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Author Topic: Bioware-ophile (M/FutaXF Mass Effect, Dragon Age, KOTOR, More Plots Within)  (Read 347 times)

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It's no secret that Bioware isn't what they used to be, but I would still consider myself a Bioware fan at heart, and still greatly cherish many of the games and worlds they've made over the years. Despite their recent failings, it's truly hard for me to dissociate my love for the studio from what they are now. They have produced the greatest DnD based video games of all time (Baldur's Gate), the greatest Star Wars story of all time (KOTOR, come at me I said it), the greatest Sci-fi game series of all time and my personal favorite games ever (Mass Effect), and among the greatest fantasy series of all time (Dragon Age). Oh, and they also made one of the more unique RPGs ever when they made a detour in between 4 classics to create Jade Empire. Reflecting on it now, their run from the late 90s to early 10s is really astonishing and unprecedented as far as consistent video gaming excellence goes. And so, because my other request thread is simply getting too loaded with other things, I decided to make a request thread specifically about Bioware settings here. Some things to note regarding my stance of role playing within a Bioware setting and my requirements for it...

1. Large scope stories that encompass several characters beyond our “mains” (if we have main characters at all) and go to many different places within the lore, or original places we create. Not really interested in a hyper focused story about a Chantry sister falling in taboo love with a local blacksmith. Bioware stories need to have far reaching stakes and be larger than the characters that convey the story themselves.
2. Original characters, original storylines. I loved many of the characters from the games mentioned above, and if you wanna chat about them I can talk them to you're blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean I have the desire (nor right even) to attempt to portray one of them. Rehashing played out storylines also doesn’t particularly appeal to me. I'm OK with occasional cameos, or potentially expanding upon minor characters from previous games to make them more significant (like how Isabela and Merrill went from DA:O side characters to companions). But beyond that, no canons.
3. Complexity, in the characters and in the narrative. An idea may start out as just a generic pairing or a simpler concept, but I would like to see something grander grow from that.
4. Partners with at least the desire to have a basic understanding of the worlds, or even better to have a solid foundation already. And better yet, to contribute ideas that build the story and characters even more.
5. The party. This is the fundamental building block to a Bioware game, story, and setting. Without it, it's not really a Bioware game. That's why Dest-, I mean Anthem failed. Wasn't the technical issues, or it's lack of a compelling story. It was the fact that they ripped the heart and soul of Bioware games out of it; companions and the party. So any Bioware setting rp I do, you can be sure it will involve no less than 3-4 characters forming a band, a party, a unit facing the struggles together of whatever that particular story entails.

A special note of Futas: I take very serious keeping the internal logic and lore of these settings in tact. I respect them too much to treat them flippantly. So while I mentioned Futa as a possibility in the header to this thread, know that I don't treat that lightly and any instance where I might put a futa or hermaphroditic character into a Bioware setting will be done with care and lore-supported logic.
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If you do not like, subscribe to, or are not open to the Indoctrination Theory this idea is probably not for you! Should go without saying that major Mass Effect spoilers incoming.

What is the Indoctrination Theory? If you are asking this question then god bless you you missed that shit storm in the wake of ME3's ending. Anyway, in a nutshell the IT suggests that many of the events at the very end of ME3 were purely fictional and within the mind of Shepard as he/she was succumbing finally to the effects of Reaper indoctrination and never actually made it up to the Crucible and instead died in the rubble of London or became a pawn of the Reapers. I believe the linked videos above offers irrefutable facts that this is indeed the actual ending to ME and not the weird ass RGB pick your favorite color choice it appears to be on the surface.

Personally it's my theory that each choice is a metaphor for a different reality to the situation. Destroy = Refusing the effects of indoctrination that reflects on Anderson's drive and determination (this is why this is the only choice that shows Shepard breathing at the end), Control = What I would call "unhappy" indoctrination meaning that Shepard is indoctrinated but believes he/she is still fighting their influence like the Illusive Man but is really just playing into their schemes, Synthesis = "happy" indoctrination meaning Shepard is mentally too far gone and desperate for this to end in a good way and reflects on Saren's view that organics can coexist with the Reapers.

But anyway, apologies for that detour. Point is, the ending we see is most likely bullshit, and the actual more realistic ending is that, simply put, the Reapers won. The heroes fought their asses off, but in reality they were never going to win this war, nor should they. It was always cheap to me the notion that Bioware could spend 2&3/4 games building up what is supposed to be the greatest threat to existence imaginable and then they just build a machine that creates big red/blue/green magic space bubbles that fixes everything. The point of this war was never to win it, it's to survive it. Existence at all is the ultimate victory for the residents of the Milky Way.

To me, the Indoctrination Theory is canon and you can't convince me otherwise. The ending to ME3 simply doesn't make sense on any level without it, and you can't convince me that the writers who were working for Bioware at the time would seriously push out the drivel that they did as a serious ending without the indoctrination plot element in mind is absurd to me. And now, almost a decade later (fuck, I'm old) I've been wondering what exactly a sequel to ME3 would've looked like, following the principles of the IT. So here it goes...

The Setup

Ten years have passed since the Reapers conquered Earth and killed humanty's greatest hero, Commander Shepard. Devastated by the loss, each race turned inward and began to make all preparations necessary for the very existence of their respective races and do what they could to protect their homeworlds and major colonies from the Reapers endless hunger for extermination. The war was no longer a war at all, but just a slow and steady grind into a void of life.

But some weren't content to hide away and wait for the end. A multi-racial group of resistance fighters emerged from the wreckage of devastation. They called themselves The Union (still working on various names with this). The Union developed new tactics for combating Reapers that utilized hit-and-run tactics, infiltration, and stealth technology to hide their major supply depots and their base of operations, Bastion. Bastion is the remnants of a pre-war effort to recreate the majesty of Citadel station and replicate it's tremendous power. Of course, the allied races never accomplished such a feat before the war interrupted construction, but Bastion is the last remaining major space station in the galaxy besides Omega that is in operation.

After the Battle for Earth, Bastion was fitted with stealth technology similar to that developed for the Normandy SR2 and was designed with the largest mass effect field generator ever created by modern day scientists. The upside of this is that Bastion Station is nearly impossible to detect in space unless you are right on top of it, and is capable of moving at FTL speed similar to that of much, much smaller craft. The downside is that it requires a tremendous amount of Element Zero to remain in operation and isn't nearly as self-sustaining as the Citadel seemed to be. Though only about 1/8th the size of the Citadel (which housed over 13 million people), Bastion stands as life's last best hope for survival. If it falls, we all fall.

Dead planets are scattered all across the galaxy at this point. The Reapers targeted the various homeworlds and major colony worlds first and hit them the hardest. Earth, Thessia, Tuchanka, Palaven, Sur'Kesh, they've all been thoroughly culled or indoctrinated and slowly the Reapers make their way to farther and farther flung colony worlds and refugee camps and settlements outside of the core systems. Outside of The Union, no one is actively, coordinately, trying to fight the Reapers and people are generally just looking out for them and their own. 

The Plot

The story will revolve, essentially, around an elite group of warriors working directly or indirectly for Bastion in the effort to foil the Reaper's agenda whenever and however they can. Guerrilla fighters who work in secret and a small group (maybe 4-10 person crew in total) to avoid detection, operate mostly independently, and often get sent on harrowing missions to save colonies, escort refugees to Bastion, and just damage or kill Reapers however they can. This, however, does not mean every character has to be a resistance fighter in origin. Maybe a character is a mercenary who doesn't give a damn about the cause, maybe another is a criminal or war profiteer who gets forced into helping them, maybe we introduce an AI character, etc etc.

My idea for the first mission would involve a rescue of sorts. The crew will be sent to save a scientist working in isolation for The Union who Bastion has lost contact with. The scientist was studying indoctrination and trying to find a way to either resist it or detect it more easily. Indications suggest that they were close to a solution just before they lost contact. Now, someone needs to go in and save the scientist if possible, and if not secure their research. The initial party would involve 3 ground team members I would think, with perhaps  4th character serving in a pilot role. From this point onward, I am completely open to what specific twists and turns the story can take, but I think the ultimate theme of it all is simply survival. Finding a way to ensure the survival of at least a small viable portion of the races. Doing what the Protheans tried to do and outlast the Reapers, only do it better.

The Characters

I expect there to be a party of characters in this game and would hope there are no less than 6 in total (3 characters apiece between writers) and wouldn't mind going up to a dirty dozen if we were so inclined. Just depends on the limits of our imagination and ambition. Beyond that party there will be many other side characters. I would like to have a partner who's willing to help me control these other characters well, but if I have to serve in a GM/DM role I can do that as well. Or perhaps we can come up with a scenario where I DM/GM the game and play the Shepard-like Main Character while my partner handles the companions. However we wanna set it up. Point is, there will be many characters so those scared off by that proposition this game probably isn't for you. As of right now, I have a specific idea in mind for one character, my "main" who will be there from the start...

Wayne Essex
Race: Human
Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 228 lbs.
Place of Origin: Eden Prime
Class: Soldier

Wayne was a delinquent youth on Eden Prime when it was attacked by the Geth in 2183 CE. He, alongside his sister Sera, watched their mother be captured and put onto those spikes and turned into a husk before their eyes. And they were among the few who saw Sovereign that day and lived to tell the tale. Of course, at the time, Wayne didn't know that was a Reaper. Didn't know what a Reaper was at all, but for the first time in his life he was moved to action. Only a week after the attack, Wayne signed up with the Alliance. Wayne watched from afar as he trained with awe at the things Commander Shepard was able to accomplish. She (going with Fem!Shep for the purpose of this RP) was his idol, and driving force to push through.

When the reports came that Shepard was MIA while exploring deep into Geth territory, Wayne requested admission into the N7 program. He was young, but highly promising, and though his superiors thought he was too gung-ho and impetuous for an N7 recommendation at that point, the reality was they needed fighters like Wayne. Barely 20, Wayne underwent the extreme rigors of N7 training while Shepard was being brought back to life by Cerberus and fighting the Collectors. When the news came out that Shepard was back, and she was working with Cerberus, Wayne became extremely conflicted and considered leaving the Alliance and seeking out Cerberus, but ultimately didn't.

A week later Wayne received a message from his sister. Sera was a couple years younger than him and he left her to live with their uncle on Horizon while he joined the military. Wayne heard about the Collector attack on Horizon a few days after it happened. He briefly went AWOL after he attempted to contact his uncle unsuccessfully. He arrived on Horizon and searched frantically but couldn't find any trace of his family. Wayne returned to Earth and was slapped on the wrist for his actions, a month in military jail, but that was nothing compared to the personal hell he put himself through, blaming himself for not protecting Sera.

So, when he received her message he was skeptical, but obviously optimistic and desperate to believe it was really her... and it was. They met at a diner in an awkward, but good family reunion. Sera explained that the Collectors captured her and were in the process of taking her... somewhere when a Cerberus cell arrived and drove them off. She couldn't find their uncle and assumed he had been taken. And she was tired of being a victim. So she joined Cerberus. She knew she'd never be the fighter Wayne was, but she had some technical skills and she was willing to do whatever it took to fight and contribute. When she found out Cerberus was running experimental trials regarding biotics and gene manipulation, she signed up as a guinea pig. Many others died, but she survived... and she gained a tremendous affinity for biotics in the process. That newfound power, combined with her technical skill hotshot her into a prominent position as an operator. And Sera was there to recruit her brother. After that point, the reunion turned sour and they split back apart less than amicably. Wayne hasn't heard from her since that day.

Wayne was already on Earth when the Reapers attacked, stationed in Los Angeles. The attack cut his N7 training short, but he was eager to finally join the fight he'd been preparing years for, at least he thought he was. Months of carnage and struggle ensued as survivors fought desperately to stay one step ahead of the Reaper minion hordes. It felt like for every person he helped save, two more were taken away. Every step forward was followed by three steps back. Wayne's cell became isolated and lost communications when Shepard, Anderson, and Hackett were planning to put their Crucible plan into motion. The Reapers bombarding LA retreated temporarily, pulled away by what was happening in London and in the planet's atmosphere long enough for Wayne to load a handful of transports up and... he ran. Wayne had become broken by the endless fighting, the hopelessness of their efforts. It was only after the fact that he learned why the Reapers has momentarily pulled back, and regret sank in. He missed the last stand. He wasn't going to die a hero like Shepard, but slowly fade eventually.

Everything was chaos after that. Wayne just... drifted. He vanished into the simple pleasure Omega had to offer while it remained untarnished after Aria T'Loak regained it from Cerberus. But it was only a matter of time before the Reapers turned their attention to it. One day, he received a message from Liara T'Soni urging all surviving N7 operatives to rendezvous in the Knosson System of the Artemis Tau Cluster. Wayne kept drinking for a few days after that, but eventually pulled his shit together and headed out. If it was a trap, so what? And if it was for real... well Dr. T'Soni was probably the closest living person to Shepard and the brain trust that had led them in the previous war. Perhaps she would have some sort of plan in place to do... something.

And she did. In secret Liara had procured the Bastion station and hid it away in an asteroid belt, retrofitted with state-of-the-art stealth systems. And she, alongside a group of leaders from various races, were trying to rebuild something resembling civilization, resistance. It ignited a fire in Wayne's gut that wouldn't die down. He shook her hand, and he was in. He's worked to secure Bastion's safety ever since and is their go-to man for the toughest assignments.

So, who are you playing? Well that will be in large part up to my future partner on this. If you would like to take over Sera, or introduce a character into Wayne's backstory I'm cool with that, and equally as cool with whatever you might come up with. I'm also open to the idea of expanding a side character from the main series into a full blown companion such as Oriana Lawson, Gianna Parasini, or Shiala. Likewise I could possibly do the same for someone like Kal'Reeger for instance if my partner wants. But I would like to avoid using main series companions in more than cameo roles here. This will be something I imagine we have to brainstorm about to figure out the right mix. Kink, likewise, is fluid as of now. It's totally dependent upon my partner and what they might be interested in. How frequently sex occurs, who is bangin' who, the whole nine yards.

Anyway, I hope this diatribe has piqued some interest, and if it has feel free to PM me about it. I'll leave you with some inspiring artwork I've run across that I hope could either become future party members or side characters in our epic story.

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The Bleeding Years

Dragon Age Spoilers for Inquisition follow. You have been warned. It should be noted that this idea is based off of an RP i played with the wonderful Madam Striga a while back that unfortunately ended too soon.

It took every fiber of my being not to name this idea Dragon Age: Blood Age or something similarly hokey. I may just change the name to Blood Age as that best represents what this is all about ultimately. This game takes place well after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hundreds of years after in fact, and Thedas as we know it has changed a good bit in the intervening years. All of those changes will be noted below in the Setup section, and it's important to know time and place and situation to understand what I'm going for with this story, but I would just encourage folks to not be dissuaded or discouraged by the size of the lore. I'm just trying to bridge the gap between where the main series left off and where I want this story to take place far removed from the hanging plot threads Bioware left us with Solas, Flemeth, the Veil, etc. I'm just assuming those things are all long resolved by this point in the far future.

So, without further delay... welcome to the Blood Age.

The Setup

A Modern History of Thedas Since The Fifth Blight

Lore Dump
Dragon Age Post-Inquisition: In the aftermath of the Corypheus threat that plagued Orlais and Ferelden, The Dread Wolf, Solas, attempted to converge the Fade with Thedas but was ultimately stopped by the combined forces of the Inquisition and Tevinter Magisters under the leadership of Dorian Pavus, a splinter group of Magisters who came to be called Pavusians who believed in the abolishment of slavery within the Imperium and eradication of Blood Magic. While the rest of Thedas rebuilds after the Blight in Ferelden and the Mage-Templar conflict that raged across the rest of Thedas, Tevinter falls into a civil war that gives rise to a new age.

Magic Age: A Civil War in Tevinter that lasts a generation rages, wherein ultimately the Pavusians are victorious. They reformed the Imperium and enacted stricter laws against blood magic, and though they faced a great deal of opposition from the older Magistrate families, eventually are able to pass into law the complete abolishment of slavery. Elsewhere Mages gained newfound rights and privileges under the purview of the Inquisition as one of it's primary wings, who come to hold even greater power than the Chantry itself. The remainder of the Templar Order is dissolved, with many of it's surviving members becoming a lesser branch of the Inquisition who are trained as an order of elite hunters of Blood Mages known colloquially as Blood Hunters. The Inquisition becomes a nation unto itself, borderless but with influence stretching across Thedas that all nations and organizations must respect.

Hunted Age: One of the few resistant forces in Thedas against the Inquisition that remained were the Grey Wardens, who's traditions and ancient laws dictated that they bow to no nation or outside force. After two centuries of inactivity, rumors abounded that the Wardens had become an order who harbors blood mages.

Lady Celeste Valmont, daughter of Cyril Valmont II, Emperor of Orlais was one such suspected Blood Mage. After discovering her magical aptitude, Lady Celeste was found guilty of studying forbidden Blood Magic, a claim some still contend to be a fabrication by her younger brother, Kordilius, in a ploy to position himself to inherit the Orlesian crown. Her guilt was further cemented in the hearts and minds of many when Kordilius was found in his bed chambers dead, all of the blood in his being seemingly drained till only a husk of flesh remained. Celeste fled northward into the wilderness and vanished for years, before finally resurfacing as a member of the Grey Wardens. Rumors and legends concerning her spread like fire, including those involving her being possessed and corrupting the Wardens from within, seducing the First Warden and becoming his lover while stealing power for herself.

A retinue of Inquisition soldiers under the leadership of Inquisitor Erys Lavellon herself, including a detachment of loyal mages and blood hunters, arrived at Weishauptt Fortress under a banner of peace to investigate the matter. In what became known as the "Bloody Accord," Erys met with First Warden Anoth in private and came to an agreement to hand over Celeste to the Inquisition, in exchange for allowing the Wardens to operate independently going forward. However, on the morning after, battle erupted within the fortress, the reasons for which remain unclear. Some historical records claim it to have been caused by a dispute among Inquisition and Grey Warden forces that grew out of control, but the Inquisition itself claims it to have been a premeditated attack by Anoth and Celeste. Both Erys and Anoth were killed in the fray and the fortress burned down from the inside out, leaving only a smoking stone corpse that has been left abandoned ever since. The following decades involved a slow and steady eradication of the Grey Wardens by the Inquisition. The Wardens were forced to flee from their forts, outposts, and castles and take to the forests, traveling in small groups to avoid attention from the Inquisition who far outnumbered them. Warden casualties reached a point that many believed, the Inquisition included, that they had been utterly rooted out, and that the sins of the Bloody Accord were finally avenged.

Gunpowder Age: The Gunpowder Age was so named following the Battle of Vyrantium, the second largest city in the Tevinter Imperium, that saw a contingent of Qunari comprising only a hundred dreadnoughts sack and occupy the city and take thousands captive to be either converted to the Qun, or culled. Despite being heavily outnumbered, even with the aid of powerful Magisters on Tevinter's side, the Qunari destroyed the opposition with newly developed weapons that utilized an explosive powder, what they refer to as gaatlok, and what the rest of Thedas came to know as gunpowder or blackpowder. Firearms, deadly cannons, and destructive explosives tipped the scales of war in the Qunari's favor wherever their fleet roamed, as quickly they gained dominance over the sea in northern and eastern Thedas.

Simultaneously, the Qunari successfully invaded and conquered Rivain, subjugating most of the population under the Qun and sending thousands of war refugees into Antiva and other western nations. Both attacks were meant to serve as an example of their newfound power as the Arishock warned that the same would happen to the rest of Thedas if they did not submit to the Qun. With the exception of Antiva, who were under the most immediate threat of invasion, all nations in the south stood together against the Qunari. The combined forces of Orlais, Ferelden, Nevarra, several Free Cities from the Free Marches, and the Inquisition met Antiva, Rivain, and the Qunari at the Battle of Red Hills in eastern Nevarra where in single combat the Inquisitor slew the Arishock and won a victory that pushed the Qunari back into Rivain and stalled their invasion of southern Thedas for a time, but at a heavy cost to themselves as well.

Meanwhile, the Anderfels had fallen into a state of chaos, unresponsive to all calls for aid from the south. In Tevinter, the Qunari threat created a schism that threatened to result in another civil war. The Pavusian Council urged that Tevinter stay patient and wait for the rest of Thedas to march northward and join their forces, while most of the older, traditionalist families called for a direct assault on Seheron and Par Vollen while the bulk of Qunari Antaam was preoccupied in the south. This party of opposition came to be known as The Reclaimers, who sought to restore Tevinter to it's old traditions and glory, and support for a more violent approach grew over the waining months and years until the Pavusian Council was brutally killed in a coup led by the most prominent of the old families, the Vestians. The Vestian patriarch, Baelus, was quickly pronounced Emperor and restored many of the old dictatorial powers that the Magisters held before the rise of the Pavusians. As the age closed, the new, yet old, Imperium had plans underway for a counterattack against the Qunari.

Blood Age: Following the long, ongoing war with the Qunari, the next age was proclaimed the Blood Age by the Divine. Little did she know how apt the name would be. Quickly following the resurgence of the old Tevinter elite, Imperium forces reclaimed Vyrantium and either killed or enslaved every Qunari left stationed there. Whispers spoke of foul sacrifices being done on the prisoners to fuel blood magic rituals and empower the Magisters in anticipation of an invasion force.

Still reeling from the Battle of the Red Hills, the Antaam shifted their focus northward and sent their fleet to reinforce Seheron, leaving Antiva to fend for itself against the other southern nations it turned against. But before any of their enemies could set foot into Antiva, the country was already embroiled in a civil war against the rule of Queen Ava who was dragged from her keep by an angry mob, furious at her compliance to Qunari demands, stripped naked, and then drawn and quartered along the streets of Antiva City. Her head was sent to the Inquisition as a sign of good will to display Antiva's loyalty. The Antaam fleet arives at the southern edge of Seheron, expecting a Tevinter fleet to be waiting for them, but instead are beset by terrible storms that decimate the bulk of their dreadnoughts in what came to be called the Great Drowning, due to the thousands of drowned Qunari soldiers who washed up on Tevinter shores for the weeks to follow. With little opposition left, Tevinter stormed into Seheron and took it back from the Qunari for the first time since the Steel Age.

From A Modern History of Thedas Since The Fifth Blight
by Scribe Aldon Mortimer of Cumberland

The Plot

So, got all that? For those looking for the cliffnotes version, here's the important bits:

*The story has moved forward 3 full ages past the Dragon Age where the main series games are set and is now presently in the Blood Age.
*Reformist Magisters inspired by Dorian Pavus, called the Pavusians, take control of Tevinter  and abolish any and all blood magic and slavery during the Magic Age.
*The Inquisition is the strongest military force in the world and almost eradicated the Grey Wardens in a war during the Hunted Age.
*The Qunari attempted to take over Thedas again with the help of advanced blackpowder technology, but were pushed back during the Gunpowder Age.
*The Reclaimers, a traditionalist group of old Magister houses took back control of Tevinter during the war with the Qunari and implemented many old dictatorial standards, leaving us off at the beginning of the Blood Age. The exact year is 13.4 Blood, the fourth year of the thirteenth age.

Jumping off this point, the story I had in mind is rather grand in scale and will involve elements of rebuilding the wardens, resolving the threat of the reawakened imperialistic Tevinter and quelling a sudden burst of blood magic in the world, and having to face The Last Blight (there are two known remaining Archdemons, so yes the idea is they are both awakened around the same time but for different reasons). The Last Blight could also be an alternative name for the RP.

Anyway, the story begins in Nevarra and will follow and slowly growing band of Grey Wardens in hiding. It may begin with only one, the last survivor of a recent Inquisition attack, or it could be two. A Warden and his/her recruit. But over the course of the RP that original Warden leader will recruit more people to the cause and they will run afoul of many problems in Tevinter and the Anderfels.

The Characters

We can get into the nitty gritty of how it all might work through PM's, but actually I wanted to work off of the characters first and foremost. Figuring my partner and I could come up with 2, 3, maybe 4 each or some sort of mix and match that creates a party of up to 8 or more if my partner is feeling ambitious. I would want these characters to feel fleshed out and unique like you would expect a Bioware companion to feel. Fitting roughly within the Fighter/Rogue/Mage archetype system Dragon Age games use. I would also hoped for a balanced and lore friendly party, meaning no all-mage setups. Probably 2 tops as far as mages go. I have characters ideas here for sure, for female characters and not just male ones, but I'll leave it open ended for now for maximum creativity.

This is just an aesthetics thing for me, but I really enjoyed the tarot art style used in DA:I, and I'd like to use it in this game as well.




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