Children with mod powers

Started by Vekseid, March 08, 2009, 03:14:59 PM

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Another forum recently got hijacked. Fortunately the twerp involved did not have control of the domain name. I love my current moderation team, but there are some things I simply am not going to trust with another human, ever.

Right now, Elliquiy has over three hundred thousand personal messages in its system. A lot of things, people don't care about. Various messages people don't want to clutter up the main forums with (as if we don't have room?).

On a site like Elliquiy, though, a lot of personal information gets exchanged. People talk about things here that they don't tell their coworkers, their friends, their family...

Their spouses.

The thought of someone else having access to that makes me sick to my stomach, even more than losing the data. Guarding against theft is handled differently. There's the standard stuff that everyone else on the Internet will tell you, but the real culprit is trusting people that you shouldn't.

The only person who needs direct access to the database is the person who needs to fix it when things go wrong. Maybe, some day, Elliquiy will be large enough that I'll need another person to help me with that. But that's not now, and I honestly don't think that will ever happen.

But it's good to know they're running again.