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Author Topic: A Handful of Ideas (M for f)  (Read 534 times)

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A Handful of Ideas (M for f)
« on: June 02, 2020, 07:08:18 pm »
Hello! Thanks for checking out my request thread. I have a few ideas below, in no particular order. I've included a handful of settings and themes, but I would love for each idea to get the chance to explore submission, bondage, and romance.

*Brightwall Academy

It is 1955 (though it could be a modern setting too) and the next great arms race is costumed vigilantes. Every nation is acquiring them, either to deal with enemy spies domestically, maintain order on the streets, or to be used as weapons of war in the next global conflict. Given the importance placed on these individuals, training is paramount. To that end, the United States established Brightwall academy on a secret island off the coast. The island has been turned into a perfect replica of a U.S city, where each citizen of the city is a performer playing a part. Half of student time is spent in classes and conventional training, while the rest is spent in simulations. Since the town is fake, the staff can hold mock bank robberies, communist spy incursions, and even invasions. Your character applied to be a student at the academy, but was put on a waiting list due to her lack of powers. (I'm thinking perhaps she was a paid consultant to one of the world's first vigilantes, a man regarded as the world's greatest detective. In reality, the guy was a pretty witless thug, but her genius and detective skills allowed him to pass for a superior investigator.) She has been made an actor in the academy "so that she can learn something while she waits for a seat to open" but she suspects they will keep delaying her forever. In an attempt to make her try to leave voluntarily, they cast her in the role of the fake town's snoopy investigative journalist. In essence, whenever there is a scenario, she likely spends all of it bound and gagged, waiting to be rescued. My character is a new student at the academy, who ends up 'rescuing' her during his first scenario. The two kind of hit it off, and perhaps even form a secret alliance. My character isn't an idiot, but he quickly realizes that she is smarter than him, and perhaps by working together, they can win her a spot at the academy. But what happens when they start to suspect that some of the staff and employees are actual enemy agents, and the fake peril they've been working with becomes real?

*A Debt Owed

A generation long cold war between humans and elves was shattered when an elf assassin killed the human king in his sleep. The event kicked off the bloodiest war in recorded history, with eight human kingdoms sending wave after wave of soldiers into the deep woods, intent on eradicating or enslaving every elf they could find. Humans suffered truly staggering losses, but never relented. Now, what remains of the elven people are in hiding, and even with their enemy utterly defeated, the onslaught continues. Your character is an elven soldier, attempting to see as many civilians as she can to safety. My character is an invading human knight, though he is sickened by the cruelty he sees in his peers. My character and a small band of soldiers uncover your character, who is trying to lead a band of sick and wounded elves to safety. The human soldiers want to follow orders, killing or enslaving the entire lot of them, but my character cannot allow it. He turns on his men, helping your character to defeat them, then giving her directions to help avoid the rest of the human patrols. Before departing to complete her mission, your character whispers something to my character, who doesn't speak enough elvish to understand that she has promised him a life debt. Until she dies, her every action is his, and failure to comply could expel her ancestors from heaven. My character urges her to leave before more humans arrive, still not understanding what has happened, and she is forced to obey. A year passes before they see each other again. My character is now assigned to the prince, who is attending one of the elf auctions to buy slaves for the palace. As they pass by the cages, he makes eye contact with your character, who ends up pleading with him to purchase her. Should she be bought by another buyer, she will be unable to fulfill the debt, and her family will be lost. My character has never desired a slave, but perhaps they can work together to change the ruined state of the world. Of course, any hope of that will be dashed if they cannot play the role of master and slave convincingly.

*Caught in the Middle

For the last year, the city has been a battleground between two seemingly evenly matched forces, a superpowered vigilante and his costumed nemesis. One does his best to maintain order, while the other seeks only to rule. The vigilante always manages to drive his nemesis off before he can do too much damage, but fails to fully apprehend him. What I'm essentially looking for is for your character to be a civilian who somehow ends up in the middle of the battle between them. Somehow (and we could plot out exactly how) she meets the vigilante character, hits it off with him, and the two start dating. The nemesis character is initially enraged not to be his rival's sole focus, and kidnaps her, only to find himself equally smitten. Unlike his more heroic counterpart, he seeks more to possess and dominate than to romance. It could become almost a tug of war, with her being pulled in one direction, then the other. I've toyed with the idea that my two characters could even be twins, making it even more confusing for your character.

*Man Of Steel

Okay, I don't have an idea for this one, but I love writing Superman. I'd be happy to pair him with an OC character civilian, a Lois Lane, or a Wonder Woman or Black Canary. Even certain villains, like Catwoman, could be a lot of fun. If you think we might click based on the ideas above, and you are looking to write opposite a Superman, I'd love to plot something out with you!
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