The Curse of the Queen

Started by swiggy3000, April 23, 2020, 01:01:45 PM

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She was a spoiled queen of a rather small country. Still it was her birthright, her family land. She would one day be Queen. Unfortunately, her parents died sooner than expected leaving the young and rather unprepared Princess to be Queen. Her parents had been one more link in a chain of rather bad rulers and their worst traits were passed onto their daughter who was rather headstrong. All of the decisions she made was all about her and what she wanted. Nothing for the good of the Kingdom. It seemed that nothing could stop her....until one of her rather poor choices caught the attention of a witch who cursed the Queen.

What sort of curse? That part is open for discussion and there are a few different ways it can go but the jist of it would be the Queen trying to break the curse if possible and growing to make herself a better person. That doesn't have the promise of a happy ending however.

If you're interested please PM, will accept both genders.