Lifestyle Or Professional Mistress, Which Is Which?

Started by Marguerite, March 08, 2009, 08:07:54 PM

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Originally posted 10-15-2008

Reposted to E from another site, still works here and a bit more on what is a Mistress and the Difference:


It is just an observation of things I have noticed in and out of E. As some may or may not know, I am a Mistress aka Domme, and in the real world, I am striving towards being a college student and a Mistress as well. I have gotten into contact with people I choose to keep under lock and key into the BDSM and S/M community. A few family members know of my intention to achieve the status of obtaining a college degree and those who realize I want to own slaves and serve in the M/S community. I love what I am doing at the moment and hope for greater things.

Now, some people think that Masters and Mistress' are overrated or even strangling the real world and yes, I have noticed there are a few amateurs who feel he or she can simply state he/she can be an owner. I am not an amateur nor do I feel that what I do is to pass the time while I find something better to do. I find there is an art form and a set of rules a Master/Slave must have in order to have a relationship whether it is physical or not. These rules help to ease some of the tension in the M/S relationship before anything great and enduring can come out of it. Now, here on E, I am not going to ever stop being a Mistress and decide that this is a game to me. It is not and I love the slaves I own [i.e collar or have under said Mistress wings].

Now, I cannot understand nor do I really want to get into an argument with an amateur over ownership/collaring of slaves [or submissives]. You either are owned/collared solely by one/couple or not unless there are circumstances that cannot be explained in a quick manner. Another thing, is here in E, that there are MaƮtresse or Mistress' and Masters who may not like having his/her slaves roleplaying or talking to another. It may be for various reasons and yes, I have been at fault with one slave (this was in the past), though I am not going to bend the rules to please another. Other than that, my slaves/submissives on E or in real life are given free reign as long as I am not disrespected or having my name smeared as a result of a slave/submissive acting out.

I admire the Mistress' known by another alias as Dominatrix though do not confuse it. There are the professional dominants and the lifestyle dominants. A Professional Dom can be considered a Dominatrix who has a business of being paid to help submissive clients enjoy fantasy play. There is no use of sexual intercourse in the Dominatrix's business because then the Dominatrix would be considered a prostitute and that is illegal. Now, a Lifestyle Dominant is a female that is Dominant in her relationship whether it is in and out of the bedroom. There, the LD can have personal slaves, whether the slave is used sexually or not is at the LD's discreation. A PD can be an LD and an LD can be a PD at the same time. For now, I choose to be a Lifestyle Dominant until I feel I have enough experience to become a Dominatrix and even then it shall take years before I want to start a side business. School comes before the need to help other submissives play out his/her fantasies.

Now I might talk more on this subject but for now, I am not done with speaking on this whole Mistress/Master epidemic on E. Now, I was one of the first to collar and keep submissives and slaves and not pick this up in the middle of the owning/collaring-submissive and slave craze before and during E. I will still be around when the weaker/play acting ones give up and stop making a mockery of the lifestyle.

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