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November 26, 2020, 11:09:24 PM

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Author Topic: Some new plots (Mostly M/f - looking for f characters)  (Read 174 times)

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Some new plots (Mostly M/f - looking for f characters)
« on: May 21, 2020, 02:22:46 AM »
Hi, I'm looking for new stories. I'm happy to talk through any questions you have after reading this, or any ideas that come up while you're reading these. Some general points first though, all fairly standard stuff.

>Spelling/Grammar: I'm not a grammar nazi, but there's a spellcheck on your word processor and the post window.
>Post length/frequency: No one liners please, I try to post at least 3 paragraphs for each update and it's easier when there's something to respond to. As for frequency I check E at least once a day, I understand that RL can get in the way so don't worry if something stops you posting for a while. If you think that you're not going to reply for a while then let me know.
>Communication: I'm happy to chat about the story, if you have any ideas/requests/concerns about the story then just let me know.
>O/o: I haven't updated that link at the bottom of this post in years. I probably should, but until then just ask me

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Re: Some new plots (Mostly M/f - looking for f characters)
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 02:23:25 AM »
Apex seed
People still argue over where the pandemic started. It spread faster than anyone would have thought possible, no amount of quarantine, protective gear, or antivirals would help. The effects could have been worse, but the death toll was still staggering. As the world staggered back out of hiding, fighting tooth and nail against the economic problems caused by the lock-down they thought that the worst was behind them. They were wrong.

It took years for the information to pass from rumours and conspiracy theories to the abstracts of scientific papers, but eventually it was confirmed. The virus had a catastrophic effect on the male population. Huge numbers of the male survivors were completely impotent. Most were unable to maintain an erection (studies have shown that even artificially pumping blood directly into the penis while stimulating the appropriate parts of the brain is insufficient in most cases) and the few who can manage to get hard find it impossible to ejaculate. Huge amounts of funding has been put into research on human cloning, and even a few attempts at inducing parthenogenesis, but even if those are successful they won't arrive anywhere near soon enough to prevent another catastrophe or guard against the risk of human extinction.

In a small number of cases though the virus had a very different effect. Men in what came to be called the 'Apex' group of cases showed significant growth and development in their sexual organs, and their semen is powerful enough to almost guarantee pregnancy. Plans were put in place to find as many of these men as possible and start a global in vitro fertilisation campaign – until more research found that the unidentifiable chemical changes to their semen had a strange effect on any woman who came into physical contact with it.

The effects were noticed after a lab accident, where a professor didn't make sure that her protective gloves came all the way down. A single drop splashed onto her wrist when she tripped while carrying a sample of Apex semen. She found herself becoming more and more focused on the man who provided the sample (even though she'd never met him), and increasingly desperate to have his children as the days went on. The addiction happened no matter what measures the researchers tried. There was a panic as people imagined Apex men enslaving women just by throwing a cup of cum at them – but after the laws prohibiting 'non-consensual exposure', reinforcing the age of consent for exposure, and publicising the fate of the first Apex man who was convicted of the crime, the public settled down and adapted to the way things worked now.

This one could easily get a lot more over the top (I'm pretty sure that there's at least one hentai with a largely identical setting), but we would still need to discuss how powerful the effects of exposure were for YC. It's probably better to keep it relatively simple (less 'touch his cum and you become a mind controlled slave within 5 seconds' and more like some kind of drug 'an internal dose will make you feel like you're in paradise and make you much more biddable for a few hours'). Withdrawal should definitely be unpleasant, and we should make it so that exposure somehow 'locks' a woman to the man who gave it to her (allowing even the most straight laced or prudish character to be pushed into more and more degrading positions, perhaps slowly accepting them and starting to enjoy them after a while). As we've already included some body modification for the Apex men in this setting I can see that working for the women here as well – after enough exposure her body slowly (maybe even painfully) starts to look more and more exaggerated and suited to her new owner and role.

Stories I was thinking of here:
>People like to imagine that every Apex is in his mid 30's, 6'6”, ripped, ruggedly handsome, romantic, caring, and with a deep/reassuring voice. MC might be an Apex, but he's nothing like that. He's a rather plain (on a good day) 17 year old still struggling to grow his first neckbeard, he's obsessed with hentai, and while he's pretty sure he knows which room the shower is in he doesn't come out of his parents basement often enough to really be sure about that (people don't care if you've washed recently on any of his MMORPGs, so it's just a waste of time, right?). YC is a married woman who's wanted a second child for years (first child was born before the pandemic). If she knew the sort of thing MC was thinking about then she and her husband met him after talking online would probably run screaming from the room, but after the first time there's no going back – no matter how much she wants to.

YC's story there would focus on her trying to deal with how she feels and what she needs after her first exposure. YC's husband (happy for either of us to play him) will be dealing with a pretty deep rooted sense of inadequacy and shame even before the woman he loves volunteered to become some 17 year old kids slave. MC is going to be in paradise (It's just like one of my Japanese Animes!) and it is going to go to his head, and he is going to be a dick (especially to YC's husband) and while YC might hate that she knows she needs him now – and even thinking about saying no to him or going against him is a terrifying idea. If it's not too busy a story already it might be fun to bring in YC's daughter as well, born before the pandemic of course, and maybe a little older than MC. She's watching all of this unfolding around her as MC moves into her families home. Do you think she'd be shocked/horrified by what's happening – or does knowing that there's a limited supply of Apex men available start to affect how she thinks about it all? While MC is nothing like the men she fantasises about she can't deny that her mother looks like she's in paradise for hours after each 'dose' he gives her, and she'd need to be deaf to ignore the ecstatic noises her mother's making several times a day now …

>This character though, is everything that people like to imagine an Apex man is. He was everything a man would want to be growing up, and a business prodigy to boot. He looked like a male model and had made several million dollars before he was legally old enough to buy his first beer. YC was his highschool sweetheart, and after a perfect romance they had their dream marriage. On his 28th birthday he retired to live a life of luxury with her on the income from his investments and the companies he owns. They spent the pandemic very comfortably in his palatial penthouse apartments, and were both young and healthy enough come through their infection without too many difficulties. When they discovered what was happening to him though they went about it exactly as they should, sleeping in different beds and spending as little time together as possible (to lower the risk of unplanned or accidental exposure) as they attended the voluntary counselling and medical checks, making sure that this life was what they both wanted. They both worked hard to turn her first exposure to his Apex seed into their perfect date and a romantic memory they could cherish together. After a few months though they were back at the doctors office for a range of tests. They had both been incredibly careful before the pandemic, and only just discovered that YC is completely barren, beyond anything medicine can help. That would be terrible news for any couple, but in the present crisis MCs doctor is obliged to contact the branch of the government handling Apex affairs, and they contact our characters, saying that – as hard as it may be – they would need to 'do their part'. It turns out that 'their part' is to take one or more young and fertile volunteers in to their homes, their lives, and their relationship, and make sure that they're bred to 'keep the numbers up'. Can their perfect life and perfect marriage stand that sort of stress?

I can see this one going a couple of different ways. Initially we would focus on the married couple, and use the other girl/s to put as much strain on it as we thought made a fun story. Depending on how messed up/generous you're feeling they could turn into one big, loving, poly family – or the new girls could become little more than cum-addled broodmares (while YC finds a more sadistic side of herself) – or maybe the original love of MC's life slowly transforms into just another one of his new pets.

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Re: Some new plots (Mostly M/f - looking for f characters)
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2020, 02:24:28 AM »
 Blackmail Empire
You're just coming back home when it happens. It could be a ping on your phone, an email, a letter or a package waiting for you just inside the door. As you read through what they've got on you it sinks in, if this got out your life would be over. The message ends with a simple sentence. “I'll be in touch with your first instructions soon”.

YC is part of a web of blackmailed people, men and women, grandparents and teenagers (within E rules, of course), rich and poor. They've all got something that they want to hide, for some it might be criminal trading that made them billions, for others it might be that one night they got drunk and cheated on their partners. They've all come to dread the 'message received' tone from their phones, but every now and then their blackmailer directs their attention to a news story about someone who had their file published, and reminds them that the same fate is waiting for them the moment they stop obeying. This one could easily be a lot more plot focused – possibly even removing the smut entirely – with us playing either single characters or a small group of men and women being given seemingly random and strange tasks. Sometimes they're forced into breaking the law, sometimes it's as simple as 'place this package at this location, and put an empty beer bottle on top of the wall as you walk out of the alleyway', sometimes they can almost get a hint of what their blackmailer is getting out of this – but are they sure they want to know? Alternatively maybe the ring exists simply to provide MC with entertainment, porn, and the occasional unwitting slave. In that case I imagine he'd be putting his ring to work helping YC prepare for her new life – altering her appearance, forcing her to do things she's never even heard of before, maybe even getting her pierced/tattooed/branded towards the end.

I've kept this one a lot looser than I usually do, it's less of a story than a framework to put fun scenes into – if there are any you'd particularly like to include then we can talk them through at the start, I'm also happy to talk the scenes through as we write.

I'll post new ideas as/when they come.