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Author Topic: Kadrelor's Little Corner (M seeking F)  (Read 1970 times)

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Kadrelor's Little Corner (M seeking F)
« on: February 10, 2011, 10:57:04 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm an experienced RPer both "live" and on the internet. The main reason why I joined Elliquiy was to find partners to roleplay with, so apart from PMing others whose ideas interest me, I also thought it would be a nice idea to post something in here.

First of all, before PMing me please read my roleplay preferences. Now, with that out of the way, there are a few observations to be made:

1) I'd like to find partners who are creative and capable of holding their own, roleplay-wise. That is, partners who can help advance a story rather than dumping the whole responsibility on me;

2) Many of these ideas have sexual undercurrents, but I'm not interested in a game where 90% or more of the time is sex. I want to create a meaningful storyline, where sex organically occurs as part of it but is not the be-all, end-all of the story.

3) I'm not looking for a "one-shot" game; each of the ideas could be developed into a lasting game that would go on for a while, so I need partners who are willing to roleplay regularly and who will not disappear in the middle of a game.

4) I have ideas, but as for settings and specifics, I prefer to hammer those out with a potential partner, so that the game is the brainchild of both. So what I'll be listing below are just the idea seeds, very simple, a one-sentence summary of what I'm thinking; if you're interested in one, feel free to reply or PM me and we can discuss the specifics (setting, characters, overarching plot and so on). Also, if you have questions, same as above ;)

5) You'll notice that most stories have a transformation component. I'm fascinated by the possibilities of physical transformation, hence why ;)

Ok, so now we come to the ideas... You'll see that most if not all of them deal with transformation in one way or the other. Yep, I'm a fan :D In all cases I mention the "power to transform others" or the "power to shapeshift"; these are of course just placeholders, and could represent anything (DNA resequencers or "gene baths" in a modern setting, magic or divine power in a fantastic setting, and so on).

The Man in Charge
A man discovers, acquires or has the power to transform others, possibly against their will; he finds a woman on whom to use this power, possibly not just once. Maybe someone is after him, though - or he chose a girl with a lot of past baggage to deal with...
Note: the woman could be willing or unwilling, she could be his girlfriend or a woman he just met, or anything in between. Again, PM me if you want to suggest or discuss specifics. If someone willing to play this game prefers to play submissive characters, that could also make for a very interesting dynamic.

A man and a woman both have the power to change other people's shapes but not their own; they meet each other and begin to experiment, sometimes punishing each other when they don't like the shape they're stuck in; however, they have bigger problems than bruised egos and unfamiliar shapes...
Note: this would have an overarching plot which probably would be an action plot; for example they might have to work together to stop a war or defeat an enemy or save the world, or anything else, using their abilities as well. For added complications, their abilities might only work on each other, but not on anyone else; they might have restrictions; and so on.

An Accidental Change of Perspective
A man is accidentally and (apparently) irrevocably changed into an attractive but weird-looking woman and must explore this new condition, possibly with the help of someone who was responsible for the change.
Note: by "weird-looking woman" I mean a woman with multiple body parts, for example multiple breasts, multiple legs and/or multiple arms. I'd be playing the guy who is changed into a woman, so obviously I'd like a say in the final shape ;) I'd like this story to explore how his perspective on the world changes due to his new appearance, more than the usual sex scenes which are common in this kind of TG stories ;)

The Lovers
A man meets a very unusual woman - or rather, women, in the form of female conjoined twins who look more or less like a two-headed, attractive woman, except that each head of course has her own personality. A romance ensues where he is simultaneously romancing both (who like somewhat different things in terms of courtship and interests) while juggling the notion of how unconventional this love story may be in the modern world.

Not Broken, Just Different
In a variation of the story mentioned above, a man meets a woman who was either born armless or was left armless after an accident; romance develops slowly, as she is slow to trust strangers and always suspects interested men to be simply attracted to her disability, rather than to who she is.
Note: the "accident" could have been anything, not necessarily a mundane one; maybe she fell into a "gene bath" which was set erroneously, and she came out of it irrevocably armless?

The Sorcerer's Plaything
In a modern setting, a man has discovered sorcery and uses it for his own gain. Eventually, he decides to apply it to finding or summoning a worthy female companion - however, he has rather kinky tastes in physical appearance, and will use his magic to ensure that.

The Lab
A man works as an assistant in a secretive company which dabbles in a number of unethical activities, such as genetic manipulation (to create bizarre appearances or reshape living people), obedience chips (making the implanted person utterly incapable of disobeying orders from his or her master), and so on. He may find a victim whom he decides to rescue (although she has already been "processed" with some of the treatments) or he may steal some of the treatments to inflict on his girlfriend in hopes of "improving" her (or preventing her from leaving him).

An Accident on the Beach
This is a little extreme. A man who lives on the beach learns of an accident in a nearby biochemical lab, and one day later, he finds a bizarre creature on the shore. She resembles a woman without a head, and with six huge breasts. He eventually discovers she is sentient (at first she may or may not have access to any senses but touch, however later she might develop approximations of sight and hearing, at least) - but is she one of the people caught in the explosion, mutated by whatever was being studied there? Is she an innocent bystander? Can she be returned to normal? And why are people asking around about "strange finds"?

The Revenge
A general once dismissed a scientist's theories as insane and criminal. The scientist decided to go underground and develop his process to modify living organisms. Years later, he kidnaps the daughter of the general, planning to inject her with a concoction which will gradually mutate her into something else. The concoction is also trapped - if the general tried to invert the process using his knowledge of the scientist's work, it would only backfire by making the daughter's transformation even more radical.
Note: in the original game I played, the scientist also kidnapped my character, who was the daughter's lover, and injected him with a similar concoction. We could take this route, or I could play the scientist.

Imagining is Creating
This story comes in one of two flavors, equally interesting to me:
1) A writer discovers an old pen in a strange antique shop, only to find out that anything he writes, if described in enough detail, becomes real. After creating wealth for himself and even creating a pocket world he can escape to when he wants to (where he plays the role of deity by slowly expanding the pocket world's current tiny size), he decides to try his hand at creating the perfect partner. The problem is that he's never content with the same person for long - so every now and then, he changes her description (and she changes in turn).
2) A man meets a beautiful woman in his dreams. Every time he dreams, she's there, but it's unclear if she's stalking his dreams or if he's recreating her every night. Her appearance changes with his wishes, but her personality remains the same. Will they fall in love, and if so, will she someday vanish like all dreams do? Or will she simply become his plaything?

An old relic is found (perhaps the cliched lamp, perhaps a ring, perhaps something entirely unexpected) and somehow ends up in the hands of a woman who accidentally triggers its dormant powers, summoning a djinn-like figure. This could be a real djinn, Arabian Nights-style, or something more bizarre (an envoy of some higher power, someone who ended up cursed and stuck in the relic, etc.). Like all djinns, this being can grant wishes... only, they never quite come out right, either because the djinn is malicious, inexperienced in his powers, or because his powers are uncontrollable. The djinn's powers can alter reality, and despite the fact they often cause unintended side effects, there are benefits to them and it can be addicting to have that power at one's fingertips... or perhaps it's a curse that once the djinn is summoned, he is bound to the girl and will fulfill any perceived wishes, even if she doesn't ask him to.

Well, that's it for now, I'll try to update the list whenever I have a new idea which I'd like to explore. Thank you for reading!
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Re: Kadrelor's Little Corner (M seeking F)
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Bumped now that I have some time again.