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May 20, 2022, 08:32:47 am

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Author Topic: [M4GM] A trip into space  (Read 358 times)

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[M4GM] A trip into space
« on: May 23, 2020, 02:29:07 pm »
Hey people of elliquiy, I recently saw this interesting idea posted around reddit and I was really interested in finding someone to play it out with me, but since I am not great at GM-ing since I took a long break and only recently got back into rping once more, I was hoping to find someone who would be able to help me create an interesting world/space/universe/whatever, of course I'll help out with worldbuilding, because if an RP only has input from one of the parties, then it really isn't that great. let me just say this before I get into the details, I DO NOT feel comfortable playing as female characters or characters of any other gender other than males for personal reasons, but when it comes to nsfw stuff, I am fine with any type of character, be it a guy, gal, herm, futa, weird tentacle monsters, cosmic horror, just make sure you let me know before throwing them at me.

Ok, so, the idea I saw and adapted a bit is basically this

Ever since the first UFO showed up during the pandemic strange things started happening all over the world, weird symbols would show up burnt into the sides of buildings, strange looking animals would be found dead in the middle of the woods and people would disappear for seemingly no reason... But that was just the beginning, once the disease seemed to be dying down people started acting weird, some people who were 'infected' would walk off into the street in seemingly random directions, their eyes completely blank and sometimes even bleeding a black tarr-like substance from their orifices, and that kept on happening, millions and millions of people suddenly disappearing because of that, and once it stopped happening, the UFO's stopped showing up, the 'disease' suddenly vanishing.

A few years after those strange events happened, a large relic crashed into earth, it's interior and exterior being filled with unknown tech, but scientits from all over the world got to work on finding out what could be done with it, being able to harness the power of antimatter, using it to create small ships at first, then realizing that the tech was filled with blueprints for other things, ways to create seemingly unlimited supplies of oxygen, colossal terraformers, and even fully functional prosthetic limbs, much better and way more advanced than the ones we currently had.

Skipping ahead in time a few decades, there are trillions of humans all over the colonies and space stations now, the alien relic having helped us break through into a new space era, allowing us to create a 'bubble' of colonies on terraformed planets, space stations and even just wandering behemoths, which were ships big enough to be considered a country, and because of all this expansion, we also found other intelligent races, going from looking almost exactly like us, to somethings that made jabba the hutt look pretty.

And now jumping to the present, Earth is almost dead, being used as a shipyard planet, a place where ships were built and dismantled, and also where most pirates hid, but, space pirates aren't all that bad, some steal old ships and give them for free to people who don't have the money to escape this dying planet... and that's how I got mine, from a pirate, sure, it might be old and beaten up, but it should be enough to get me away from this dead planet.


and that's my version of the plot I saw, it's pretty simple, but I liked it and I tweaked the original a lot, if you're up for it just dm me.