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Started by Vekseid, March 08, 2009, 08:51:11 AM

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People will probably find the new layout to be a bit of a shock, but hopefully not too cluttered. Things will be changing a bit over the next month, but this is not what the next iteration of the forums is going to look like. I'm using Drupal here to host member blogs, public galleries, and provide a general front end for Elliquiy. The wiki is going to be rebuilt with a new version, perhaps with a more public front end depending on community desire. You will still be able to access the old version ('elluiki') through the forums until all of the data is moved over.

In the end I want members to be able to have public and private projects on the wiki, as with the right extensions it can be extremely useful for that sort of thing.

The next 'phase' of this is going to be either upgrading Elliquiy's forum to SMF 2.0, or moving it to PHPBB 3.0.1. The more that I see the more that I am beginning to favor the latter move, for an increasingly large host of reasons. It will, however, mean that a number of features will not be available untill mods get written to supply them.

Blogging accounts won't be made until I've made that decision and carried through with it, hopefully sometime next week. After the panic attack from that has settled (I'm sure there will be one), we can work on finishing Elliquiy's feature set. Until then, you'll have to be content with seeing only my ugly blogs and not the wonderful writing of the rest of our membership. : )