Elliquiy is now the largest adult role playing forum

Started by Vekseid, March 08, 2009, 04:30:19 PM

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Originally posted on October 18th, 2008

Anyone who has been to Big Boards knows that a forum-owner's e-penis is measured by their site's postcount. Today, Elliquiy passed Adult Adventurers as the largest role playing-oriented adult forum on the web, 882,431 posts on E to 881,820 on AA.

This may seem like a silly milestone, it's a number just like getting to the million post marker is. A part of why I push linking to Elliquiy so much is tied in with this, however - there is irony in the above number. AA is four years older than E.

If we knew about Adult Adventurers, it's quite possible that Elliquiy would never have been. According to archive.org, they had about 560,000 posts at the time of Elliquiy's founding.

When Elven Maiden vs. Human Barbarian and Maiden and Monster were kicked out of RPoL, it wasn't our desire to actually found a new website. We looked around the Internet for alternatives, play-by-post sites that had a solid reputation that would host our style of adult games, and we didn't find any. As near as we could find, it seemed we had discovered one of those rare gems - a niche on the Internet that had, as of yet, gone unfulfilled.

So you can imagine my distinct surprise when, as Elliquiy started moving to the top of search results in Google, we found Big Boards, which was ranking for "adult role playing". Because Adult Adventurers was one of the sites in its role playing rankings list.

All too naturally, because I found it there, I immediately associated it with the way Big Boards ranks forums. Even though our ranking in the list is currently broken, it still has a special feeling.

Of course, people really don't want to review a role playing forum solely by postcount. The idea of a play by post forum is to find partners to game with, and that's probably the first measure most people think of. Literotica's own Sexual Role Play forum was as active as Elliquiy was until several months ago, and it will probably be at some two million posts before Elliquiy's roleplaying forums catch up.

But we'll get there. If the current rate of growth keeps up we may see it in a year or so.

Happy gaming.

Apple of Eris

You don't have to worry about the size of your E-penis Veks, I told you before, it's just fine. *nod*

Oh and taking a quick peek at AA, looks like we're more active. I think thats more important than post count.
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