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November 29, 2020, 07:41:36 PM

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Author Topic: ⌘ Quack's Idea Pack ⌘ M for F (or Any) ~  (Read 177 times)

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⌘ Quack's Idea Pack ⌘ M for F (or Any) ~
« on: June 13, 2020, 11:31:13 PM »
hi there. i’m quackking, and this is my request thread! hope you find something you like!

about me

I’m a guy, I’m in college. I’ve been roleplaying for 9+ years at this point, on many sites, though it’s been on and off. I live on the US East Coast, so I’m currently working off of EDT.

I like to write (kind of obvious), read books, listen to/play music, and cook. I also like manga and video games, and get a lot of my ideas from there, in addition to songs and other media.

If you want to know more, just ask.

general info

my writing

I generally write a decent amount. Multiple paragraphs at the least, provided I have enough material to work with. I will try to match my partner as much as possible.

I will write with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, to the best of my abilities.

I will always write in 3rd person.

You can expect replies at least once/twice a week (if not faster). Obviously, I will let you know if something comes up on my end.

I can provide a sample of my writing upon request.

what i look for

⍫ Someone enthusiastic about what we're writing.

⍫ Someone who wants to write a long term story

⍫ Someone who is transparent and communicative about their ideas and desires.

⍫ Someone who makes an effort with proofreading and grammar.

⍫ Someone who can play a character that is female or has otherwise feminine traits (like femboys, futa, etc.)

my limits

∅ I won't break site rules

∅ I won't write characters that are abusive

∅ I won't write: vore, scat, large age gaps, infidelity, incest

roleplay information

my characters

I’m a guy, so I will generally play males as my main character within paired role plays, but I can write for both genders when it comes to background characters.

In general, I write characters that are:
capable ⎶ strong-willed ⎶ kind ⎶ compassionate ⎶ naive ⎶ idealistic ⎶ bold ⎶ brash ⎶ obstinate ⎶ motivated ⎶ intelligent ⎶ complex ⎶ flawed ⎶ stubborn ⎶ cunning ⎶ determined

I don’t write characters that are:
jerks ⎶ shallow ⎶ wimpy ⎶ helpless ⎶ passive ⎶ dumb ⎶ vapid ⎶ cruel ⎶ mean ⎶ abusive ⎶ sadistic

My characters are virtuous warriors, skilled gamblers, salarymen thrust into unknown places, wandering swordsmen, noble paladins, determined investigators, kind-hearted yakuza thugs, reticent loners just trying to get by, or whatever else I think makes for an interesting and fun character.

My characters will not be defined by their sexual position, nor will they be unnecessarily mean, manipulative, or otherwise assholes.

genres and themes i enjoy

While I won’t necessarily limit myself, I find that I am most drawn to stories that are heavy in action, suspense, or both.

I particularly enjoy settings of either fantasy, sci-fi, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, or historical fiction. I like plots about crime, war, adventure, mystery, horror, or anything else that might place our characters into an interesting and dynamic setting.

But besides that, if there is going to be a pairing of characters, there should be some elements of romance. It’s a nice way of creating a connection between two characters and generally adding depth to their relationship. After all, why have a pairing if there isn’t going to be at least some chemistry between our characters?

In terms of smut, I generally feel like it comes last in regards to the plot and romantic elements, but I enjoy its addition. Though, I don't have any defined ratio of plot/smut.

(check my o/o thread for a bit more detail)

vanilla stuff ◈ opposites attracted ◈ consensual sex ◈ hugging ◈ kissing ◈ cuddling ◈ anal ◈ oral ◈ general romance ◈  bondage ◈ power bottoms ◈ sensory deprivation ◈ face sitting ◈ sweat ◈ piercings ◈ tattoos ◈ glasses ◈ dresses ◈ long socks

roleplay ideas and pairings

possible pairings

assassin x target ⎎ cleric x priestess ⎎ human x orc ⎎ bodyguard x employer ⎎ noble x bandit ⎎ human x vampire ⎎ paladin x witch ⎎ human x alien ⎎ human x android ⎎ knight x noble ⎎ cleric x demon ⎎ human x non-human ⎎ warrior x warrior ⎎ salaryman x tough girl

settings and themes

cyberpunk ⏥ fantasy ⏥ historical/fantasy Japan ⏥ historical/fantasy China ⏥ post-apocalypse ⏥ futuristic ⏥ space scifi ⏥ modern/modern fantasy ⏥ horror ⏥ action ⏥ crime ⏥ romance ⏥ adventure


fallout ⎰ deus ex ⎰ vampire the masquerade ⎰ warhammer fantasy ⎰ dark souls ⎰ dune ⎰ danganronpa ⎰ dungeons & dragons ⎰ fist of the north star ⎰ jet set radio ⎰ star wars

plot outlines

(main genres: cyberpunk/modern, action, thriller): in a nearly silent online chat room made for the discussion of conspiracy theories, urban legends, and other novel musings, two users receive a cryptic message from an anonymous identity, who claims he has a document filled to the brim with classified info regarding shady government programs. he arranges a meeting, but rather than finding the composed yet slightly eccentric man they met online, they instead find him at the brink of death, clutching his wounded stomach in one hand and a strange folder in the other. he gives the two what he has and tells them to run.
(can be more modern or more futuristic. i kinda stole this plot from a show i really like.)

(main genres: fantasy/medieval Japan, action, adventure): on a cold evening, a dojo is wiped out by a group of unknown warriors. YC is the last surviving student, who was able to hide (or otherwise flee) from the tragedy that befell her sensei and comrades. now, she seeks revenge, and hires a wandering samurai (or shinobi), MC, to help her achieve it.
(open-ended in terms of the initiating conflict, but the main premise is that our two characters are on a quest to avenge the deaths of people dear to YC)

(main genres: post-apocalypse, mecha, futuristic, action): on a desolate planet, ravaged by centuries of conflict, wars are fought with large mechs, powered by nuclear fusion. those that pilot them often go on long and arduous treks to secure arbitrary points of land, only rarely seeing a glimpse of sentient life, let alone an enemy mech pilot. our characters are on opposing sides of a territorial dispute, and, unfortunately for them, cross paths. what ensues is a prolonged and exhausting battle, continuing for many days, until one, eventually, relents.
(doesn’t have to be mechs exactly, i’m more looking for a plot where our two characters are on opposite sides of a conflict)

(main genres: futuristic, sci-fi, space, horror) : MC is sent to investigate a vessel that has been unresponsive to communication for a long amount of time, but when he finds it, he discovers that the ship's entire crew is nowhere to be found, save for a few of the vessel's automated systems (YC, as either an AI or android, or perhaps an alien mimic). he stays aboard, determined to find the cause of the missing crew, but soon finds himself stuck, as the ship is plagued with unknown monstrosities. he has only the ship's computers and automation to aide him, but perhaps they may have some ulterior motives.
(if you can deduce where i got the main inspiration for this story, i’ll be surprised)

(main genres: action, futuristic, cyberpunk): in the near (or distant) future, genetic modification and cybernetic enhancement has become commonplace. while mostly benign within the consumer market, governments and corporations use it with much fewer regulations to create otherwise perfect humans. our characters are the results of such tests, and both are stuck within the same testing facility. they make a plan to break out, though they might find it will be harder to live in the outside world than they expect.
(kind of a basic idea. room for improvement and iteration. i mainly have in mind something more grounded, but i am open to the idea of our characters having superpowers or something equally fantastical)

thanks for reading. if you’re interested, shoot me a PM. please don’t post any replies to this thread though. i’m open to most ideas!

best wishes,