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September 22, 2021, 04:04:56 am

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Author Topic: Heroine Gets Spanked (F for M, Non-Con BDSM)  (Read 430 times)

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Heroine Gets Spanked (F for M, Non-Con BDSM)
« on: April 25, 2020, 04:07:38 pm »
My scenarios aren't realistic and they aren't meant to be.

I want to write a scene about a hentai fantasy heroine being sexually dominated by a mysoginistic male villain. Our characters will have a previously established relationship of some kind, which we can come up with together.
The main kink I'm hoping to satisfy with this story is Spanking. In particular, I want to write about a heroine being bent over a man's knee and having him spank her ass raw until she surrenders and submits to him. I also like bondage and sex toys. When writing smut I greatly prefer it if BDSM is made central to the plot of the story, since it heightens the stakes of sex. This in mind, I'd like Heroines in this world to have some pretty specific attributes;

-A Heroine's strength comes from an energy known as 'Girl Power.' It's what allows a 100-lb waifu to punch a 240-lb body builder through three consecutive walls, dart about at dizzying speeds without ever messing up their hair or makeup, and shoot laser beams and fireballs out of their palms.
-However, their reliance on 'Girl Power' gives Heroines several devastating weaknesses.
[1]Bondage: Bondage is generally hard to get out of, but because of the magical laws of this universe, a Heroine in bondage is incapable of escaping it on her own.
[2]Sex Toys: Sex toys like Nipple Clamps, Vibrators and Butt Plugs can be used to cripple a Heroine's combat effectiveness. Heroines are incapable of removing them once they're in place, much like with bondage.
[3]The Male Gaze: While heroines are generally used to running around in skimpy outfits, they do still have outfits. When stripped of their clothes, a man's gaze on her body weakens her over time. The more male eyes on her, the stronger the effect. This effect is at its strongest when the heroine is stripped fully nude. A bra and panties provide some relief, though over time it will still weaken her.
[4]Submission to Men: Men are able to defeat a Heroine by dominating her sexually, rather than fighting her in traditional combat. Any act where the man exerts his dominance over her, (i.e. Spanking, twisting her nipple, pulling her hair) will weaken her 'Girl Power' significantly. If a heroine submits to man, she loses the ability to channel her 'Girl Power' until such time as her submission ends.
[5]Penis/Penetration: Gets its own category. A man's penis is a Heroine's metaphorical kryptonite. Feeling his bulge press into her ass through his pants will make her woozy. Seeing his cock at eye level, inches from her face will mesmerize her as she's unable to think of anything but sucking it. Being penetrated will render her obedient and docile.

If you like worldbuilding, we can flesh out the details together. If you like this idea, send me a PM and we can chat about it!