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June 13, 2021, 11:54:26 am

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Author Topic: Wanting Writing Partner [M for F, Fantasy, Smut, Freeform] -Forum Version-  (Read 272 times)

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Greetings one and all! I'm Spin. Thanks for checking out my request.

My roleplaying is drying up and I desperately need to change that, so I'm compiling a list of RP terms that I really want to brainstorm making RPing threads with. Note that these will contain alot of smut, like 90/10 smut-to-story. Also, everything is going to involve freeform fantasy roleplay.

Sword & Sorcery

Younger Dom Male x Mature Sub Female
Adventurer x Dancer
Psionic Caster x Sorceress/Witch/Goddess
Male Human x Female Anthro(Bunny, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Cat, Fox, Mobian)
Psionic Caster x Warrior
Male Space Explorer x Female Humanoid Alien/Advanced Feminine AI with Humanoid Synthetic Bodies
Psionic Caster x Queen/Princess/Noblewoman
Male Superhero x Supervillainess and/or Sexy Henchwomen
Male Vigilante x Female Thief
Male x Full-package Futanari

-Plots & Tropes-
Guy seduces and transforms girl into bimbo lover/slave
Bitch tries to dom guy, but ends up becoming sub to guy
Guy makes agreement with magic caster girl, becoming lovers
Guy moves into house near area with Anthros who try to rape him then kill him, but they become his pets instead
MC is sent to train a Bratty Nympho Princess, succeeds in conquering her appetite, and then satisfies the Lonely Lusty Queen who sent for him
MC goes through an enchanted house/mansion/castle/maze/labyrinth full of sexual desires brought to life to test his stamina, strength, and capability to satisfy them and their mistress
MC is a superhero who fights a Supervillainess and her army of sexy henchwomen & soldiers, fighting them in combat and then conquering them with sex & pleasure
MC finds a planet of hypersexed bunnies/felines who try to mate with him
MC uses man-made gemstones, crystals, epoxy creations, and glass creations to take over the minds & bodies of female customers, making them his personal sexdolls
MC uses a highly-advanced computer to take over the minds & bodies of women around the world, altering their personalities & bodies to fit his desires
MC faces a tribe/planet/colony/ship of amazons who plan to dominate, rape, and enslave him, only he ends up conquering them instead, becoming their master
MC gets revenge on the girls who humiliated him by making them into bimbo sluts
A world/colony where MC is a reclusive multi-millionaire working from the shadows as he uses his female agents to manipulate those in-power while enjoying a life of luxury, orchestrating a revolution to change the world order and promote open sex & pleasure while also leading a cult of hedonism
MC is a vigilante who finds a thief and chases her, eventually catching her only to find out she shamelessly uses her body & sexuality to her advantage, however his sexual hunger is triggered...
A female cop discovers MC beating on a thug brutally and chases him down, but once she corners him a struggles ensues, making her horny enough to want to rape him, figuring it's his word against hers, but she doesn't realize that his cum is taking over her body and mind, making her come back for more and more...
MC dates a woman who he discovers is a nymphomatic werecat/werebunny on the run from hunters, but he satisfies her and convinces her to stay with him to hide from them
MC uses crystals he created to empower a team of sexy superheroines/magical girls/fighting girls to be is personal strike team, bodyguards, and lovers
MC hears about a competition league where male challengers fight strong, sexy, and nymphomatic combatants for the chance to fuck them and claim them as a lover for the day
MC is starting his freshman year among others in a university that was formerly all-girl until it started letting in male students, making sexual hungers flare up like a forest fire on a dry summer, and it is quickly known that MC is one of the rare males that prefer polygynic relationships, which causes even more excitement
Formerly a slave forced to fight & fuck for entertainment of royals, MC proves his mettle when the castle is invaded and he must fight off the invaders, saving the life of the princess & queen and then the king despite his fatal wounds, earning him a title of knighthood, nobility, and then royalty, which he uses to create his own empire, which invovles having a collection of concubine wives and harem girls to pleasure & satisfy him

Body Manipulation
Mind Manipulation
Harems & Concubines
Public Scenes
Excessive Cum
Multiple Orgasms
Magical Cum
Cum Milking
Cum Addiction
Cock Worship
Sexy Clothes
Formal Clothes
Dirty Dancing/Grinding/Humping/Dry Sex
Lesbianism Training
Pleasure & Climax Control/Denial

Toilet-related things
Physical Harm
Physical Pain

Well that's all on my mind. Anything else will be discussed in PMs, assuming you're interested, which I hope you are.  If you are, please don't hesitate to PM me or find me in Discord. Hope to hear from you!