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October 27, 2020, 10:26:26 AM

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Author Topic: Revenge butt stuff ( f/Futa )  (Read 239 times)

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Revenge butt stuff ( f/Futa )
« on: May 08, 2020, 05:10:00 PM »
Hello! I'm looking for writing partners to help me write steamy, bitter stories of dominance and comeuppance. There's a flavor of erotic distress I want to hit with a villain having to pay for her sins with her butt. Because I want to write scenes where the no-good girl's butt is double stuffed, there's got to be more than one futa protagonist involved.

For the first couple of ideas, I write the sub, and I ask that you write two futa characters.

Escape from Shadowfell Keep

At the end of an adventure well fought, your heroines have thwarted the cult priestess Izora's plan to open the shadow rift and bring unholy things to this world. Unfortunately, there's no going back the way you came in. If you intend to bring Izora back to the Winterhaven authorities alive, you'll have to take the long way through unexplored dungeon, facing dastardly traps, sneaky goblins, restless dead, and monstrous vermin, all the while shepherding this unrepentant wicked woman.

Maybe it was the playful flirting Izora did while you fought for your lives in the vault below. Maybe it's the gnawing frustration, or the conquest of all who stand before you, but the dread priestess' butt makes a fine prize, and no one woman can truly claim it as her own. Perhaps the lady of Winterhaven will understand, when you bring her back exhausted, quaking at the knees, and dripping wet.

Nine Inch Love Potion - Taken!
Nine Inch Love Potion

Aubrey is a traveling alchemist who roams the gentle land, peddling wares from a painted wagon to skinflint adventurers. Her potions and enchantments often come with hiccups, but her prices are the best around. Unfortunately, she crossed the wrong adventurers when a pair of cursed rings became inextricably fastened around your girls'- ulp!

Try as she might, every ointment or unguent Aubrey brews to remedy the situation only seems to make things worse, with knots, ribs, flanges and bestial flares that oughtn't be there. At her customers' insistence, she's joining them on a monster girl hunting quest to find the ingredients for a cure, and paying off her debt in a whore's trade.

For the last two ideas, I write three futa dommes, and I ask that you write a female sub.

Mother of Strahd

Deep in the catacombs beneath Castle Ravenloft, the mother of the dread vampire Strahd von Zarovich lies preserved as she was at the height of her beauty. For centuries she lay at peace, unaware of her progeny's evil reign, until this trio of intrepid adventurers disturb her serenity. Though Queen Ravenovia may or may not even be a vampire herself, Strahd has much to answer for and these tormented women are not above using her as bait to lure the darklord from hiding- or simply using her to brighten the terror of the dark dungeon.

Cleric Bitch - Taken!

Cleric Bitch
Three adventurers arrived in your cleric's town talking a big game about facing the evil of White Plume Mountain and liberating the wizard Keraptis' pilfered treasures. When she hired on as a healing hand to this glory-seeking band, no doubt she believed herself pledged to a good cause, and that these ladies would respect her skills, the divine powers she commands, and her gentle heart, even if she was not quite as experienced as the rest of them.

But as it turned out, these women are adventurers of the ale and whores breed, with a decidedly dishonorable way of doing things. They're brazen, demanding, remorseless brigands, and having been wronged by the church of your cleric's deity two towns over, they intend to dominate her relentlessly and exploit every ounce of her holy powers, all for a hireling's wage of a 5% share.

If any of these sound interesting, please check out my O&Os and hit me up with a message letting me know what ideas you'd bring to the table.
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