[M X F] Forbidden Relationships. Long term plot heavy roleplay.

Started by darrenhx5, April 26, 2020, 06:29:29 AM

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I have a couple of months free before I get busy again . I'm seeking a detailed and creative partner for short term or a long term incest themed role-plays . I prefer plot over smut although I enjoy a fair deal of smut to be present. I'm looking at exploring the Taboo Nature of the relationship where both partners know it's wrong but somehow cannot control themselves.

Please note, the stories below are just ideas and can be tweaked so that we both are satisfied with the plot   ...

Mother X Son

Paradise Island

Synopsis :
Diana (41) and her husband have been growing apart the past couple of years. She begins working out to keep herself in shape with hopes of  rekindling the lost flame. On their anniversary she plans an expensive  trip to an exotic island. Excited about the trip, she goes shopping for the hottest outfits  available, to compliment her newly found figure. A few days before they have to travel, her husband calls her from her business trip and says he won't be able to make it.

Diana is devastated , but she finally decides to go on the trip with a friend. Unable to find someone last minute, she finally takes the courage to call her 19 year old son Darren,  who was away at college and she hasn't seen over the past year.

At the island, There is undeniable mutual attraction between Diana and Darren that grows as they spend the next 2 weeks together.


Maternal Muse

Synopsis :
Darren (21) has been struggling to find a full time job ever since he finished college a couple of months back . With a passion for photography, he takes a couple of freelance gigs, but barely manages to earn enough to survive. Unable to manage on his own , he finally decides to head back home after 2 years.

Diana (38), has been a single mom ever since Darren was born. By doing a couple of odd jobs over the years, she managed to bring up Darren and put him through college.  She had mixed feelings about her son coming back. One on end, she is glad that she finally gets to see her son, and on the other end, she could sense that he is upset about not getting a job .

She has been following his photography work ever since he started it, and has always been in awe of her son's creative work. Sensing the desperation in her son, she convinces him to get into photography full time. She invests her savings for him to buy all the equipment he needs.

The next couple of months , Darren's business flourishes and he decides to buy  a  studio. Diana helps him out in setting it up including all the paperwork and other admin tasks. Darren is impressed by her efficiency and decides to make her his business partner  . Diana readily agrees, since her current job has been really stressful and also excited about the idea of a mother son business at the same time.

Darren asks Diana to be his model to test his new equipment and also practice new shooting styles. Shy at first, Diana eventually feels comfortable with a newly found sense of youth. Darren sees a different side of his mom and there's no denying that finds her attractive. Diane senses this and it ignites something inside her.  She gets jealous when he flirts with or photographs other models. There's this sexual tension that eventually builds up between them as the shoots get bolder.


Metro Milf

Synopsis :
At age 22, Darren was already drawing up a six figure salary . After running  away from home at the age of 15 from a drunk and abusive father, Darren struggled on the streets during the initial years and finally rose up to be a successful businessman. Living in a penthouse in central Los Angeles, Darren's evenings were filled with parties, alcohol, drugs  and girls. He hasn't had a steady relationship with his longest lasting just for a month.

Darren thought that his past was buried, till he received a phone call . It was his Mom.

Diana, 37 got pregnant  when she was 16 by a guy who was 10 years older to her . Coming from a small town, she was eventually forced to get married to him. Their marriage has been mostly loveless, with her husband going out, getting drunk and screwing other women. She was scared of her husband , and always did what he said . There were times, he would bring in other women home and he would fuck both of them together.

She loved her son, but she was always too scared to stand up to her husband. After her son ran away, she felt something missing  in her life . She always blamed herself for not protecting her son.  The last few years, she has been trying to track her son down. After almost 7 years, she finally manages to find him and with a heavy heart she calls him.

Darren could feel the pain in his mother's voice when she spoke to him. He felt terrible for abandoning her. He decided to invite her over for a couple of days to be with him . He knew things would be different with her around, but this was the least he could do for her.

Diana, had never been to the big city. She had lived all her life in her small town. It was overwhelming for her when she moved in with her son. She tries to stay out of his way, just happy with the idea that her son was doing well. Darren tries to make her comfortable, taking her out for shopping , dinners etc and spending on her. He gradually introduces her to his lifestyle of  drugs, alcohol and women.

Dad X Daughter

Coming Soon

Aunt X Nephew

Accidental Vacation

Synopsis :

Darren 22 , has been deployed on research internship for almost a year on the Bora Bora islands. He receives a call from his mom informing that his Aunt and her newly married husband are planning a honeymoon trip for a couple of weeks.  Darren texts his aunt, informing his that he would like to show them around and taken them out for dinner one of days .

Marissa 32, married her college boyfriend almost 10 years after they first dated. Things have been rough between them past couple of years and they hoped marriage would fix it. She had been planning the honeymoon for almost a month now and was hoping it would rekindle the  flame.   

After reaching the island, her husband immediately gets a call on the second day regarding some emergency at work. Unable to get out of it ,he  leaves Marissa behind  promising to makeup for it. Devastated, Marissa decides not to cancel the trip and enjoy it solo . She gets in touch with her nephew and they arrange a dinner date.

After meeting for the first time, there is this instant attraction between Marissa and Darren and they arrange for subsequent dates. As they spend more time together, their attraction grows and leads to a forbidden desires.

BrotherX Sister

Coming soon

Afew points on my On and Off and the sort of plays I am looking forward to.

What I enjoy

  • I'm seeking a partner from the opposite sex.
  • Detailed and creative thinking is a must.
  • Should be able to converse in English well enough for me to understand.
  • I enjoy a good background story and character development.
  • I enjoy lots of flirting and teasing.
  • Visual role-plays are a big turn on.
  • I'd prefer a partner who is into long term role-plays.
  • I love plots that develops gradually.

Definitely a NO!

  • No one liners!!
  • I'm not into  fetishes like pissing, blackmail, rape etc. I'm ok with a little bit of force .
  • No underage.
  • No creatures/animals
  • No bondage
  • No violence

If you share similar interests , please feel free to PM and we can discuss further.