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November 29, 2021, 03:45:24 pm

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Author Topic: Montagne's Current Cravings. [Looking for Sub Partners. M/M & M/F]  (Read 387 times)

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Rather than my usual comprehensive list of RPs. Available Here . This is a short thread of my current cravings. I have room for one more RP currently, so I have a strong preference for something on this list. However, I am open to hearing ideas for the other stories if suitably detailed.

My preference is to play via discord, although I can do stories on E. Feel free to PM me if any of this ideas catch your interest.

Locke & Keys
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Non-Con/Heavy BDSM
  • Plot themes:Non-Consensual Slavery, Racial/Gender Hierachy
  • Sexual themes: Rough Sex, Slavery, Non-Consensual, Racial/Gender Hierachy, Discipline, Heavy Restraints
  • What am I Looking For in a Partner:Someone interested in a formal slavery setting.
Locke and Key
Locke and Key

This is a previous story that was dropped by the participant. Looking to start up a story with a similar setting and theme, please take a read for more details. -

Species Traitor
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Light BDSM+
  • Plot themes:Anthros. Interspecies. Taboo Relationships. Power Dynamics. Predator/Prey
  • Sexual themes: Anthros. Interspecies. Size-Difference. Rough Sex. Alpha Characteristics. Breeding. Pheromones.
  • What am I Looking For in a Partner:Someone who enjoys playing heavily on anthro themes. Particularly a natural hierarchy between predator and prey creatures. Preferably someone who likes to explore a loss of control, focused around an inability to resist the predator as a prey.
Species Traitor
Species Traitor

This is more of a general theme than a specific story, and can be transplanted to any number of ideas, some of which I list below. The theme involves anthro's (furry characters) Like this one - NSFW.

In a world in which there are such divergent characteristics between different species which populate the planet, there would be an inevitable sexual hierarchy, with the masculinity of predators and femininity of prey creatures reinforced by the media. Interspecies relationships would be taboo, and this story would focus on that.

Anthro characters provide a number of possible kinks that aren't normally available to humanoid characters. A significant size difference between predator and prey species. The possibility for pheromones effecting the judgement of the pair, driving on their lust. The story would focus on a prey creature (your character) stepping outside of their species to have sex with a much large predator.

This could work as a cuckolding scenario, with a couple, both prey creatures, and a larger predator who enters into their life.

A simple relationship scenario, possibly a college scene, a prey and predator ending up first as room-mates, then as lovers. How do they negotiate the social taboo's around their romance. Or perhaps a similar scene without the romantic element, the prey creature tormented by their lust for their predator room-mate that they cannot quell.

A more coerced scene. A live in prey maid working at an all predator fraternity. The combination of pheromones mixing with these large mens' persistent advances eventually changing her role to a sex toy around the fraternity.

A/B/O Dynamics
  • Kink Driven vs Plot Driven:Kink Driven
  • Vanilla/Light BDSM/Heavy BDSM/Extreme or Non-Con: Light BDSM+
  • Plot themes:A/B/O. Power Dynamics.
  • Sexual themes: A/B/O Size-Difference. Rough Sex. Alpha Characteristics. Breeding. Pheromones. Masculinity vs Femininity. Possibly cuckolding or group sex.
  • What am I Looking For in a Partner:Someone to play a more feminine omega male
A/B/O Dynamics
A/B/O Dynamics

This is again more of a general theme than a single story idea. I've been increasingly craving a story exploring A/B/O Dynamics. The heightened masculinity of an alpha character vs a far more effeminate, twinkish omega character.

Alpha's would be physically far more imposing, and also far rarer, less than 1% of the population, while omegas make up a significant chunk (20%) and are physically weaker than average.

Alpha pheromones have extreme effects on omegas around them, pushing them into a heat like state that makes them both desperately eager and increasingly submissive, their minds becoming set on serving the alpha in their presence.

The scene could take place in any number of scenarios, from a simple set of college room-mates trying to adjust to life living together as the omega becomes increasingly attached to him. All the way to a distant sci-fi scenario in which the omega is assigned to work on a distant space station full of alpha types, trying to make the difficult adjustment as his brain chemistry overrides his better judgement.