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Started by WeeksUnending, May 27, 2020, 08:18:41 PM

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Thank you for taking the time to check my thread.

I am currently available for a few stories.

  • I am happy to play by post or by message
  • Please message me to discuss a story rather than posting here
  • My ons and offs are linked in my signature, please have a quick look mostly at my offs
  • OOC communication is a must
  • My availability varies day to day and week to week. I guarantee at least one post per week except if I go on holiday or something, but honestly that's just to set the bar so low I can't possibly fail. Expect more frequent posts.

With that out of the way, here are my current ideas:

Magical adventure/monster of the week

I play a wizard/sorcerer of some renown, and you play the new apprentice/assistant. Rather than a strictly student-teacher dynamic, the idea is that our characters travel the length and breadth of the land studying and dealing with local monster problems. In and around the smut should be hijinks, adventure and one or two close escapes.


Perhaps your character isn't just a neophyte mage, but a summoned being - pulled into the world purely to carry spare scrolls and hold the beaker steady? Or a previously captured and studied specimen that the wizard took under their wing?

I imagine this as a M/F pairing, but could change this. I am also flexible around taking the assistant role if you have a good idea for the wizard.

In addition, if you have a really good idea for a few monsters, I would be happy juggling extra characters as NPCs to subject yours to some "hands on" studying.

Precious cargo

One is a technologically gifted space-captain, the other is a biologically engineered alien creature. No, not like in a HR Geiger way - well, maybe. The captain's ship is chartered to make a smuggling run with a sealed container and promised a bonus if they get it there unopened. Only problem is, a day or so into the flight the container is opened from within, and the cargo has some opinions about their current predicament.

One character is physically powerful but naive and removed from their natural (alien) habitat. The other is a typical human, but has the know-how, schmooze and gadgets to help the pair of them navigate a hectic galaxy.

I imagine this one a F/Futa, and slightly prefer the idea of playing the fish out of water alien, but it's not a requirement.


Maybe instead of a human, the captain is an android? For a real nature/technology them, the alien could be more elemental/plantlike in nature too.

Will the captain complete the contract or abscond with the goods and try to deal with the consequences? Maybe instead of a chartered flight, the alien is a stowaway? Or if you're after a story a little more on the dark side, maybe the captain is the one that actually abducted the alien in the first place and has to come to terms with that?

I'm pretty set on the alien being the more physically imposing of the pair (I like the idea of that overwhelming strength being directed with either a clever word or a genuine friendship), but any other power dynamic is negotiable.

Basically Dragonball

Short and sweet this one - I want an adventure a la Journey to the West, but with a few robots and some modern/sci-fi world thrown in there. Don't care about the pairings, don't mind the fetishes, but I'd like to keep it pretty light for this one. Shape-changers, ki-blasts, flying clouds, cheesy wuxia action. Yes please.

If you want to go full power, I'd be open to a straight up dragonball game, but as long as we're not using any canon characters (don't know why, just can't write other people's characters).

AI Dungeon

This one is weird.

No really - if you like the sound of this one, read it again and make sure.

So I've been inspired by AI Dungeon and a few erotic indie games (e.g. Ravager) to try a one-on-one game wherein you are the player, and I am GMing. You can pick (almost) any character, genre, whatever. Systems? If I can learn it I'll try it, or if you want a system but aren't sure what I can cook up some simple rules for a game depending on what kind of character you want to play.

What I'm offering

100% freedom. No really, that's your deal. I'll throw plot hooks your way, see where the adventure takes us, but if you decide to stop saving the world to willingly contract vampirism and start converting entire cities, I'll write it with you. Want to punch that guy? Bam. Steal that kid's candy? Yours now. Steal that guys wife? Also yours. There will be consequences (and if you want a system, there will be skill checks) but there will be no restrictions apart from a) your imagination, b) site rules and c) our collective Offs. Everything is negotiable.

What I want

1) A premise. I'll write you a cyberpunk dystopia to save, a magical kingdom to found or a galaxy to plunder. Just come with an idea of the kind of character you want to play. I'll bounce some ideas off you to connect them to the world, and we're away.

2) This is the weird bit, read it carefully. Minimal input. No, really - go play AI dungeon. That kind of input is what I'm looking for - "I [verb] [article] [noun] [optional adjective]". You won't have to guess at the world, you can call up any relevant information with "I recall what I know about the king" or "What do I know about the mayor?" and I'll spit out an answer like the robot in AI Dungeon. You can type dialogue if you want to say something specific, you use adjectives to emphasise what you want to do and you can make any decision or ask for prompts, but essentially you give me a line, I give you a paragraph. A choose-your-own adventure where all you need to supply are the little decision sentences. I'll describe your actions (as a GM would at a tabletop game), the setting and any NPC responses.

I realise that coming on to a forum filled with writers and offering a game that involves minimal writing on your part is a bit weird, hence the red text. But I'm hoping a few of you want to kick back and mess around in a little sandbox world.

The weird bit has ended. Thank you for checking.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Please message me with any questions or ideas or anything, even if you just want to chat.