Robyn's Erotic Peril

Started by Robyn Hood, April 23, 2020, 09:34:30 AM

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Robyn Hood

Looking to fulfill some of my sexual desire which admittedly some seem to fall into more of an extreme category. The notion that sex is a draining experience and that my orgasm signals a type of defeat is a real turn on. This takes many forms in my fantasies; soft vore, life draining into a husk, humped to death etc etc. Or if that is too much for you, a sexual defeat and passing out once the deed is done. Male or Male-ish monsters/tentacles/abominations and/or sexual partners are preferred.

However, I do not like heavy violence, gore, and extremely rough treatment/humiliation or BDSM and other types of being controlled. As you could probably guess this involves a heavy amount of non-consensual content.

I would enjoy a system game, with dice rolling and we can discuss how/if to accommodate the system for our needs. My tone for the RP is a little weird. I would like something smut/sex heavy, with a little cheesy/corny thrown in. Adventurous and lighthearted mostly with a good amount of fun. And I do not mean I want all sex all the time. I like to fight with a chance to win but somewhere along the long get defeated.

Willing to play here or via Discord.

- R

Some Images of my (mis)Adventures and characters:

Reliyian the elf, trapped! (NSFW)

Devoured by Darkmantle(NSFW)

Hag in the bedroom(NSFW)

Taken by a Beholder(NSFW)

Jumped by two Demons!(NSFW)

Attacked by Carrion Crawler(NSFW)

Victim giving up the ghost(NSFW)

Robyn and her nemesis, Glutton(NSFW)

Caught and drained(NSFW)

Swallowed and molested(NSFW)

Mermaid bard in trouble(NSFW)

Robyn Hood

Bumping. I've been off a couple of years. To be completely honest I've not been the best partner for ERP but I'd like to try again if someone is interested.


Greatly depends on what system you looking for? If you heard of Monster Girl Sex, then I have an idea. Basically, a hero named Luka is on a quest to save the world. And when ever he is defeated, he is raped by the very monster women he was fighting. The ending ranges from Luka becoming a full time mate and baby maker to food for the monsters. I am not saying doing the exact same game. Just something akin to it.

As for the system, I recommend DnD 5e. For now, lets keep this in the talks. I am about to move out of state so I will be absent for a spell while I get myself situated in my new place. Let me know what you think.
Life is short. Live everyday as if it will be your last. For it may very well be.


Life is short. Live everyday as if it will be your last. For it may very well be.