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Author Topic: ♡ Alpheta's Plot Bunnies, MxM & MxF ♡  (Read 491 times)

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♡ Alpheta's Plot Bunnies, MxM & MxF ♡
« on: June 04, 2020, 02:14:57 pm »
Hello! My name is Christina, and I would like to try my hand at roleplaying 1-2 more roleplay partner. I'm 23, an assistant manager, and dead inside for it 8 hours out of the day, so I would like a truly relaxing hobby after work. I like brainstorming a lot, talking about plot OOC, and would prefer someone who can keep up with me.
I like chatting on discord just for post reminders.

If you need any of the basics about me before moving forward:
  • MxF or MxM
  • Literate - Novella. 2-6+ hefty paragraphs. Some moments are thoughtful, others are fast-paced.
  • Romance, Fantasy, & Horror are my favorite genres.
  • I will create a cast of side characters and villains. I would hope you're capable of controlling several side characters or doubling with me.
  • ​I don't need/use faceclaims. I would love the visual if you use them, but I do not need them. If you don't know what I'm talking about, even better.
  • TW; Violence & death are a common theme for me. I'll applaud you if you can keep my attention without it, though. Above all, I enjoy writing about our character's emotional pain, too, and that can be taxing for some people so let me know. Fluff and happiness bores me sometimes.
  • Third-Person with good grammar. If you are not fluent in English or you make the occasional spelling mistake, that is perfectly fine and I hope I can receive the same courtesy. If it is frequently obscuring the story, that is a problem.
  • I'm not looking for erp, a sprinkling of nsfw is fine as long as our characters are over 18.
  • I have roleplayed on Discord & Skype in the past. I appreciate the instant notifications. However, I would not mind e-mail, Google Docs, maybe Tumblr, or attempting a new platform. I am not a huge fan of forums since I might forget to check them, so I'd prefer it if we had a separate way of communicating.

As far as the type of roleplay I like:

  • I like playing characters with ambiguous morals that develop as characters over the course of the plot. I want romance and heavy drama/angst, usually with characters bonding over the events that transpire. I don't usually play gruff/macho men often, but I don't play brassy ladies either. You can read a little about my characters to get an idea. I don't care what type of person you play as long as they can help me move the plot along. If you're constantly reacting without creating any momentum in the rp, it won't work out. Even so, a character with a passive personality is very different from a passive character or passive writer.
  • For plots, I like modern fantasy or medieval fantasy, but rarely just straight-up humans doing human things, especially in historic settings. I like creating a threat that our character will need to escape or beat. Antagonists & villains are not only fun to write, but easy plot devices that I love to indulge in. I love redemption arcs, I love it when our main heroes lose, I love it all.
  • I like dark themes. Everyone says this, but I'll try to get specific. I want our characters out there dealing with murder and dealing with life or death situations. Teenage drama is always fun, too. I recently reread the first half of twilight and the balance of teenage drama and deadly vampire drama was still fun, if not a bit bland.
  • I am not interested in a 'top/bot' ruleset for characters. They are just in love, both will have moments of vulnerability, and moments of strength. I really dislike the super passive, bubbly damsel as well as the overly masculine or badass character. I have had people pretty much cringe in an MxF if my male character shows any kind of emotion besides lust, and I ain't here for that. I also don't want to rp with a little, innocent boy who can't attempt to throw a punch.

Characters! I have a list of some of my most used characters to play. If you like one of them but none of my plots, just let me know and we can create something entirely new for your character and mine.


Male | 22~ | Bi (50/50) | Often played as a Half-Demon | Snarky, Protective, Violent | Created in 2012
Alex is almost always a half-demon, but his history is very flexible. Usually born of a human mother and demonic father, he starts his life under the care of his mother. At some point in his late teens to early twenties, he is killed. His father has been waiting patiently and now calls him to his 'true' life. His wishes are usually sent by Alex's siblings, but either way, Alex's new life is violent, horrific, and dehumanizing. He fundamentally changes as a person, becoming a demon with time. His humanity never truly leaves him, but he pretends that it does. His half-human origins are kept a secret as long as possible, but it seems to be common knowledge to other, older demons.
Alex is probably my most comedic character, rarely holding a serious moment. He answers everything with jokes or violence. Usually his character development & romance involve Alex realizing his humanity again.


Male | 24-30 | Gay | Often Human | Quiet, Serious, Spiteful | Created in 2016
Cameron is a very serious, intriguing character to play. He is collected and calculating, but has been portrayed on both extremes of the moral compass, like a Serial Killer and a Detective. He can be kind and protective or controlling and obsessive. Cameron is very loving either way. He is very protective and possessive in times, but tries to avoid controlling behavior as a result. He is grateful and appreciative, always picking his words with care to explain exactly what he needs to portray, whether that is to calm your character's mind or convince them of his innocence. His eyes are a dark blue set in a face of angular, striking features. He is my tallest character at 6'5, and built lean. His pale-blonde hair is natural.

He is usually a scholar of some kind and working in a highly skilled field. He can be a professor, therapist, doctor, or a criminologist. As a young man, he usually went for remote work such as IT contract work or freelance.

He usually has a younger brother, Jonah, an unintentionally selfish socialite and terrible friend. He is bursting with charisma that makes others turn a blind eye to his antics. They don't usually talk about their childhood.
His slightly younger, twin brother, Michael, is the black-sheep of the family. They are fraternal and the family finds it easy to distinguish them from each other. Michael is usually portrayed as an unhinged, volatile version of Cameron's darker tendencies. They have become estranged into adulthood.
Sometimes, I will also give Cameron a younger sister, but not often.

Cameron's mind is almost always a dark place, but it has its lows and highs. I can agree that writing romance as a 'medicine' is bad practice, but I've met examples of this and lived it. It is by far not permanent, usually just an inspiration for change which can come and go. I usually write Cameron this way.

Cameron is a beloved character that I created off of a random concept of an art piece, an all-white character with paint leaking from his eyes (It was wonderfully executed and yes I was an edgy teenager). He was entirely silent, often played with selective-mutism despite lacking a reason. This created for dull roleplay and I realized I had created too passive of a character, though I had one roleplay that was short, but very sweet about a boy breaking through his walls and encouraging him out of his shell. This human version of Cameron was a contractor with a passed-on mother and absent father, meaning he took care of his siblings through adulthood, usually without a 'thank you'. About a year after creating him, I stopped roleplaying him with mutism, but he will resort to it when in a dark place.


Male | 15-20 | Bi (Male Leaning) | Often played as a Wendigo | Viscious, Gullible, Apathetic | Created in 2017
Adam is an orphaned wendigo who has trouble acclimating to human society once pushed into the foster system. He does not relate to any of his peers during his school years and withdraws from others. His aggressive persona is brutal and insulting, meant to repel people from trying to become his friend. Adam has a very lonely existence due to this, and will usually try to escape human society at 19, and most likely won't live past 22 without intervention. His intelligence and education is very low, only having an elementary reading level and basic mathematics skills. His homeschooling from his parents was unstructured and very flippant, leaving him behind once he went to high school after their death. He never really caught up.

While humans themselves don't scare them, he is extremely prejudiced towards them for the violence they had towards his parents (which could be from a group of hunters that mistook Adam for human.) He will usually find solace in another supernatural creature. If shown kindness, Adam becomes an attention-starved puppy.


Female | 15-20 | Bi (Male-leaning) | Often Human | Gullible, Selfish, Sweet | Created in 2013
Calliope is another, older character of mine. She is supportive, gentle, and kind. Sometimes I'll play her as white and blonde, other times she'll be mixed with pink hair/lace-front. Either way, she's precious and kind on the eyes. I have only played her as a child in the past, but I would like to develop her character as a young adult. I imagine Calliope isn't as innocent-seeming as she was as a child, though that righteous sense that everyone has good intentions is still there. Her sense of right and wrong would be much stronger, making her keep an eye on her selfish tendencies. She would become a little vain, indulging more in her appearance as she gets older. Still, Calliope could forgive her own villians if they convinced her to. 
She is sickeningly sweet and fun to add into different scenarios. She is usually forgiving to a fault, which might be the reason for some of her more selfish attitudes, feeling as though she should just be given the same courtesy. The gravity of situations rarely settles with her, but Calliope prefers to live in a passive daze in the face of danger. She was originally created as a damel-like plot device. A little girl to be sympathized with. I would like to make her much more than that.

Extra Characters
"Rat" - 16-20 | Male | Gay | Human | Playful, Flirty, Non-Commital, Self-Destructive - Usually prone to substance abuse that can lead down a dangerous road of homelessness or self-sabatoge. He is a prodigy robotics engineer with ADHD. Rat doesn't take care of himself without supervision or close friends that check in on him. Rat tends to spiral and obsess. He usually comes from a well-off, middle-class house. Dating is always a playful game for him, and true love is difficult for him to realize and express. He can be bratty and impulsive, leading to hurtful mistakes. Created in 2014.

"Alva" - Immortal | Female | Bi (Female leaning) | Minor Deity, Forest Guardian | Disconnected, Aloof, Serious - Alva was a victim of horrible acts. The forest she was murdered in granted her spirit the succession of the role of Forest Guardian, cursing her assailant to the body of a snake. Being a mage, the snake countered the spell, becoming a large, great Basalisk snake, and sticking by his victim's side. Alva has no memory of the events of her death, and unfortunately sees the snake as a bothersome companion. She is capable of great strength and wrath when her forest is endangered, but she is unaware of the foe she lies next to. Created in 2018.

Here are some plots and ideas! I have more, but I have condensed a few, below, to just the ones I am craving. If you're interested in just a soft romance, any setting/genre, I'm SUPER craving that with Cameron, Alex, or Adam.

I am specifically craving a soft romance with Cameron, Alex, and Adam. They are my absolute favorites and I haven't seen them in a new setting in a long time. I'm especially craving MxM for them. I'm not so great at writing plot bunnies for soft romance ^^;, so if you have an idea let me know.

We Came as Romans

Gods are being awakened throughout the summer of 2020 with humans as their "vessels", awaiting some stupid prophecy about the world ending.
As each God comes forward, they are made into instant celebrities. The first to announce themselves, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, denounces each fake claim and highlights their real siblings. Athena says the last God to wake would be Zeus, who would call them all to action for whatever they are meant to do for humanity.

Muses A and B have a history together and still care about each other. When Muse A first claims themselves as Persephone, Muse B is worried about their safety in what some speculate to be an upcoming war between Hades and the Olympians. Hades' Unknown Vessel is Public Enemy #1, and Muse B worries for Persephone's part in all this.
A week before Zeus, Muse B awakens as Hades, and now the two characters may be on the opposite sides of a war.
(Genders do not matter to me, I also think it would be fun to play all the gods, I italicized the significant players of this plot)
Hades x Persephone Celebrity/Greek God RP

Hidden Threat

Muse A is a fresh serial killer that looks up to the sociopaths perceived as 'geniuses'. They plan to deceive the cops forever, if possible.

Muse B is a curious cop/journalist that is obsessed with the case. They stalk all of the evidence and can't get enough of the details, most curious about the mind of the killer. It worries those closest to them, but a new face in their life doesn't seem put off by Muse B when they get to talking about it, and that is their latest Tinder date, Muse A.
Serial Killer x Detective

Love of our Lives

Muse A is an immortal creature that has made a nemesis of Muse B, another immortal, who promises to make their life hell for the rest of eternity.
Muse A is frantic and paranoid when they meet their soulmate for the first time, Muse C, and worries what Muse B could do to them.
Sure enough, Muse B toys with the couple and eventually kills Muse C, devastating Muse A
Twenty years later, Muse A meets their soulmate again as their next reincarnation. Muse A is both ecstatic and fearful, knowing that if this will be an unending cycle, Muse B will truly torture them for eternity and use Muse C as their weapon.
(One person will play Muse A, the other will be B & C. Requires lots of OOC plotting. Muse B could be Muse A's brother or a redemption arc could lead to a polyamorous thing?)
Reincarnation & Soulmates

If you're interested, please PM me.
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