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September 26, 2020, 07:41:25 AM

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Author Topic: F for M - Searching for literate M to write a long term, plot driven story.  (Read 556 times)

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter


Finally I can get back and need to start fresh here! I have been offline for quite a while due to private situations that suddenly showed up.

Anyways, thanks for reading my request thread! I am searching for males to play long term plot based roleplays.

What am I looking for?

-No one liners, please, give me something to work with
 - Roleplays that are plot based(smut is part of it but the most important is building up the story)
 - A passionate, sensual and dramatic story with romance and adventure
 - Long term is preferred

Length of posts

I prefer to mirror the length of the posts of my writing partner. Do you give me a lot to write, I can write a lot too for you! In the roleplay I prefer to get answers with 2-6 paragraphs, longer is no problem too, shorter...only in active conversation between charries or maybe when they are having sex. Of course it is not Always able to write 2 paragrahps, I can understand, but please try to give me something to work with.

Posts and communication

I only do stories over threads. Everything else just doesn't work for me. I have been writing for quite a few years now and my experience is that stories over PM or Messenger just die very quick and I can not seem to keep up with it either, plus I need the possibility to do changes afterwards. Communication between me and my roleplay-partners only over PM. I have no messengers or what have you.

I do prefer at least one post per week. Me I can post about 3 - 4 times a week. I know real life happens and things can be stressful but please try to at least get back to me once a week. If there is a week where this doesn't work I won't kill you but I don't like it if I have to wait several weeks between each post. Than I lose interest quickly. I prefer roleplaypartners that can post 2-3 times a week or more.


Yes please, if you are not literate or are interested in doing a roleplay with only one-liners, I have no interest in writing with you, sorry! English is not my first language and yes, mistakes can happen. Also typos happen, don't kill me! I think we should take the roleplays serious but it is still something fun to do and mistakes happen. I do like to write very detailed, but rather in simple terms, I am still learning and practicing with my english. That doesn't mean I am not fluent. If this is a problem for you, don't PM me.

I love stories that include romance, drama, adventure, tensions. I will Always play a woman or female creature. I prefer to play humans or human-like creatures like elves. I can also take over two characters or more, depending on the story. I describe everything detailed, write about the thoughts and emotions of the character I am playing.


Yes I do like smut. I don't like smut-based stories. I don't want to write a pornobook. I want to write something where the story comes first and we build up a relationship first. Of course I have played stories where the two characters meet and we talked about it beforehand that they sleep with each other on their first meeting. But still the story would go on afterwards and not only be about sex. Smut comes when the time is there for it. And the smut should fit into the story. If I for example play a princess and you are a knight and this is a romantic lovestory, we are not going to build in BDSM...that is just not right.


Very important topic. Yes we have all abandoned roleplays due to having no interest in it anymore and we felt bad about it. Please keep communicating with me, even when we started the roleplay. If there is something that bothers you, tell me! Be honest! Don't just abandon me, that is not nice. I will do the same to you. If you lost that much interest that you want to stop roleplaying with me, tell me. At least I am not waiting for another answer from you.

Still with me? Still interested? Great! There we go:

Medieval: About Knights and Princesses

I love everything medieval. I love to play a princess that needs to be saved or protected by a knight. Or maybe I can play a servant that a rich lord/king/prince falls in love with? I do like the very classical roleplays when it comes to the medieval times, that means I play the weaker, more submissive woman and my partner plays the strong, dominant male.

Pirates Aye!

I love pirates. My favourite idea is that I would play a princess, being on a royal ship that gets captured by pirates. The pirate captain(YC) takes me hostage and of course in the beginning the both of them absolutely hate each other. But slowly they get closer. Ask me for some details if you are interested!

Wild wild west

Also something nice to write about! Being a good girl turned bad for example by some bandit that kidnaps me. Or maybe we are the good ones and have to fight against the bandits? Or let us play cowboys and indians? Let's brainstorm!

Zombieland/The walking dead

Always have to love survival/apocalypse stories! I am also a big walking dead fan and like apocalypses in any form and shape. It doesn't necesarily need to be zombies, we can also run into storms, snow, water, WW3...whatever you can come up with to ruin the world and survive with me afterwards, I am in!

Modern times

Of course all the blabbering about past times makes you think: Can't she play something modern? Of course I can! Craving a modern story or even Scifi scenes( like hunger games or maze runner), talk to me about it! The only thing I just don't like is playing something with aliens and space ships, sorry!
Let's make a thrilling story about a boss and his new secretary(not only smut please!) or two foreigners that meet each other and fall in love even when they don't speak each others language. Let's make a story about two politics that fall in love even when they shouldn't be.


I've seen the TV-show and I have been craving to write my own Vikings-story since! I could play the innocent english farmer girl that is being taken by the vikings during a raid for example. But also more like Lagertha the strong viking that fights your charrie at first...

I love the topic for a good romance with lots of drama. I could play a jewish girl falling in love with a german officer after being captured by him. Or maybe I am a underground spy and want to get information out of you but I never meant to have feelings for you..

Planecrash / Lost

Another idea is to play something similar to Lost.
A plane crashes on an island. Most people died but some of them survived... There is a lot of potential for drama, romance or maybe even mystery there. Let's work on it together!

What stories are not of my interest:
I don't like incest, I don't like cheating on someone, I don't like playing monsters, aliens or other creatures. I tried all and lost interest very quickly. So please if you are craving this, I am not the right one for you. Superhero"s? Well...I am not very much into them, so..I can do it but I do not prefer it.

So, I already mentioned before that the smut should fit into the story and only happens when the story calls for it. Of course I enjoy writing smut too like everyone around here. No go's are for me: gore, vore, scat, toilet play, golden shower, total humiliation, animal play, extreme age play, extreme BDSM,lactation, incest.

What I crave and like:
Sensual vanilla sex, light BDSM, teasing, flirting, light humiliation. If we play something with obvious BDSM we could do a bit more but in romantic stories it should fit in there, if not we stick with sensual vanilla.

So still with me here? If you have made it up to here and you want to discuss a story with me, please send me a PM! I am looking forward to meet you and let's spin a story together!

Love and kiss,

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter

Added storyideas WW2 and Lost.

Offline ConstantineStories

Normally I write for M/M, but I have been wanting to move out from that.  I would absolutely love to write either a Vikings or WWII story.  I am detailed and looking at more of a long-term story.  I can do smut well, but also want to built a story outside of that.  Let me know if you're interested!

Offline Lord Fangarang

Hey there devil I'm interested in making you my princess and potentially my queen if the story gets far enough. I'm very active 100% post more than 3 times a week, I consider myself literate but you can be the judge on the one. Not all about the Smut ima big flirt and enjoy the tease and will engage in making a pleasant story not just a drooling smut festival.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Offline ConstantineStories

I am all about that. I love a slow burn and am incredibly detailed in every day life, romance, and sex.  As long as you can keep up, it's a match!