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May 16, 2022, 01:42:18 pm

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Author Topic: Hey, Soldier boy -- FF7r Cloud/Jessie (M for F)  (Read 431 times)

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Hey, Soldier boy -- FF7r Cloud/Jessie (M for F)
« on: April 27, 2020, 05:50:14 am »
Like many, I can't quite get enough of the recently released FF7 remake! Seriously, what a smooth job they did with it. And, like many, Jessie has become a bit of a new favorite. After seeing how amusingly she vibes with the firm, focused Cloud, and how she's the first chink in that emotional armor, chipping away to the human beneath, how can I not desire more?

So yes, I'd like to find a bold, goofy Jessie determined to outdo the more established ladies in the series and win herself everyone's favorite mako-eyed blonde. She may not have the gentle warmth of an Aerith, or the longterm friendship and *ahem* other aspects of a Tifa, but damn if she ain't got spunk!

Can she make the ex-Soldier stand at attention?
She promised him a piece of her pie, didn't she?
Does she need him to set a bomb in her reactor core? Twenty minutes, or thirty?


Below are a few ideas for stories. I'm very flexible and accommodating for anything you'd like to tweak, so please don't be shy; I ask that my partner looks to be an equal half, bringing their own thoughts and creativity rather than simply 'hitching on for the ride.' Kink-wise, I'm generally down to go as far and pervy as my partner is interested, with very few offs, so long as we can make whatever naughtiness feel fitting to the story being told. As for location, my strong preference is Discord, with a willingness to play here in PMs or threads if my partner prefers it. And as far as posting and speed, I ask for a few quality paragraphs per reply, at a rate that, simply put, keeps things fun and flowing -- there's times I'll be able to go back and forth all day long, and times that I may not reply for a few days, and ask only that we don't let our fun momentum slow to a halt.

Spoiler warning!
The ideas below are inspired by events throughout the recently released game, up to and including scenes during the ending.‚Äč

Possibility #1

The first reactor has been destroyed. The 'secret mission,' the bike ride, the visit to Jessie's home, the sneaking into a Shinra facility to steal material for the next reactor has all happened, as well as the shared parachute back to the lower plate. (This could all have happened with or without the inclusion of Biggs & Wedge). However since Cloud had to cause a distraction at that facility, so soon after they blew that first reactor core, the back-to-back incidents has Shinra troops everywhere on such high alert that Barret postpones the second reactor mission till a time where their small team can move about unnoticed again.

This has everyone take tasks on while the team decides to lay low for a bit, to be productive in that time. Barret's keeping his ear to the ground with some contacts to pay attention to Shinra's movements, and what they know. Wedge and Biggs are running around on watch duty, looking for information on a more local level. There's a third entity Avalanche can look toward though for intel, one that works both with and against Shinra simultaneously -- Wall Market. And that leaves Jessie. She's tough, but so is Sector 6. Rather than go it alone, perhaps she decides to hire Soldier boy for another special mission, knowing they'll be there for a few days, or even longer, either till they can find out something of value or receive word it's time for the next move.

From there, we can go a number of different directions. Do they get a room at the inn? Does she tug Cloud around to see all the sights and sounds? Do they need to check out any of the more questionable, adult places in search of information? And it'd stick out if they didn't at least partake in some of what's going on all around them, right? Does Jessie come up with an idea to audition to be the next Honeygirl 'just for a day or two, just to see what we can find out -- I hear Palmer's a regular there!' and insists she needs Cloud to help her pick out an outfit, and practice her dance moves?

The backdrop here provides the perfect setting to go as far down any rabbit hole as we desire. I see this as being the smuttier of the story ideas here, though of course with plenty of playful moments between them as she chips away at his exterior.

Possibility #2

Following the events of the game, Avalanche has pulled off a successful rescue mission despite all the craziness that ensued at Shinra HQ, and the subsequent escape. However, Cloud & company did not leave Midgar right away, as so much has happened, nothing has really been planned out, and they need time to take the lay of the land and think over their next moves before making them. Mayor Domino and other cells of Avalanche have come together to help the Sector 7 crew with several places to lay low for as long as they need them, places they won't stick out, splitting them up for the time being, sending a few here, a few there.

With the reappearance of Biggs and Wedge, who's to say Jessie didn't make it too, roughed up and unexpected but somehow still in one piece? A fighter through and through. And who's to say she doesn't get sent to one of the other sectors with Cloud, as he's the one best fit to watch over her while she's on the mend? And, who's to say she's just gonna lay in bed the whole time? She's got a pizza to make!

This one is wide open, and can really be whatever we want it to be. I see this as being more romantic, more about their dynamic together at first, but I'm sure we'll find plenty of opportunity for sensuality and smut as it goes along.

Possibility #3

What if Nosy and Nosier didn't nose their noses into that 'special mission' to the upper plate Jessie had planned, table for two? Who knows what would have happened.

The bike ride, just as exciting but more private. The visit to her house. The infiltration. The sharing a parachute together on the way back. And whatever else we decide to do with them, whether it follows the events of the game or diverts off into a different direction. As Cloud's her hired hand, and she paid him ahead of time -- and with a summon materia, no less! -- Miss Raspberry has full reign to drag him around for a bit as she sees fit. Maybe 'Lighten up, buttercup!' delivered with a smile and a wink, is decided to have been an official order.

Maybe they end up back at her place that following night, too. Think she can wrangle a third answer out of him? Something better than a 'No promises' and a 'Not happening'?

Like the others, this one is also a sandbox upon a foundation, and we can trod the beaten path or go off somewhere else as desired. I see this as being more of a balance between sweetness and smut, depending on where we go with it.

Possibility #4

You tell me! Choose Your Own Adventure, and all that jazz. If you have an idea brewing that's different from any of the above, pitch. I'm all ears!