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September 26, 2020, 10:11:03 PM

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Author Topic: BigDadddy's kink requests: Double-penetration and incest (M looking for F)!  (Read 642 times)

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Online BigDadddyTopic starter

A storage center for smut-based plays revolving around two of my favorite kinks: Double Penetration and Incest!

What you'll find in this thread, is a collection of scenes I'd love to play based around incest and MMF threesomes! While this collection will be mainly smut focused, story based options are always open as well. Many of these ideas can be adapted and continued out longer term, so I'd be happy to build a world around them too. They're all completely consensual, but beyond the basic details, feel free to make any suggestions if you find yourself interested!

I know many of these scenes won't be for everyone, but they're just some basic themes that I'd love to try! With this thread, I would really just love to explore some kinks I enjoy, and practice my ability to play multiple male characters in an RP! I love double-penetration, gorgeous women overwhelmed by big cocks, lingerie, high heels, and all the fun that comes with great sex and threesomes!

More than open to female partners, or male partners playing females as well!

A couple of gangbang cravings:

The Family Cabin! (NSFW)
It's a yearly tradition, that all the men spend a week up at the family cabin hunting and fishing. Her dad, uncles, and older brothers! While they might be hunting for some fresh game, she's decided to tag along hunting for some fresh cock.

***Really craving this type of setup currently! Would love for this to be very smutty, and follow the group on some episodic like sex scenes. A gangbang before bed. In the shower with her Dad the next morning. On a hike that afternoon with her brothers. Very smut and kink-driven! Double-penetration, gangbangs, multiple positions and orgasms, internal and external cumshots, lingerie, high heels, etc. etc.***

The Best 48 Hours of Mom's Life! (NSFW)
It isn't a secret that their mother hasn't been dating. Raising her sons on her own took all her time and energy, but her sister is starting to worry. Getting her hands on some of the world's strongest new virility drug, their aunt gathers the boys and tells them just how they're going to thank their mother for all the years of hard work! Nephews too!

***This is also a pretty strictly smut-driven scenario. Looking for some light albeit unrealistic drug-use, in the aid of a motherly gangbang. Virility drugs that keep her teenage boys hard for two days straight, no matter how much they cum. Penis-enhancers to sate those wild urges for well-hung studs. Nothing but the best sex with a handful of eager young men!***

Today's Particular Favorites:

Home Videos! (NSFW)
One day when snooping around the house, she found a collection of videos from long ago...Her father and uncle...threesomes, double penetration, those big dicks...Now she wants to make some videos of her own with them.

Family Reunion! (NSFW)
Every year, the family all meets up at a big ski lodge for a week long vacation and reunion. Brothers and sisters, cousins, plenty of combinations a young girl will happily get her hands on!

Living in Vegas! (NSFW)
Living in Vegas certainly had it's perks. Like when their wives went out of town, they had permission to hire a hook for the weekend. They never expected to find out their daughter/niece had taken a new job...

Aunt's Birthday! (NSFW)
When an older woman has her first birthday since a divorce, it's only natural that she's going to feel a little lonely. Good thing her sister has a plan, and a very special present. A night downtown, dancing, drinking, and a hotel suite. After blindfolding her sister and bringing her boys' out though, the real party really begins...

Quarantine at your aunt's house!! (NSFW)
With the pandemic sweeping the nation, the boys' aunt knew their university was shutting down. Living just across town though, she insists they stay with her instead of traveling all the way home. She might just have some entertainment planned to pass the time...

The Incest and the Threesomes:

Mom's 40th Birthday!! (NSFW)
That milestone birthday finally came around...The one that makes a woman really start to question her age. Good thing her husband arranged for her sons to show her just how desirable she still is...

A Very Merry Family Christmas (NSFW)
On Christmas morning, mom wakes you up with the first half of the gift your parents got you: the outfit! The second half is your father and brother waiting downstairs to enjoy their gift!

Happy Valentine's Day, son! (NSFW)
Sick of being alone on such a romantic holiday, mom has just the idea to bring a man back into her life...Actually, she has two...

New Man of the House (NSFW)
Mom's divorce has finally gone through, and now, she's got her eyes on the hung young studs that live under her roof. Might as well swear them in to their new role around the house.

Jocasta Resorts is real? (NSFW)
You've all heard the rumors, a cruise ship or a tropical island in international waters? Well it's real, and it's promoting a week-long, all-inclusive, mother and sons fuck-fest.

Big Brother at Home! (NSFW)
When a single mother's job lets her go, she's got to find a way to pay the bills. Finding a new-age porn site that streams cameras from her house 24/7 big brother style...It pays well, but the donations seem to be focusing more and more on her sons...
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Online BigDadddyTopic starter

Adding some bigger group/gangbang scenarios I'm really craving! Check 'The Cabin' for my most desired!

Online BigDadddyTopic starter

Little monthly bump!

Online BigDadddyTopic starter

A bump to find some fun!

Online BigDadddyTopic starter

Added a couple new plots as the current flavor of the day! Most are still open, so happy to discuss with any interested parties!

Online BigDadddyTopic starter

Monthly bump to get the juices flowing! Mostly focused on adding mother/son scenes but always open!