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June 29, 2022, 01:35:02 am

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Author Topic: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (M for F, game spoilers are spoiler tagged within)  (Read 414 times)

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been long awaited and playing like I have, and watching videos as much as I now have, made me have a very large craving to play a few things in that world. There's a lot of great stuff in the world so why not get around to playing it yeah?

Here's a few little things to know:
-I aim to reply every other day. Sometimes more and sometimes work sucks the urge to write from me for longer. I will let you know if I'm just utterly out of it and it will be a while before I get to reply but generally speaking every other day is a decent expectation.
-As long as you've got a spell checker running and/or I know the gist of what you're saying I'll be fine.
-I'm flexible on most kinks so we can discuss what you want in the RP and figure out generally how to make it happen as long as it doesn't cross the bathroom play/torture/heavy pain line.

I'm going to put any major spoiler I can think of relating to the ending specifically in a spoiler tag. Fair warning now though there might be occasional unintentional spoilers around so if you want to avoid those but want to play something shoot me a PM and we can figure it out!

Lastly, this is the part where I admit I'm a sucker for harem/multi-F style RPs. I'd certainly like to have a Jessie/Tifa/Aerith RP or some variation with two or three ladies but it is not anything close to a neccesity. It's like a bonus if you happen to want to do that. Figured I'd mention that on the off chance someone wanted to. The format for the ideas and such will be by naming the lady and then which guys I would pair her with and what I think that looks like. OCs will be named by their title/position or something close to it.

Tifa Lockhart

Cloud Strife: The most obvious choice and yet the most canon (in my mind). This pairing would likely follow the plot of the game fairly closely and/or would take place in the future ater the journey's end. He's the calm brooding hero and she's the warm connection that keeps him grounded. It just works.
This could take place in the Zack Lives timeline (I do subscribe to the alternate timeline version of the ending but for the sake of RP it's also just easier to work it out that way) where Zack and Cloud fight side by side and Tifa is drawn to Cloud as he more rapidly discovers his true past. Note this would also open up the possibility of Zack pairing with someone as well if we really want.

Aerith Gainsborough

Cloud Strife: She told him not to but that's fairly difficult. Cloud and Aerith play off each other well in a similar way but different to Cloud/Tifa in that Aerith is much more sassy and much more upfront with what's happening most of the time in my mind. The way she flirts with and messes with Cloud at points to his exasperation is amusing to say the least and seeing how that continues to develop would be stellar in my opinion. This would follow the game likely and beyond up until "The Moment" where we change the outcome. If you know the original you can probably assume what I'm getting at there.

Spoileriffic Character
Zack Fair: In the Zack Lives timeline it only makes sense that these two would reconnect and become even closer. Their dymanic being explored on the hunt for Sephiroth would be something to see as well as providing a juxtaposition for Cloud/Tifa. Also it would allow us to look at how the story of the games changes with Zack alive and well and how that influences everything else.

Jessie Raspberry

Cloud Strife: Oh look, it's Cloud again. In the game he very clearly denies Jessie who is incredibly forward about her attraction but there are shows that he cares. If we tweak so that to be more rapid then perhaps a romance would indeed blossom. She is the most aggressive out of the three women in remake who are going for Cloud's attention so it'd be interesting to see her win and how that decision changes things. Certainly Cloud wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.
Spoiler Character
Zack Fair: While Cloud tries to play it cool Zack is more genuinely cool but also far more approachable. He's a normal guy who just so happens to have incredible power and training more or less. Having him play off of Jessie sounds like a riot since I see him as more willing to play along with her instead of blow things off. In the Zack Lives timeline we also have this great potential that I've mentioned in the other versions with him in it so I don't need to beat that drum again but in this case specifically Zack could save Jessie and prevent her death at the pillar (if she's dead I suppose).

Shinra Grunt: You remember those two grunts in Sector 7? The new recruit and the veteran where the new recruit is constantly being more nice and polite while the veteran is more stoic and kind of a dick? I like the idea of that new recruit actually managing to hit it off with Jessie after drinking one night as Seventh Heaven. He's probably just working for them because he needs the money and he actually cares about the people around as we get evidenced later. This story would be much less focused on the main plot of the remake and more on their interaction before and after the game party leaves Midgar.

These aren't the only options, of course, and if you have any ideas please please throw them my way I'd love to hear them! Same with questions, feel free to toss those in my general direction and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for taking the time to read this!