Looking for an Adrenaline Rush! (F seeking M)

Started by assionpay, May 31, 2020, 06:40:08 PM

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Working on a new thread with dark and twisted sort of stories. Nothing too terribly graphic, and nothing like murdering characters. No. I just need something a little crazy, a little wild, a little taboo, to tickle my fancy. I have ideas rumbling around in my head lately, little visions of scenes I'd like to pursue and play out. I'm into a lot of typical taboo interests like drugs, NC, incest, sometimes bestiality. I'm looking for something more taboo in an everyday sort of sense. Bad boys. Dark secrets. Affairs. Hidden pasts. And of course, all the delicious taboo and rough or kinky sort of sex stuff we decide. (60:40 story to smut for me I think). I care a lot about my writing, and I work hard to develop my muse. While I'm not as frequent at posts as I used to be, I still shoot for at least once a week, sometimes more.

Want to hear some of my thoughts? My mental wanderings? Maybe it will strike a chord and we can wreak some havoc together :)
Message me if interested, or you just want to discuss

1)  The 6th period bell signifies end of school day for most kids, something Celene had already recognized a few periods ago. She liked hanging out in between hallways, out in the field. High school felt like her own little playground. She did well in the classes she went to, even on tests, so teachers rarely bothered her. She stayed out of any big trouble on campus, so she was rarely caught. More so, most kids avoided her. She leaned against the cold red brick of the auditorium. She was almost invisible to people watching her. After all, who cared about the girl who had no parents. They thought she was weird and reclusive and any number of any hurtful things that could be said to an outsider. And for the most part, she'd been happy being alone. She pulled a cigarette to her full pink pouty lips, a compliment to the other soft feminine features of her face. Especially her striking blue eyes. Celene took a long draw from the cigarette and felt the familiar burning in the back of her throat that spoke of the soft little high that was to come. But for the moment, her baby blues were only focused on one thing, the new guy.

2) Dani looked out her kitchen window. There, at the end of their house, was a tall male shadow, just peeking from around the corner. Her heart dropped. She'd known he was coming, that he would look for her at some point, but she was not ready to actually see him again. Even his shadow and she knew it was him. They had history, from a time in another life. "Hun you ok?" her husband asked. Dani smiled and brushed aside a stray lock of hair. "I'm fine, fine. On your way to day care, will...um...you please go by the post office and send this..." Dani scrambled to find a letter to hand to him. And for a moment, she was in this life again. Homemaker, mom, wife. But she hadn't forgotten the shadow that was waiting for her husband to leave to go to work, before emerging.

3)Layla sat in her drivers seat, thumping against the steering wheel in frustration. Her car died, again. On the side of some mountain rode this time. It was a heck of a time to go taking a weekend getaway, with the weather as crappy as it was. Still, she knew she needed it. Layla had been feeling strange, having weird dreams, sometimes nightmares. They were starting to effect her work. She journalled about the things she saw, felt, sometimes tasted.... It didn't seem to help. If anything, the more she tried to figure them out, the more they happened. She opened the hood of her car and leaned to peek inside. Plump round ass cheeks push against tight denim jeans. Another sigh. It wasn't good, and she knew her way around cars to know when it wasn't good. Before she could act on it though, the sun dipped behind the ever graying clouds. Layla could feel her head getting swimmy, like she'd stood up too fast. Then she did just that, standing up in a small panic as she felt her mind starting to slip. She was going to have a bad dream alright, except this time, she was not falling asleep. She was just falling. Layla fell to the ground at her broke down car, slipping into a vision of a man.

4) She stared at the fence that separated her families house from the frat boys next door. Oh everyone on the block knew who lived there. While the house wasn't particularly crazy or loud, like one would assume a frat house to be, it was annoying. Cars were gathered and parked on weird days and times, weird shouts and calls at random times of the day. And the guys weren't exactly very neighborly. But Marie had noticed them all the same, how they looked. She was a good and faithful woman, but her life was dull. It was a cliche sort of housewife life. And on weekends, when her husband had more work to do, and their daughter went to visit family, she longed for something more. So today, she stared at the wood fence, listening to the chatter over beer pong from their backyard. Marie wasn't wearing pants, reclined in her patio chair, smoking weed from her pipe. She felt lost, like she'd missed out on something when she was younger, or simply that she had just changed. Maybe she wasn't just happy with this sort of boring lifestyle. Marie shifted her legs against one another, freshly shaved. Her clit ached, yearning for good sex that she hadn't had in months. Another hit from her pipe and she felt the weed sink into her system, relaxing her a bit, and emboldening her. Maybe she could be happy simply flirting with some of the college boys next door? Harmless fun right?
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