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August 16, 2022, 11:09:21 am

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Author Topic: Operation Rogue Star (Sci-Fi/Space Opera; Drama; Action-Adventure)  (Read 513 times)

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"Last chance, kid. You wanna bail on this plan?"

Cameron scowled, waiting for a pair of chatting soldiers to pass him on the walkway before answering in a whisper. "I already paid you. Wait for my signal, we're doing this."

"You paid me half, but alright... We'll hold up our end of the deal. You just get into orbit on time. We don't want to die looking at this stupid rock."

There was a click from the earbud, and then silence. There was no backing out now, and especially not when his hired guns fired the first shot in just a few more minutes. There was only so long their freighter could loiter before the military got suspicious, so Cameron quickened his step toward the hangar's exit. All around him, soldiers and armed technicians roamed either on the gravity-controlled walkway with him or floating just beyond it between various different crafts in the open air of the hangar. More than a dozen crafts were fighter drones, Cameron noted with a wince. It was another thing he would have to deal with on his way out, but not totally unexpected.

Only when he arrived at the hangar's entry port did anyone stop him. A soldier younger than even Cameron was held out his hand to halt him.

"Identification please Lieutenant."

"Sure thing," he said. Cameron didn't hesitate to hold out his wrist to the man. The other guard on the port used a scanner on his hand, snapping an image of it and then letting the software compare the scan against the database. They all stood in silence for a moment as the scanner worked.

"Does that thing have a slow setting?" Cameron asked nervously, breaking the silence. The two guards smirked and nodded their heads.

After a moment, the scanner chirped pleasantly. "Only the most blazing speeds here, sir. You're clear to go."

Cameron suppressed a sigh of relief and walked on through. He took a left, following the corridor to the fore of the ship.

Carriers were boring, but princesses should not say as much in front of the captains of such vessels. Now alone for the first time in hours, Evelyn groaned and leaned up against the bathroom's bulkhead. She reached down, removing her heels and hissing as feeling began to flood back into them. "I hate this!"

She could hear her assistant tutting. "The soldiers need to know that the royal family cares. They put in so much effort to make this new vessel ready for you, the least you can do is bear with and smile. When the time comes, kiss the helm and tell them how proud you are." Or, that's what she would say if she weren't a thousand kilometres down, waiting on the surface of the planet. There was no doubt in the princess' mind that she was lecturing someone else without her typical captive audience. If she was ever on the throne, she would --

"Your Grace, the ceremony on the bridge starts soon..." A man said, knocking on the bathroom door.

"Yes, I'll be right there..."


Tuon's Star hung in space, spinning slightly relative to the space station nearby. Its silhouette was a stark black shadow, framed by the planet below, and a hypnotizing view for Sparrow. It looked so much like home... A smear of green at the equator, with vast swathes of blue water and plains of snow covering the rest. She had drowned in memories of home for the past hour, and were it not for the lock she had placed on her power suit's arms she might have let go of the freighter's hull and drifted off into space as she began to nod off.

Others in the Polaris Rangers weren't as relaxed as her. The nervous chatter of the rock-born pilots kept her annoyingly awake, and the other spacers like her weren't as used to EVA either, though they'd never admit it to the rock-borns.

"Listen up," the Captain's voice broke harshly over the radio. "Our employer is officially on board that new warship. He also confirmed the Princess is aboard, so you know what that means Rangers. Do another check of your weapons, we're live in 5 minutes."

So, this is the 3rd plot idea, and the last I'll post up for awhile. I wrote it as a writing prompt - character names, and specific circumstances can be changed/expanded upon. The basic premise is that there's a man who has hired a bunch of rebels on as mercenaries to steal a warship. In the mix, they happen to kidnap someone important.

The erotic portions will be between heterosexual characters, but I don't really care/mind playing either side of that dynamic, nor do I really care what gender my writing partner is.

This will be a Sci-Fi/Space Opera, with drama and action-adventure. Romance will be there between at least two characters mixed in with all of this - a pilot, an officer, the employer, or the VIP, or someone just kind of caught up in the whole situation.

I would kind of like to play an ensemble of characters, since it feels like this kind of story would benefit from that. So I'm open to "GMing" it, or playing with a partner that will play an ensemble of characters themselves, or if the idea is compelling to me I'm open to running a single pair-up of primary characters or running a character while my writing partner "GMs" it. We'll figure out the details of any of these options together through PM.

Anyhow, if you're interested check out my Ons and Offs, and also send me a PM.