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June 07, 2020, 01:54:08 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for GM (and group) for Fight! the Fighting Game RPG 2nd edition!  (Read 159 times)

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Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

I've been a fan of fighting games (mostly 3D fighting games) since...well, since before high school, and that's a long time in my case >:)!
So, I decided that I'd like to play in such a game. Thus, unlike my other thread this one won't focus on a setting, but on the genre and system I'd like to play! (Yes, using a system is mandatory, if you want me to play in such a game). But basically, I just want to play a game centered about characters from different backgrounds, dressed in mostly impractical (and mostly provocative) outfits, which clash with enough force to shake the Pillars of Heavens...and after suffering the punishment, the loser gets up for Round Two!

Now, since I know of no better option* than Fight! the Fighting Game RPG 2e, I'm looking for someone to run a game of it for me and whoever else is interested! If you'd agree to also use the 3D rules (which are in the book), I'd like that even more!
There might be a tournament or not. And the rest of the setting is up to the GM (though I'd prefer something set in the modern age, that's not a hard requirement).

But if you have an idea about using a different system...well, never hurts to pitch it, does it? (About the only option I'd shoot down in advance is anything based on d20. Yes, that includes M&M).

What else should I say? Ah well, some pictures wouldn't hurt :P!


*Yes, I'm familiar with Musha Shugyo RPG, Thrash, Celestial Warriors and few other games that strive to emulate fighting games. I said "better". You can argue that Musha Shugyo is better after accounting for the amount of rules, but Fight! 2e is definitely the better fighting game emulator overall. YMMV.
Note: I have the entire 1e of F!tFG RGP. If anyone that doesn't have 2e wants to run 1e, I'd be fine as well. No edition warring in this thread, please ;D!

Online TheSithChicken

Another great system for fighting games (besides Street Fighter) is Shonen Burst. It's a very interesting system with a cool way of customizing characters fighting styles. Gurps 3e with the Martial Arts book is surprisingly good for this kind of thing. Also I would be interested in a Fighting Genre game.

Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

Shonen Burst uses cards. Thus, I'm not sure how you would use it on a forum (and no, D52/D104 isn't an adequate substitute).
GURPS Martial Arts is good, but the source book for the 4th edition is better IMO.

Offline wander

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I'll put my hat in to play if anyone else GMs.

I'm fresh on this system, so unconfident to run it, though would love to play.

Offline godfang

Is there anywhere I can check out the system?

Offline Thufir HawatTopic starter

Yeah, wander, the trick would be to find a Referee 8-)!

Is there anywhere I can check out the system?

The quickstart is free, so I guess it should be enough to check it out.
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