Wuxia/Chinese novel themed settings [M for F]

Started by Evanos, May 14, 2020, 06:59:09 AM

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Welcome, I am a straight guy looking for a descriptive female roleplaypartner for something a bit out of the ordinary.

I am looking for someone who has at least a little amount of knowledge about wuxia/xianxia/chinese novels/chinese fantasy and would be interested playing something in this kind of setting/with some kind of these elements.

As you have read above I am looking for something a little or even a lot more descriptive (para to multi-para) so you should be rather literate and know how to be graphic, to make things come alive. I am an rather experienced roleplayer myself and think of myself as quite decent so I will naturally offer the same things from my side. I am not looking for some quick back and forth, not that this cant happen as well, but more some kind of story we write together. I hope you get what I mean.

In regards to the kinks I would like to be the dominant one, you dont have to be a sub, just know you will be at the reciving end sooner or later. I prefer if things get a bit (or a lot) rougher so this wont be any sort of vanilla roleplay just so you know. Besides that I am a big fan of blowjobs/deepthroats as well and there area lot more kinks to explore. We can sort that out later on. My limits are relativly few so I am open to do a lot of different things, if you fancy doing something feel free to tell meand we can see.

Naturally I would like some story to the roleplay as well, how much does depend on my mood though. I always prefer some kind of buildup at the start however short it may be and in some cases I would prefer some more focus on  the story than in others, we just have to see what we can work out.

One last thing, I prefer to set things up beforehand to some extend so I am not a big fan of jumping in immidiatly, we should at least take the time to shortly talk about the scene and other things. I have some things in mind, nothing too concrete but I am open to your suggestions as well. Feel free to message me, I am eager for your responses.