Second Hand Pets (M for F, anthro, sci-fi)

Started by IrishWolf, April 24, 2020, 03:57:56 PM

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Humanity has always loved their pets, from the family dog to the human/animal hybrid Genomorphs of the future, However, despite this love or in cruel irony of it, there are many reasons one might have to give up their pet. While purchasing a pet, maybe be expensive, many do not consider the cost of keeping one over it’s lifetime or in the future, the combined expenditure of a pet and a child. Or one may find that they might not have the time to spend with a pet, with new responsibilities at work or new relationships or the new relationship doesn’t like their pet. Others find they can’t bring them, when they move, either due to their new living accommodations not allowing pets or extra expense of moving them.

Although it should be said, the worst reason, is when parents purchase a pet for their child and then put the pet up for adoption because the child misbehaves or their grades drop.

While basic Genomorphs can be somewhat easy to rehome, the custom ones, often commissioned by wealthier families, are much harder to find new for homes for. By law, Genomorphs, should they be returned, must be sent back to the companies which either bred them or create them in labs. These companies see the pet as investments and will seek to at least break even on their creation. Which leads to those willing to pay for a custom Genomorph, to spend the money on one made for themselves, rather then returned model. This often ends up with such pets waiting, often alone, until a kind soul comes around or a sale.

So the bare bones of this plot, would revolve around a custom pet, who was sent back for some reason and has been waiting to be adopted for several months and when this hopefully happens, she is more than eager to please, desperately wanting not to be sent back again. The rest is up for discussion. Just how far in the future we set the story, if we kept on Earth or use other planets. Just what kind of man adopts her, I have several branching lines of thought for about my character but two very strong ones:

One line of thought, my character is a lonely spaceship pilot, humanity has broken the light speed barrier but it still can take days or weeks to travel between solar systems but this method doesn’t work within a solar system, so it can take weeks or months to get between planets. Piloting a big cargo hauler pays good but it really sucks being alone for that long

The other is my character owns a bar/night club, which has been profitable but is in need of something to draw in new customers. Perhaps having the staff go topsless is one way but maybe having a Genomorph is another, maybe a combination of both.

If your interested, send me a PM and we can plot and worldbuild.

Inspirational pics for the female character


Of course, dont feel restrained, this are just suggestions