit. Slowly I lean my hard back and I can see a little frog sitting there on top of the rock. I looks like it is about to ribbit again, quickly I reach up with both hands and YOINK!

The frog sits there looking at me and I bring a finger up to my mouth in the 'shh... Be quiet,' position. "Shhh.... Be quiet," I whisper, "or you will give us away to whatever is giggling." I watch as the frog nods and gives me a wink, well it looks like it does, and I give it the thumbs up before slowly standing up to peek over the rock to see the source of the giggling and maybe the whatever is making the roots get a little to friendly. Definitely too friendly, I tell myself as I rub my butt.

((Friendly roots the bane of campers and hikers everywhere))