Putting Scarlet in Her Place [M for F] (FFVII/FF7 REMAKE Themed RP, NSFW Links!)

Started by Nebuchadnezzar, June 06, 2020, 12:32:19 PM

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NOTE: This is a request for a very specific RP, based on a video game (FINAL FANTASY VII / 7). I know it doesn't appeal to everyone, so please do excuse me. I'm not in the greatest mindset during this crazy year (with all the shit going on), so I'm just trying to escape a little. Again, complete familiarity with the game isn't needed, so if you'd like to suggest a similar RP, let me know. Don't take it personally if I refuse, this is just a bad year for a lot of folk. Hope you all understand.

Story Idea: If you're familiar with FFVII/FF7 or have played the Remake, you'll know who Scarlet is: the head of Weapons Development at Shinra. I'm looking for something pretty raunchy, maybe 65% smut - 35% story which involves breaking the cold bitch in for black cock. Given that I am looking for someone who is somewhat familiar with FF7, I am willing to leave the story open. As long as things progress with the stuck up blonde bitch being shown exactly what she's good for (AUDIO LINK), I'm happy to accomodate most of your desires. Some stems to think off of are listed below, but don't consider them to be limiting in any way.

  • We can keep it light, with Scarlet getting a black Shinra grunt to be under her command. She might initially dismiss him, or even be a little racist towards him, until she gets put in her place or realizes that he's a lot more fun than the white dicks she's used to...
  • If you prefer, I'm willing to play Barret. Maybe Scarlet is captured, interrogated, and is then forced to see the goals of AVALANCHE.
  • If you'd prefer a gangbang, we can definitely go this route. Scarlet is assigned to command a set of black troops, and when they are finally tired with her bullshit, they turn on her, and decide to teach the stone cold bitch some respect. Gangbangs can tend to get a little complicated, so I'm open to MMF as well (me playing both males) or just one-on-one. Up to you.
  • Science experiment - Hojo creates an elite black SOLDIER with some JENOVA cells and somehow, Scarlet is roped into "testing" his function, possibly as a punishment for a recent failure to defend against AVALANCHE. Maybe she's even tasked with collecting his semen for genetic experiments?

Obviously, in case it wasn't clear enough, I'm looking for YOU to play SCARLET and I will take on the role of the self-insert black male(s).

Specifics Included: Overall, just looking to have Scarlet get BLACKED out of her mind. The premise of domme-breaking is a big idea here too. And of course, there's black cock shock, interracial taboo, maybe even risk of pregnancy - all the things that go along with the basic gist of the idea. I doubt she'd be too proactive about it at first, whether due to a superiority complex, thinking she's too good for it, or some overt/subvert racist ideas in the back of her mind. But whether its through dedication to Shinra, teasing/coaxing/convincing, or some force - I think we can have ourselves a lot of fun with her. I've also listed some kinks here; all of which may not apply:

Interracial, black cock shock, heavy foreplay, dubious consent, creampies, adultery/cheating, heavy kissing/making out, risk of pregnancy, mindbreak, corruption, excess semen, possible MFM, possible interracial gangbang, rough sex, light humiliation, light degradation, sci-fi, blowjobs, contrast of skin, raceplay, dirty talk, naivete, curiosity, etc.


I'm definitely still interested in this. I know it's a highly specific and niche play; so I can be flexible if you have any special requests.