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September 27, 2021, 08:50:58 pm

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Author Topic: LF Fandom RP Anime  (Read 299 times)

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LF Fandom RP Anime
« on: April 17, 2020, 09:11:25 pm »
Hello! Names Angel and I am looking for an RP partner that likes Fandom RPs. My range isn't huge because I haven't watched anime in a while lol apologies in advance for the short list. So I mostly like to use characters from these anime's and throw them in a new world/setting based on personalities and things like that. Generally when I create a story, I have a main plot in mind and come up with the details as the story goes along. I also love collaborating so if you have ideas PLEASE don't be afraid to tell me! As for the kind of RPs I like well...... I like it dark. The darker the better. Abuse, non-con, cutting, just to name a few things. Please don't judge the summaries I am AWFFUUULLLLLLLLL at summaries. Also, I am going to be using my OC through all of these RPs, she's my absolute favorite character. I have other OCs, and I can play multiple characters both male and female.

List of anime:

Naruto (FAV)
Death Note (Second Fav)
Tokyo Ghoul (Never done before but totally willing to experiment.)

Plot Ideas for Naruto:

High School/College: (GaaraxOC) There is a new student in town and boy is she mysterious... The only thing you know is that her name is Angel Lawliet. She wears a dark red or black cloak that completely covers her. She sits there and watches everyone, and seems to have taken a particular interest in a certain red head... What will happen when she finds out his secrets? Will she be able to save him or will she get herself hurt in the process?

Royalty/Medevil: (GaaraxOC) So here is the run down of my idea. The king (Rasa aka Gaara's father) is forcing his son (Prince Gaara) to obtain a wife. With his brother ruling as King of the Cloud kingdom and his sister married off to Shikamaru Nara of the Shadow Kingdom, it was Gaara's turn to widen their allies for the war that was to come. Many kingdoms traveled far and wide, bringing their finest daughters with them, to ally with the mighty Sand Kingdom. Of course, everyone heard about the rumors... All the girls were terrified. Well... maybe not all. Gaara will have to put the women through a test. Make it as horrendous as you'd like :D

Second idea for that plot: Gaara is a slave to his father. He's abused in every kind of way and has been belittled so much that he is to the point of being completely silent... Until one night. The princess of the forest kingdom was looking to ally with the sand, considering what a mighty kingdom they were. Upon receiving a tour, Rasa shows her his slave room, and from there, she is completely horrified and VOWS to get all the slaves out. She offers to buy them all, but Rasa refuses... So now, she will have to break into the slave room during the night and get them all out herself.

Mental Hospital: (GaaraxOC) Gaara is the psychotic patient in room 142, top floor, top security, the works. He's one of the most psychotic patients they have EVER had. What will happen when a newly graduated psychology student decides to take on his case? Will she be able to help him, or will she push him further into his psychopathy? What will happen when she figures out what actually happened in his past?!

Death Note:

Whammy's house RP where L visits the house, and meets the new girl, taking a particular interest in her. What will happen when he finds out why she's really there? How will he react? HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?! (OCXOlderNear)

Inuyasha & Tokyo Ghoul: We come up with the plot together.

I do like some smut, but my plot-smutness is about 60/40 :) Please reply/pm if interested.