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Started by Gail Warning, May 20, 2020, 08:53:30 AM

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Gail Warning

Hi Guys.

I have a couple of stories that I would like to resurrect. One ended due the other writer leaving. The other ended due to myself having an accident, which required time in hospital, and not being able to post for a considerable time.

Both stories have a corruption based plot and plenty of filthy smut. The stories are:-

Stockholm Delayed

This story was fairly new when it stopped. It is about a couple who are taken hostage during a bank robbery. The wife is raped in front of her husband while she is a captive. The robber/rapist makes his escape but is later apprehended. However, mistakes during the ensuing trial results in him walking free from court. A little time later he tracks down the couple who run a struggling store in a small town. He offers to become a partner in the business if the wife submits to his sexual demand. The deal is made without the husband’s knowledge. Since the rape, the wife has been struggling with how she responded to the humiliation and brutal sex.

The ongoing plot is that the robber/rapist forces the wife to take part in various sexual acts, slowly perverting her into thinking such behavior is normal. The story would focus on the relationship between the robber/rapist and the wife and the marriage of the husband and wife. I’m open to all kinks except scat, so there should be plenty of opportunities to visit various topics of smut :)

Home Schooling

This is a very mature story, so will require quite a bit of reading to fully understand the characters. The story revolves around a mother and daughter who are corrupted by home tutors. The first tutor unearthed wonton desires in both mother and daughter, making them perform increasingly perverted acts. The arrival of a second tutor has seen the mother and daughter become part of his escort agency and he also has them acting as recruiters for the service. Currently, the story is at a point where the mother is planning to get her best friend at work to join the agency, either willingly or not.

This story is full of naughty goings-on with no in-depth study of the characters. It is more of a competition between the mother and daughter, seeing which can be more extreme than the other.

I hope one of these stories appeals to somebody. I’m happy if a person wants to play as an existing character or join as a new one. I look forward to your replies.