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Started by Daril, April 18, 2020, 03:25:09 PM

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I'm thinking of getting involved with this site again and was wondering where the best places to look for help with certain specifics things might be.

Firstly, I'm trying to come up with a D&D character build that matches a particular character concept I'm thinking of playing.  Are there any parts of the forum that would be a good place to look for help with character build/game system mechanics type issues (particularly if I want to work them out before seeking a game for them)?

Secondly would the Finders and Seekers sub forum of the art forum be the appropriate place to look for help if I wanted to say, change the color of a fantasy character's outfit into something more vibrant?

Lastly, I was perhaps excessively thorough in clearing out my stock of images on the wiki when I took leave from this site for a time.  Now I'd like to reupload some of them but I'm getting warnings when I try.  Is it okay for me to reupload the images I thought I was done with or am I going to constantly be driving the staff nuts if I try to do that?


Hi Daril, welcome back! I have a few links for you!

For D&D stuff, and tabletop roleplaying in general, we have This Board! You can find a topic in there about character creation in (maybe this one?), or create your own!

Finders and Seekers is good for posting a thread looking for a certain kind of image, some folks in the larger Art, Media, and Music section will take requests for changing something in an image and have threads for that. You can also check out the People Who Want Something Done portion of the Available for Commission board, though commissions usually (though not always) involve monetary compensation. (depending on what you're looking for, I might be able to help you with that also)

What sort of warnings is the Wiki giving you?


Thanks for the information, Lexandria (and the welcome back)!

The warning the wiki is giving me is that a file identical to the file I'm trying to upload was previously deleted, and that I should check the deletion log before proceeding to upload it again.  The reason is pretty obvious, since these are pictures I'd cleared out a while back and am now looking at using again.  I had actually tagged the images for deletion myself!  My main worry is causing problems for the staff with all the warning messages I may be generating if I upload multiple pictures that I had previously deleted.  I tried ignoring the warning and proceeding with one upload just to see if it would cause any problems.


You're welcome!

You should be fine to upload to the wiki still! If something does come up we'll send you a PM, but otherwise you're good.