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December 02, 2021, 07:38:45 pm

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Author Topic: Looking for someone who wants to write a trap/femboy character.  (Read 344 times)

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Welcome, and thanks for dropping in!
Hope you find something you like...

Hello everyone, as the title sort of mentions I'm currently looking to write a story geared toward a specific kink.

What I would like to find would be someone interested in playing a trap/femboy, who starts out straight(ish), opposite another male character (what type would depend on the story).
I'm not really looking for a body modification story, so YC would already have that very femme build. They just need that last push into the sissy life.

I have a few pairings that I've thought of, even some scenarios that could be good jumping off points, but I would very much like a partner who can come with thoughts and input of their own.
As far as the writer I'm opposite, I have no feelings about how you personally identify. I just want to write with someone who has their own thoughts and desires that they can bring to the story.

Here's a link to my O/O but heads up, there isn't a lot there. I don't have a ton of offs, and I'm willing to talk about most things.
So here's some pairings and ideas that I've had, please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas of your own. I hope to hear from you soon!

School Days
These pairings have to do with school. Can be, or become, romantic or not. Can take place in normal/scifi/or fantasy settings...

Maybe best friends. A couple of geeks who've never even kissed a girl before, but get the idea that they need some practice. One of them clearly will fit better in their sister's clothes, so guess who gets  to go first? The idea was to just practice making out, but what happens when it goes too far...and what happens after, when YC decides they actually like the feel of girl's clothes? Especially when his best friend touches him in them.

A male cheerleader is bound to take some harassment, but what happens when the captain of the wrestling/Basketball/football team discovers him in the locker room wearing one of the female cheerleader's uniforms? Punishment for something like that could even go beyond the locker room and past the sports season...
   * Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Because this scenario could easily be between rival houses. Maybe the captain of the Gryffindor quidditch team puts another team's seeker in their place. Can you imagine if he had to wear a girl's uniform under his robes? Can you imagine if he liked it? (There can be some transformation elements in this one)


What about a story where a younger and older brother haven't seen each other in a long time? Maybe older brother went off to college. While he was away his younger brother has started experimenting wearing girls clothes. More of a private fascination than a lifestyle choice. Until he reveals this to his brother, during a night of drinking, and things start to get out of hand. After all, he doesn't look like his brother any more...

Other Things

What happens in Vegas
YC is on a trip to Vegas, maybe for some kind of competition (dancing, figure skating, ect.) or is in a show as a background whatever...
With some time off, and a number of drinks in him, he decides to check out the craps table, and like so many other Vegas stories... he WINS! He wins big! And just keeps on winning! His stack of chips gets higher and higher, and he gets more and more arrogant, and more drunk. Eventually he gets an invitation to join a private, super exclusive, super high roller game. Ready to take on God himself, he agrees and goes to the private suite, where there are only four or five men. But ready to take all their money, he bets, and he bets big... and he looses. Right away. He looses bad. After only a few rolls he not only lost the money he won, he lost the money he came to town with, he even manages to lose his room and everything in it! Before he knows what happened, he doesn't have the money to buy a sandwich to eat while he hitches a ride back home.
But one of the high rollers gives him one last try to win it all back. What else does he have to lose? He'll find out soon enough, when he rolls snake eyes, and he's given an embarrassingly short dress to put on, for drinks downstairs...

I've had an idea for a story about a trappy witch, who decides to summon a demon to do his bidding. Which works out well, for a day or so. He gets to use his demon slave to take revenge on bullys in his life, and others who have wronged him. He can even have his way with his demon slave (a little topping from the bottom).
Until he realizes the price he has to pay for his play thing is his immortal soul! Suddenly the tables are turned, and tge demon gets his turn to be the master.
  *This story could be done with a genie too...

I'll keep updating this list as I think of new ideas.
But again, please come to me with thoughts of your own. Or if you have a different idea entirely, tell me about it. I'm pretty much always up to chat about something.
Just send me a message and let's work something out!
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