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October 30, 2020, 02:18:41 AM

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Author Topic: A Dizzi-ing array of stories! [M4A]  (Read 166 times)

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A Dizzi-ing array of stories! [M4A]
« on: June 02, 2020, 06:42:31 PM »

Hello! I'm Dizzi, also known as Diz, I've been roleplaying on forums and such for close to ten years now (dang!). I'm a photographer by trade but also love to write (One of my side hustles is actually as a writer for a photo blog!). I have a broad range of interests and game types, thought they often lean towards the extreme/NC. Not always. So if you're easily squicked this may not be the idea thread for you. Generally I play dominant males but could be convinced otherwise if the idea is there.

Easiest to put in my F-list. Most things I'm super down with exept scat, adult baby, and underage. You can find my F-list HERE

Some key words include:
dad/son incest
queer content

Some pictures that don't have plots as of now. willing to collab



After The End
Can be: Light, Bon, NC, or EX: Human or Exotic.  Must be willing to collaborate to make a fun, long term, plot driven, game

Ten years after Brian Epitaph accidentally released a bacteria that killed off most of the human race, people have started to change. They went mad at first, those that lost their minds either killed themselves off or went to go live in their own colonies. Some people got sick and never got better, they are on the edge of death and have been for years. there are the lucky few that have survived and are just trying to live their life in the new world filled with gangs and crime. Outside of all that, shunned by almost everyone, are the rare few who have mutated. There are plenty of mutations but the ones that are the most hated are the powers. A small percentage of those that survived the 'event' gained powers, from strength, to mind reading to telekinesis. It is a rare gift that no one understands. Those with powers are feared and hated, shunned from any sort of community, forced to live on their own. (This is just a base world idea. Would really like to play this one with someone for the long haul.)

My dad is a slut!?
Bon: H or Extreme - M/M
Five years ago, Lance's mom and dad split - while the reason was never clear the two seemed to be reasonably friendly with eachother. ne day, While visiting his father, Lance stumbles onto his dad's secret stash of porn. Finlly putting together the pieces that his dad is not only gay, hence the divorce, but a submissive bottom. Lance is known in the city as a dominant guy - but finding out his dad's tendencies is a step too far... Ir is it?

Basically this game is a daddy/boy game, but flipped on its head a bit. Could be a shorter game, or a long game with the two geoing deeper and deeper into depravity together.

In Debt
Bon:H, NC:H, or Extreme - M/F or M/M
Tyler is a coke addict. Or was, at least. He is a good six months clean! the only problem, is that he still owes his old dealer money and he is flat broke. what will happen when the dealer's muscle catches him?
This is a game that could go many ways. From sex-driven (Becoming the dealer's bitch) to plot driven (All about Tyler becoming a new delivery boy) to almost romance (Tyler and the drug dealer slowly growing feelings for eachother)
*Names are temporary. Either character can be either gender.

Master of the Labyrinth is the Slave of its Captive
NC: E, or Extreme - M/F or M/M
200 years ago, a labyrinth appeared. No one knows where it came from, or its purpose, but a small village was wiped out overnight as the structure seemed to appear from nowhere.  Inside the labyrinth was a plethora of creatures and traps, designed to try and kill any that tried to conquer the maze.  Many hero's, and heroine's, have tried to enter, but none have succeeded.

This story will follow a warrior as he reaches the centre of the labyrinth. The idea is that the beast in the middle of the maze is defeated but convinces the warrior to spare them life, keep them as a slave. However, this arrangement does not last long and, soon, the tables are turned, the hero becoming the captive as he is forced to help them conquer the realm. All while keeping up the charade that the warrior is the one in charge

Beauty and the Brawn
NC: H, possibly NC: E
 (Names are just placeholders, roles can be reversed)
Tyler was a powerful person.  Royalty.  at least, that was their plan. They had the brains to carry out they plan.  But not the Brawn.  That is where Troy came in.  One day, while perusing near the jail, they saw him.  A big brute of a man.  Probably not too intelligent.  Being sold by the prison as a slave, wearing a special collar that would help... control him.

Off Course
Can be; NC, Bon, Light, most likely exotic. - M/M
The year is 2190, and the world is ending.  a handful of people from across the globe are getting an opportunity to escape.  But something went wrong during the freezing process.  Pierre has woken up and find himself, not on the planet that they are targeting.  But somewhere.  Unable to move, frozen but conscious.  He is trapped, something that makes him panic when he sees a creature walking down the aisles of frozen bodies.

The Hunter
NC: E - M/F or M/M
PLOT A – Hunted Becomes Hunter
The best hunter/huntress in the land and has been hired to take out the beast that has been terrorizing a large city. They track the beast deep into the woods, only to come upon a lost and broken man.
The hunter decides to help the man, helping him return home and delaying their quest to find the beast. Little do they know, they are far closer to the beast than previously thought.

this game would be following the hunter who is captured by the werewolf, who had turned back into his human form to lure the them close.

PLOT B – Hunted becomes Prey
The best hunter/huntress in the land has been hired to take out the beast that has been terrorizing a large city. They track the beast deep into the woods, only to come upon a lost and broken man.
The hunter is too smart for a simple trick like this and, instead of leading the man back to the city, they use his weaker form as an advantage, and captures the beast. The question is, now that he's captured; what will they do with him now?

This story is kind of the antithesis to Plot A. In this she captures the werewolf and, I think at least, she turns him into her pet; using him in her future hunts.

BOTH of these games will need more plot development as time goes on; but this is kind of an idea for the setup. We should collaborate on the meatier part of the story

Cold (Better have a great idea to add on)
The Crash that Changed My Life
Bon:H or Extreme, I see this as being totally consenual - M/F or M/M
Sam is a rough and tough kind of person but one day, they find themselves in a motorcycle crash. They are surprisingly okay, but the bike is trashed, leaving them in the middle of nowhere. John happens upon Sam and helps them out, giving them a place to shower, call a tow etc. What Sam is surprised to find out is that John is big into the kink scene, leaving Sam way out of their element... but intrigued. Could be a long term, relationship-based game.
*Names are temporary. Sam can be male or female

If human is not specified, any fantastical race can do

Anthro x human
Alien x human
Police officer x criminal
prisoner x prisoner
Prisoner x guard
summoner x demon

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